Daniel Blackwell, Owner/Coach

I am the father of four (that's right, four!) active little girls and a husband. I am passionate about my family, my friends, my faith, and my fitness. I founded CrossFit Simplicity with the help of the first three passions and with the goal of facilitating the last one! Over the past 10 to 15 years CrossFit has become an integral part of my life and has positively impacted and shaped so many areas of who I am. It is my goal that CrossFit Simplicity be the same influencing and shaping factor in the lives of all of our members. CrossFit gives me the ability to interact with people and foster lasting positive relationships while also helping those same people improve their quality of living and overall happiness. I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing community we have built at CrossFit Simplicity. See you all in class! ~Daniel Blackwell

Coach Felicia Cenca

After competitively dancing for most of my life, I was searching for a way to enjoy exercise again. A good friend introduced me to Crossfit a few years ago and the motivating and unique environment instantly captured me. Crossfit has brought me an amazing community that holds me accountable for my goals and encourages me to reach them daily, in and out of the gym. Everyday that I train and coach I am reminded and inspired by my personal growth and the continued growth of our members. As a recent Elon University graduate and now employee, North Carolina has become my second home and the Crossfit Simplicity community, a second family. I look forward to continuing to strive for my goals, while helping others do the same.

Coach Maryann Sibrizzi

I began my CrossFit journey in January of 2016 after graduating college. My competitive soccer career ended when I graduated, and I needed a new outlet. I had coworkers that were doing CrossFit, and I decided I wanted to join in on the fun that they were always talking about.

I can still remember my first WOD, which included infamous burpees. I’ve been hooked ever since! More than two years later, I can’t wait to get to the gym and better myself and others. I love having a supportive community, feeling accomplished after a really tough workout, and the personal growth attained. I became a trainer because I love seeing the improvements that each athlete makes and their desire to want to get better and learn every day. I aim to provide the absolute best experience for all of the members of CFS!

Coach Blake Epps

Growing up I was in love with all sports. As I got older, I began to play football competitively. I was briefly introduced to CrossFit around the age sixteen after an ACL injury. I worked with trainers to restore my knee strength and I was surprised that I gained agility, precision, and most importantly, a new mindset geared towards fitness. My football career ended a few years later and I found myself back in the CrossFit gym. CrossFit provided the competitive atmosphere that I missed from football. My CrossFit team became my family. I decided to become a trainer because I wanted to share my passion for fitness with others!

Coach Chase Bolden

Growing up it was always a goal of mine to be the best at something. My biggest role model was my Grandpa. My grandpa always told me that opportunity follows struggle, it follows effort, and it follows hard work. I learned very quickly that what my grandpa was telling me was true. Growing up I was always one of the smaller kids in class at school, I wanted to get bigger stronger and faster. To do this I knew I had to struggle, give effort and work hard to achieve my goals. I was then introduced to CrossFit. Not only did I fall in love with the results I saw from CrossFit, but I fell in love with the community, the atmosphere, and the coaches who were always there to help. A couple years after first being introduced to CrossFit I decided I wanted to further my education in CrossFit, I wasn’t just satisfied with achieving my goals I wanted to help other people achieve their’s as well. Since becoming a coach at CrossFit Simplicity, I have never been happier. I look forward to not only pushing myself towards achieving my goals daily, but everyone else’s as well!

Coach Amanda

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