CFS Weekly Rundown (7/22-7/27)

Hey guys,

      Excellent week! Things have been going great around the gym and your efforts have not been lost on your coaches. There’s no denying it…it’s hot! But despite the heat we’ve been seeing some great workouts and some hard work. Hopefully things will cool off soon, but if not just remember to be safe and do your best. Everyday doesn’t have to be amazing, but we do want to get in some work everyday! Now… announcements to read and workouts to strategize…

  • Bring A Friend Day was ton of fun! Great job to everyone who came out to hang and workout with us! Also big shoutout to our awesome coaches and to DJ-LA! Get ready for the next one in August!
  • Simplicity Summer Series registration closes Sunday, the 21st, at 11pm so get your partner and get signed up! We have a lot of great stuff planned and an awesome competition shirt for our competitors! This is going to be a day of fun and fitness!
  • New CFS “house” shirts are still on sale at the gym so ask a coach if you need one or two to boost your gym wardrobe!
  • New drinks and a new protein bar can be found in the gym fridge! For now mark these new drinks as FitAids and the protein bars as Rx Bars on your drink sheet.

Monday: We have an excellent one to kick off your week! This is a Hero workout but it’s certainly one of my favorites and not one to be worried about. It’s a chipper style workout and one that won’t take many of you more than 15 minutes or less. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging or good! This one is “Brehm” and it has a great mixture of movements that should have a little something for everyone. I always think the best workouts have movements you’re amazing at and ones you just flat suck at. If this one is your jam then really go for it! If not then settle in and learn a little something about yourself. Either way…easy day.

Tuesday:  Really cool weightlifting day for you guys today. This will be a bit of a different style than we are used to but one that has been really effective for me personally. EMOMs. We’ll be doing a 10 min EMOM to build to a heavy (maybe PR) snatch from the floor (or your lowest position that you’re comfortable from) and then a 10 min EMOM to build to a heavy (maybe PR) clean from the floor. Both of these will (do your best) be full squat variations. Feel free to stay at a lighter “working weight” today and work technique if that’s what you need most. The idea will be to start light and build to a heavy single, increasing weight each minute after you perform your single lift. We’ll do 10min for the snatch, have a quick 3-5min rest, then 10min for the clean. Good stuff!

Wednesday: Hump Day! How attached are you guys to your forearms? Because after “DG” you might wish they were detached from your body. That’s right…they are going to burn. The pump will be REAL today but this is an excellent workout and one that is short and fast! It’s a 10 min AMRAP with toes-to-bar, DB thrusters, and DB walking lunges. Just mentally prepare to be glued to those DBs the entire workout because that’s how it’s going to be! Luckily the Rx weights today are light (35/25) so you’ll be able to move! If you feel strong about this one I usually suggest picking up the DBs for the thrusters and then not setting them down until you get done with the lunges and back to the pull-up bar. The walking lunges will be with the DBs by your sides. Overall this is a great little burner and on to look forward to! 

Thursday: This is a solid day! Sort of keeping with the theme this week, this will not be a very long workout but we’ll have some great accessory work after the main piece. This one is also a chipper with a solid mixture of barbell cycling and gymnastic movements. We’ll have a ring muscle-up in today’s workout so feel free to scale the number of reps or possibly double the reps but of pull-ups instead! This one will be fast so try to stay on your bar as much as possible for the deadlifts and the push-jerks. The weights are a touch on the heavy side today for most of us but the total reps are small so trust your fitness and go for it! You got this!

Friday: Today can be polarizing…some of you will love this and some of you will hate it. But either way it is what it is: cardio! This one does have a barbell but the weight should be light enough that you’re doing your sets in no more than 2 sets (really one set) and staying moving right to the…cringe…bar facing burpees. Sorry guys, but this is the stuff that gets you fit, lowers that resting heart rate, and builds a strong motor. So let’s get after it! Snatches and bar facing burpees for 5 rounds. Start out paced and methodical and finish strong. Easy day! 

Saturday: The best day of the week at Simplicity! If you never make a Saturday you really should think about clearing up your schedule and coming to one or two now and then because it really is magical! We take things a little more “lighthearted” these days and just have fun! Today we have a great workout. We are going to modify the Hero workout “Rankel” to make it a partner workout. This one will be a bit longer (30min) but remember you’ll be sharing the work/rest with a partner. This is a really well rounded AMRAP with some deadlifts, some burpee pull-ups, kettlebell swings, and a little running. If you hit this hard you’ll get an amazing workout and have a lot of fun! Come and get it! 

      This is an excellent week guys! It really is one that you don’t want to miss. Remember when we do these Hero workouts that they are ones we will retest in the future (and maybe ones that you’ve done in the past) so really try your best on these and show up big! As we mentioned above this is the last day to sign up for the Simplicity Summer Series so please don’t miss out..I can promise you the FOMO will be real! (Fear Of Missing Out). So follow the link here and get signed up! Signing up for a competition always gives you that extra little boost of motivation in class and will take your training to the next level! Now let’s get in here and get to work. See you all in class!