CFS Weekly Rundown (8/5-8/10)

Hey guys,       The weekend is winding down..which means the week is about to crank up. It’s time to have a look at the Weekly Rundown and see what we have on the menu. We had an amazing time at the Simplicity Summer Series on Saturday! Huge thanks for everyone who came out

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/29-8/3)

Hey guys,       It’s time for the Rundown at Simplicity this week! We have a big week planned ahead, all culminating in our first in house partner competition: The Simplicity Summer Series! This is going to be a great event and we know a lot of you guys have been working really hard

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/22-7/27)

Hey guys,       Excellent week! Things have been going great around the gym and your efforts have not been lost on your coaches. There’s no denying it…it’s hot! But despite the heat we’ve been seeing some great workouts and some hard work. Hopefully things will cool off soon, but if not just remember

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/15-7/20)

Hey guys,        Time for the inside scoop on what’s coming up this week at Simplicity and some important announcements you don’t want to miss. So be sure to give everything a good read and get excited about the coming week! (Also notice there are a couple gaps in the schedule this week

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/8-7/13)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July celebrating all of our fitness, friendships, and freedoms! We had a great week last week and some pretty tough workouts surrounding the 4th so hopefully you all get in some decent rest and recovery the rest of the weekend and are ready

CFS Weekly Rundown (7/1-7/6)

Hey guys,        It’s the start of a new week and a new month! No better time to reset and get to work on those goals. This means we are also a month away from our Simplicity Summer Series! This competition is shaping up to be pretty great and we’ll be releasing a

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/24-6/29)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday and is ready to hear about what we have planned for you all this week! If feels like this month has really flown by and remember that this is our last full week of June so make sure you stay on track if

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/17-6/22)

Hey guys,       Happy Father’s Day! We definitely want to take a minute to shout out all of our CrossFit dads who are in here killing it everyday so that they can keep crushing it at home! Hope you dads had a great day! And that brings up a good point: It’s really

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/10-6/15)

Hey guys,        It’s that time again… Time to start a new week and put in some work! So far June has been going great and we have been hitting it really hard. Let’s keep that drive going as we roll into this week. This week should be similar to last week with

CFS Weekly Rundown (6/3-6/8)

Hey guys,        Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to an excellent week of training! We have some really cool workouts planned this week and Monday marks about two months until our “Simplicity Summer Series” partner competition! So there’s lots to work towards when thinking about setting some goals.