CFS Weekly Rundown (5/16-5/21)

Hey guys,

       What is up? It is a beautiful Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina and a perfect day for another CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! This is going to be an exciting week because we are wrapping up our nine week strength cycle and we will be testing our lifts! This is a great opportunity to see how much we have grown and also a great chance to test out your lifts if you were not here at the beginning of our nine week cycle. We have an interesting thing this week for the theologians out there. Characters from the book of Judges… not a bad book in the Bible if you guys want to research into it a little bit! Now let’s crack into the week!

  • T-Shirts: New shirts will be here by Murph!
  • Murph: We Will be having two heats on Memorial Day. One at 7:30 AM and one at 9 AM! We will have sign-ups open for these a week in advance! You are welcome to bring a friend but there will be a drop in fee for the class that day because of space and availability.
  • Lifting Cycle: We are wrapping up our current nine week lifting cycle. We will take a two week break where we focus on accessory and skill work. We will start our next eight weeks cycle June 6th!

Monday: Murph Prep Monday! We have a really cool partner variation of Murph prep Monday. You guys will work for 25 minutes alternating full rounds of five strict pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. Ultimately just alternating rounds of Cindy but with strict pull-ups. The goal should be to keep a moderate to high intensity throughout the workout. This is a simple one. Just stay moving and focus on quality of movements. Especially those air squats!

Tuesday: Snatch max day! We will be taking about 12 minutes to work up to a one rep max snatch. Remember we want to go for a max but there should still be proper form. Work up in weight as long as your form is good and you don’t get too close to riding that fine line of bad movement! After this we will hit “Deborah.” This will be three rounds of 21 deadlifts, 63 double unders, and 21 GHD situps. Stimulus for this one is moderate pacing throughout the rounds. You guys should stay with a pace that is repeatable across all three rounds. Do not be tempted into starting out too hot which can result in burning out towards the last round. Lower body and core should be hurting in this workout so be sure you guys are mindful of the weight and scaling movements.

Wednesday: Clean will be out one rep max today! Remember this is a squat clean! You will have 12 minutes to establish a one rep max for the day. We will then be hitting a cool piece called “Gideon.” This will be eight individual one minute AMRAPs with a two minute rest in between. You will have three shuttle runs, 25 foot down and back, three hang power clean‘s, and then max effort calories on the assault bike. This is a high intensity piece. You should push your effort on the shuttle runs and hang power cleans to earn time on the assault bike. It is very important that you realize that you need to apply some serious effort to the assault bike in order to get some calories but make sure it’s something you can maintain across all eight sets. Fatigue is going to build heavily in this one as you go through each set.

Thursday: We will be working towards a heavy snatch balance today. Remember to be quick but smooth under the bar and maintain very active shoulders in your catch position. Next up is “Shamgar.” This will be a partner workout where you guys will have five sets each of dumbbell front rack walking lunges and either sandbag carries or Farmer carries. This means you guys will alternate full rounds. Stimulus is moderate intensity today. Steady effort should be applied to the lunch and then a moderate to high effort should be applied to the sandbag as long as you can still move efficiently. This one’s going to be tough so dig in.

Friday: Today we’ll Are you working to a one rep max split jerk. We have talked about this a little bit but if you would prefer you can do a push jerk today as well. “Edud” is the workout day! Today is a very different layout. One that will probably only makes sense after your coach explains it to you in class. We will have a work out that is a three minute AMRAP, then a six minute AMRAP, and then you will be completing the entire work out for time.  This workout has a little bit of everything. Calories on the rower, wallballs, toes to bar, box jumps, sumo deadlift high pulls, burpees over the bar, and shoulder overhead. You have a two minute rest between each AMRAP. Make sure you pay attention good at the board today.

Saturday: We have a good partner workout for you guys today. This one is going to be rounds of push-ups and lunges. Very simple but very effective. Be sure to pace well and encourage your partner.

      Well that’s all we’ve got today! We have a really great week ahead of us as we wrap up our strength cycle. Be sure you make it every day this week so you can test these lifts and we can see the fruits of our labor. You guys have been really consistent lately so keep it up. May has been going really well and we want to keep pushing hard as we wrap things up with Murph on memorial day. Now get plenty of rest, recovery, and relaxation so we can hit it hard on Monday. See you all in class!