CFS Weekly Rundown (2/24-2/29)

Hey guys,

         It’s another beautiful Sunday here in North Carolina and a beautiful day for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend filled with lots of good rest and recovery and you guys are all ready to hit the ground running on Monday! We have a great week of programming ahead of us with lots of variance in movements and layouts that should keep things interesting. Remember that this is week two of our deadlift cycle so do your best to get in here on Tuesday and let’s keep this thing rolling! Now check out some announcements below and let’s see what the week holds!

  • Community Event: Our next community event will be Friday, March 5th at 7pm! We are having a Farkle tournament! If you’ve never played before this is a fun and simple dice game. We will have multiple tables set up and this will be a great chance for us to all get together to hang out and have some fun at the gym after hours! We will be sending out an email soon with all the fun details! Mark your calendar‘s!

Monday: We are starting off your Monday with three workouts in one! Today will consist of three separate AMRAPs broken up by two minute rest between each. The first AMRAP will be five minutes long and each consecutive one will be one minute shorter than the one before it. The reps in each will also decrease. We will start out with squat snatches and burpees then move to a heavier squat snatch and bar facing burpees…And finally an even heavier squat snatch and burpee box jump overs. Although each AMRAP is short The reps are relatively low so we still want to get quite a few rounds on each. Your weights, including your last weight, should be something challenging but also something you’re comfortable with and know you can hit. We don’t want to waste a lot of time on missed reps for this one so be sure you don’t go too close to your one rep max on the last AMRAP. When it’s time to go really try to work hard here and trust your fitness that you’ll recover a little bit in the two minutes between each Amrap. Good stuff!

Tuesday: Deadlift week two! This is our second week of the dead lift cycle and you will notice the percentages are a touch higher here but the rep scheme is exactly the same. If you need work pulling from a dead stop then make sure you drop at the top of each rep and reset. You may also choose to do touch and go reps here as well. We understand the weights are light and it’s so tempting to want to cheat these percentages and try to go heavier, but it’s important to trust the process and the cycle and how it’s designed to build week by week. During these light days at the beginning focus on having perfect technique and positioning and everything will pay off in the long run!

Wednesday: We’ve got a bit of a higher volume workout for you guys today and a great chance to work on building overall capacity in some of your gymnastic movements as well as your double unders. Today will be toes to bar, farmer carries, and double unders. Try to work some bigger sets on the toes to bar if you can and try to relax your grip as much as possible during the double unders so that you can save it for the farmer carries! this workout is four rounds long and will take most of us around 15 minutes or so to complete so keep that in mind when choosing how to scale your reps.  when you get to that last round really lay it all out and see what you can do!

Thursday: We have a fun (I think it’s fun) little AMRAP today that’s an ascending rep ladder of ring muscle-ups (or pull-ups) and bike (or row) calories! This one is challenging because at the beginning the reps are very low which means there will be lots of transitions and you’ll be able to complete most of the work without too much fatigue. However, as the workout progresses the sets will get increasingly longer and harder to do I’m broken. The best advice would be to keep a smooth and steady pace and then really turn things on and work as hard as you can for the last one or two minutes. If you find yourself on the bike or rower as the clock is winding down really give it your all and try to spread those last few seconds and get as many calories as possible!

Friday: Burn baby burn! This one is going to be SPICY! Love it! We have a very short…but not very sweet workout for you guys today. While these workouts certainly hurt a little they are great for testing yourself mentally and developing the ability to continue to push through no matter what you are hearing from your heart and lungs. This is a short workout so on paper it’s easy to sort of laugh off. But remember that the idea is that this workout should be hit at a very high intensity. Knowing this you should pick weights and movements that you can knock out very efficiently and safely under this sort of high intensity atmosphere. Our workout today is 21/15/9 of row calories and wallballs. We will also throw in a run option today that would swap out the rower for running distances of 400/200/100m. This variation will be equally challenging and you’ll need to make sure that whether you are on the rower or doing the run that you do not use this aerobic portion as a rest but instead push the pace as hard as possible!  it looks like we don’t have a lot of work on the menu today but if you hit this at the right intensity this will be very effective! Good stuff!

Saturday: Depending on who you are and what you like we may potentially have the most epic of all partner workouts planned for you guys today! It’s got a mixture of squatting, pressing, and pulling. As well as a good mixture of weightlifting and gymnastic movements. This one consists of back squats, push press, and burpee pull-ups. The reps are high here, and we have three rounds, but remember that this is a partner workout which means you will get a significant amount of rest and you’ll be splitting all the work. The weights are moderate here so the barbell and the push press will come from the floor and not the rack so make sure for you this is a manageable way to clean and press overhead. Try to knock out some big sets here with your partner and trust the amount of rest you get. Have fun with this one and let’s have another great Saturday!

        What can we say, this week speaks for itself! Another great week at CrossFit Simplicity. If you can get in here and get consistent these are the kind of weeks that will give you the results you are looking for. Be sure to pay attention to your coaches this week and work as hard as you can to get the desired stimulus for each one of these workouts and really do your best. This year has been going amazing so far and we’ve seen tons of improvement and amazing class attendance. Great job to all of you guys! Let’s make this week no different and finish February strong. See you all in class!