CFS Weekly Rundown (1/17-1/22)

Hey guys,

      It’s time for another (icy) edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We are getting some pretty rough weather outside but hopefully you’re reading this from the comfort and safety of your home. We have a really great week ahead for you all and we hope you’ll be able to make it in here consistently. We are going to be starting week two of our eight week strength cycle and we also have a pretty cool “Hawk Eye” theme if you’re into that sort of thing! So, without further ado, and mainly because I’m snowed in with Eleanor who can only take so much Cocomelon…Let’s dive in!

  • CFS 5 Year Anniversary: We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity this February! We will be having a special celebration February 19th at 9 AM! We hope you all can make it!
  • Winter Weather: We will be canceling the 5:30am and 8:30am classes Monday. We’ll keep an eye out on evening temperatures and figure out what to do about the 6:30pm class Monday. Keep an eye on your emails tomorrow!

Monday: We will be kicking off this winter week with the continuation of our new strength cycle. Today we will have five sets of five back squats at 65% of the one rep max you established last Monday. These will be relatively light but will help us start building some volume. After this we will hit our a week‘s name sake, “Hawk Eye.” This will be a really cool workout consisting of five sets, one every four minutes, of calories on the rower, box jumps, and light/moderate weight deadlifts. Stimulus today is moderate to high pacing. You should aim to find a pace that can be maintained across rounds resulting in similar scores or getting slightly faster. The goal should be to rest an equal amount of time to the previous rounds work time. Also be mindful of your low back as this workout has a strong emphasis on the posterior chain. Deadlift weight should be around or under 50% of your one rep max and allow you to complete the sets unbroken or in 2 to 3 fast sets. Easy day!

Tuesday: We will be mixing up the order of things a little bit today and starting out with your conditioning piece followed by the strength for the day. “Kingpin” it’s a pretty interesting for part work out. A little hard to explain on here but basically every five minutes you begin a new workout. The first workout is 100 double unders and 20 thrusters. Each consecutive workout drops the double unders by 10 reps and the thrusters by two reps. Hopefully this is easy to understand. The goal here is to finish each work out in about two minutes and have about three minutes to rest. Intensity is going to be pretty high today. Do you have small couplets with a decent amount of rest between each set which means you should not be afraid to be ambitious with larger sets on both the double unders and the thrusters. This one’s going to be a little spicy! After this we will get in five sets of five shoulder press at 65% of your one rep max you established last Tuesday.

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday is coming in hot with some snatch EMOM work! Like last week’s power cleans we will be practicing some barbell cycling. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes you will have five light touch and go power snatches. This is in preparation for the Open so really focus on smoothing out that bar path and being efficient. Don’t use a weight so heavy that you compromise good form and position. We are going to keep the EMOM vibe alive as we move forward today. We’ll be hitting “Black Widow.” A 10 minute EMOM of 15/12 calories on the assault bike. This is going to be a pretty high intensity piece with steady pacing. Try to find a pace on the bike to maintain high output with a little rest before going again. This will be tough, especially after the barbell cycling, so make sure you understand proper scaling to complete a good amount of calories that you know you can maintain for the 10 minutes.

Thursday: We have a little partner workout today to excite your Thursday! “Mockingbird” is four rounds of synchronized air squats, GHD sit ups (while one partner holds a plank), and pull ups. Don’t be too confused here. Both partners will complete the air squats at the same time. Both partners will complete a set of GHD sit ups but as they do this the other partner must hold a plank position. The pull ups can be split up anyway you would like with only one partner working at a time. This workout was all about bodyweight gymnastics so hit the ground running and make sure you find a good pace it doesn’t allow for too much rest or too early of a burnout. After this we can do a little work on pistol squats and some mobility!

Friday: We are going to open up with deadlifts today. Like the rest of the days this week you will have five sets of five at 65% of the one rep max you established last week. After this we are going to hit a fairly recent Open workout from 2019. This will be 19.3. This is a chipper of 200 feet single arm overhead walking lunges, 50 alternating single dumbbell step ups, 50 straight handstand push-ups, and a 200 foot handstand walk. This is a highly skilled gut check where you guys are going to experience heavy shoulder and leg fatigue. Push the pace early on and then look to settle into a strategic rep scheme to stay in attack mode and on the move. There are some standards involved in this workout so be sure to get to the whiteboard and pay attention to your coaches as they go over the movements today.

Saturday: Partner workout! Love Saturdays at Simplicity for that very reason!  “Echo” is going to consist of 20 rope climbs, 80 calories on the rower, and then 60 clean and jerks at 135/95lbs. You may split each movement up as desired between you and your partner. We are looking for a consistent moderate effort with strategic rep schemes to allow both partners to maintain a constant output. This workout attacks the grip from start to finish so be warned! Have fun with this one today and remember to encourage and motivate your partner while they are working!

       Well that’s all we got for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown today. We certainly hope you guys are being safe but also are enjoying some of this snow and ice. That should add a little bit of easy reading material to your day and get you excited and fired up for next week. You guys have really been staying consistent and putting in some hard work and it’s already showing. Stay consistent this week and let’s keep the needle moving on this year‘s goals. Enjoy the rest of your snow day and get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!