CFS Weekly Rundown (7/4-7/9)

Hey guys,

      It’s a hot and beautiful Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina and time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Hope everyone is having a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend! We are super grateful for our independence and freedom in this great country. Especially the freedom to Fitness! We’ve got a great week ahead filled with lots of strength work and some great conditioning pieces. We also have a cool firework theme which is quite fitting. So let’s blast this thing off and see what the week has in store!

Monday: We will be having one 8:30 AM class today and will be closed the rest of the day. In keeping with our strength cycle we will be starting out with five sets of three tempo front squats. The tempo is a three second negative and then a one second standing contraction at the top. We will mix in some way to chin up work with this as well. After this we will have a partner workout called “sparklers.” This is going to be descending reps of burpee box jump overs and overhead squats! Stimulus is going to be moderate to high intensity here as you will get some rest while working with your partner. Try to keep a steady pace on the burpees and really focus on pushing your effort when you get to the barbell for the overhead squats!

Tuesday: We are back to our regular schedule today! We are going to start out with five sets of three benchpress with the same tempo we used for our front squats on Monday. In between this we will be working in some box jumps. After this we will move on to a 12 minute AMRAMP of dumbbell front rack walking lunges and calories on the rower. Each round the distance of the walking lunges will go up 25 foot and the calories on the rower will go up five reps. We are looking for some moderate pacing today because of this ascending ladder. Steady pacing on the rower will allow you to keep your core engaged and stable during the lunges. The first few rounds go by quickly and then it starts to get real so stay calm off the start and see if you can grind through each set of lunges until the end!

Wednesday: We have a super cool 4 part piece today called “firecracker!” Each piece has a five minute time cap. So a total 20 minute workout. Part one is three rounds of eight toes to bar and 10 power cleans. Each part after this is three rounds of eight toes to bar but the power cleans decreased by two reps and the weight increases. If you finish one part early before the time cap you can move onto the next part. But if at any point you cap out you are done. Better stay moving..

Thursday: Deadlift day! We have five sets of three dead stop deadlifts. That means the bar must come from the floor every rep. No touch and go reps today. We will mix in some handstand push-up work with these before we hit the workout, “Catherine Wheel.” This is going to be a partner workout that’s going to have an assault bike calorie buy in and buy out. In the middle you’ll have two rounds of synchronized push-ups, farmer carries, air squats, more farmer carries, burpees, and more farmer carries. Stimulus is moderate pacing here. You guys need to knock out the bike so you can get to work on the two rounds in the middle. There are lots of synchronized reps here so don’t expect to get a tremendous amount of rest in this partner workout. Pace things out accordingly!

Friday: “Bottle Rocket” is the workout today! This is going to be a pyramid style chipper where we work through some movements and then turn around and work through them again in reverse order. Your movements they are box jump overs, thrusters, power snatches, muscle ups, and running. The movements are on the more challenging side and the weights are a little heavy today but luckily the reps are low! Stimulus for today’s workout is definitely steady! Make sure you do a good job to pay on the first half to allow for a similar time frame throughout the second half. We want you guys nice and smooth through these movements! Break up sets if needed to rest and maintain a moderate intensity throughout the workout.

Saturday: “Grand finale” is definitely a fitting name for our last workout of the week! This is a really cool piece where you and your partner will alternate full rounds of a really short row and 50 double unders. That’s basically all there is to it. Try to keep the intensity high when it’s your time to work and maximize your rest so you are ready to go again. Total you guys will hit 20 rounds of this little couplet! Spicy!

     Well, that’s all we got for today’s installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s definitely going to be a fun week here at the gym with lots of great workouts to keep things interesting and keep your body guessing. Remember to stay as consistent as possible so we can see these results pour in! I hope everyone has had an awesome holiday weekend and still managed to get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can really put in some work this week. See you all in class!