CFS Weekly Rundown (3/23-3/28)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend. I imagine most of you are staying pretty close to home these days but I’m sure you’re all finding things to keep you busy! Everyone is doing great at the gym and we can’t thank you all enough for working with

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/16-3/21)

Hey guys,        It’s Rundown time! It’s always nice to close out such a great week like we just had here at Simplicity and then start looking forward to the next one! We have a really solid bit of programming lined up for you guys, including the continuation of our deadlift cycle. You

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/9-3/14)

Hey guys,        We just had an amazing week at CrossFit Simplicity and now it’s time for another one! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our community night for the Farkle tournament Friday night! We had a lot of fun and we are already planning our next community event for the

CFS Weekly Rundown (3/2-3/7)

Hey guys,          Time March(es) on here at CrossFit Simplicity and it’s time for another CFS Weekly Rundown! Too punny? regardless, we are excited about starting another week here at CrossFit simplicity in another month in 2020. We have so much to look forward to this month and so many exciting events