CFS Weekly Rundown (4/24-4/29)

Hey guys,

      You already know what time it is! Time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly, Rundown! We have an awesome week in store for you guys and a lot to be excited about as we wrap up the month of April. All you fisherman (and fisherwomen?) out there get fish is the weekly workout theme! We are getting deeper into our current strength cycle so wait till going to be getting a little heavier and we also have some excellent conditioning pieces lined up for everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and are ready to dive in.

  • Community Fitness: This was a big week for “out-of-the-box” fitness in our CFS community! Holt, Craig, and Ben competed in the Festivus games held in Greensboro this weekend and finished in third! Eugene also competed at a Festivus games event at another gym this weekend and finished third as well! Coach Hodge and Coach Chase both ran the Tar Heel 10 miler this weekend, and crushed that as well! Way to go all of you guys! It’s awesome to see everyone using their fitness!
  • March Committed Club: Congrats to Mindy Robinson on winning the drawing for March! Pays to be committed!


Week 5 (April 24th)
Mon: 3×2 Power Snatch (75% of Heavy Single), 3×3 OVHS (75-85%)
Weds: 3×2 Clean (80% of Heavy Single), 3×3 CleanGrip Deadlifts (95%)
Thurs: 2 Push Press x 1 Split Jerk x 5 Working Sets

** Monday and Wednesday we will have two different lifts on both of those days, so make sure you come to class focused and ready to work!


We begin with “Murph Prep Mondays.” For Tuesday, we have a 2-part workout where you will have a buy-in and finish with a “Max Effort” in the remaining time. Wednesday brings us a nasty triplet with a descending rep scheme; it goes quicker than you think. Thursday is for the hammy’s, better have the Icy-hot on tap with the posterior chain wrecker. Now it’s time for Friday, and you will start with a cardio kicker of a 5-rounder into high-rep dumbbell snatches. For Saturday, you will need time to finish this high-skilled partner workout, where we climb up and back down the ladder, our favorite; good luck!

     As always, it’s going to be an amazing week here at CFS! Things are warming up a little bit in the gym, so be sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest throughout the week. You all have been staying extremely consistent and it is paying off… It’s also showing on the committed club board so keep up the good work! Now you guys get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery, so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!