How To Get Started With CrossFit Simplicity

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Before you join us in our regular classes at CrossFit Simplicity we’ll take you through our simple and fun “On-Ramp” course. In this class you’ll learn the basic principles and methods of CrossFit as well as all the movements, and substitutions, you’ll see in class. We’ll go over proper technique and practice each movement to make sure you’re comfortable going into our classes. This class is an hour long and you can reserve your spot by following the link below. All reservations must be made 24 hours prior to attending class.


We offer a free on-ramp class every Monday and Thursday evening at 6:30pm. You must register for this class 24 hours in advance by following the link below.


CrossFit Simplicity
240 W Sixth St.
Burlington NC, 27215
Phone: (336) 516-3735


This On-Ramp class is FREE with your membership! *If our on-ramp times do not fit your schedule or if you would like to guarantee a private session you may do so by contacting us and paying a fee of $60. *You may schedule a private On-Ramp session for $75 by contacting us. *If you’re coming from another CrossFit gym or have prior experience and confidence in your abilities, you have the option to test out of our On Ramp course by contacting us.

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