CFS Weekly Rundown (4/12-4/17)

Hey guys,

       What a beautiful Sunday in Burlington North Carolina. It’s weekends like this and days like today that just make life feel good…Especially surrounded by a community like CrossFit Simplicity! You already know it’s time to dive into the details with this week’s CFS Weekly Rundown. It’s certainly going to be an action packed week and we have an action packed theme to go right along with it. Some of your Marvel fans will be familiar with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier so get excited? Not a Marvel fan? No worries, we still have an excellent lineup with lots of variety and more of our current strength cycle. Make sure you get in here for all the fun, friends, and fitness and let’s make it another great week at Simplicity!

  • The water fountain/bottle filling station is up and running so feel free to bring in your own reusable water bottle and stay hydrated as the weather warms up!
  • Bring A Friend Day: We are super excited to announce that our next Bring A Friend Day in here with DJ-LA will be May 8th! So spread the word and get here for a good time and a great workout!
  • Christmas Cheer Cash Raffle: Every year we partner with Christmas year to provide for a local family in need. This year we really stepped it up and you guys came through in an amazing way. Because of the Covid situation Christmas Cheer had to cancel a couple of their major fundraising events and asked us to help out in selling some tickets they are doing for a cash raffle. Contact Daniel at the gym if you’d like to purchase some tickets. Top prize is over $1000!
  • Simplicity Summer Series: we will be holding our in-house competition, the Simplicity Summer Series, this year so be on the lookout for dates and details!

Monday: as we mentioned above we are in week six of our strength cycle. We’re gonna start things off this week with our back squats which will be at 60% of your one rep max +50 pounds. Things are starting to get heavy so make sure you fight to maintain a good upright position in the bottom and keep driving with those legs. After this we have a short piece called, “Falcon.” This one is going to be a chipper with GHD‘s or sit ups, burpees to a 6 inch target, and toes to bar. The stimulus today will be moderate intensity and there’s a very heavy focus on core strength with some pretty decent volume on the GHD‘s and toes to bar. Be prepared to scale or modify either of these movements if necessary. We want to get in a good work out but we don’t want to wreck our sale for the rest of the week! Let’s get in a good Monday!

Tuesday: We have such a cool piece for you guys today with “Winter Soldier!” This one is going to be fun, challenging, and very interesting. Basically you have six sets. Each set will be three minutes long and has a predetermined amount of work. Each set will consist of a short number of calories on the assault bike immediately followed by a set of power snatches. Each set the power snatch weight increases but the reps drop by three. The only rest you’ll get today is whatever rest you have remaining in the three minutes after your power snatches. The final set is where the real fun begins. This will be your heaviest power snatch weight but there is no predetermined number of reps. You’ll be going max effort for the duration of the three minutes. The stimulus is definitely high intensity today so make sure you attack those reps. Think of this is six back to back mini-metcons. It’s going to be wild! Be sure to scale so that you can finish within the time domain and start your power snatch weight around 40% of your one rep max. The heaviest weight you should reach will be around 80% of your one rep max. Work backwards to find your numbers and be sure to ask your coach. Good stuff!

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday is going to consist of the next day of our deadlift cycle followed by a great little conditioning piece. Our deadlifts are getting heavy as we close out the cycle and get ready for a deload week. You will have one rep at 90% today for each of your five sets, so approach this with a tight core and keep that chest up as you drive the floor down. After our deadlifts we will be hitting “Red Wing.” This is going to be an interesting conditioning piece because we are going to give you guys two options today. Both options will be descending reps of dumbbell thrusters but option number one will give you descending reps of rope climbs and option number two will give you descending reps of strict pull-ups. I would think about what your main goals are and decide which variation you would like to do accordingly. You want to make sure you pick the variation of the workout that will allow you to keep a steady effort without getting really “stuck” anywhere. You have a fair amount of dumbbell thrusters today so select a weight that allows you to complete at least 10 reps at a time without breaking. Even towards the end of the workout. The cap a little tight on this one so make sure you stay moving! Easy day!

Thursday: Today is going to be truly epic! “Super Soldier Serum” is a team workout like you’ve never seen before and one that we are super excited for! Don’t miss today because you will regret it. Not only is it an amazing conditioning piece but it’s also a super cool layout. You and your partner will have to complete five sets. Partner one will run 400m while partner two rows for max meters. You switch when partner one finishes the run and continue alternating until both partners have completed five sets of run and row. This means there is truly no rest in today’s workout. Now here’s the cool part. Every 250m rowed by your group is five seconds you get to take off of your total time! So ultimately you’ll be trying to make sure you both complete your five runs in as short of a time as possible while still accumulating as many meters as possible so that you can subtract those seconds from your time at the end of the day! Love it!

Friday: You know it’s going to be a great Friday and a great start to the weekend at CrossFit Simplicity! “Zemo” is going to be a collection of AMRAPs. The first will be eight minutes of chest to bar pull-ups and air squats, the second one will be eight minutes of push-ups and air squats, and the last one will be a short five minute AMRAP of max clean and jerks at a moderate/lighter weight. You will have a short little two minute rest in between each one. The stimulus for the first two are basically moderate intensity where you want to chip away at these movements. Make sure you break up the bodyweight movements accordingly to stay within your fitness level. Once you reach the bar that’s when the power kicks in and you need to fight to the finish! Try not to go to failure early on the pull ups or the push-ups. Air squats is where you should really stay moving and make up for lost time. The clean jerk weight should be around 60% of your max clean and jerk. We are looking for smooth and consistent singles. Aim for hitting a rep every 5 to 8 seconds while staying close to the bar. Six reps a minute will keep you on track for 30 reps! Get after it today!

Saturday: I wish I could say that Saturday is going to be a joy but in reality today is going to be tough. We will be hitting “Biscuits are Burning.” This will not be a partner workout but you guys will all be taking off together. Today you will have a 400m overhead walking lunge for time. That’s it. Just carry a 45lb/25lb plate over your head at full extension and walking lunge that played for 400m. Today’s stimulus is going to be moderate intensity with a huge mental test of toughness and grit. You will not enjoy this and that’s OK! Workouts like this are crucial for unlocking true potential! The goal today is to make you guys stronger in your mental push game. We want you guys to be able to finish in around 20 minutes but we are going to cap things out at 30 minutes just to keep everyone safe. Get your mind right and get in here and see what you can do! Easy day baby!

       That’s all we have for you guys this week at CrossFit Simplicity. It’s come to the time in the Rundown where we reflect on just how amazing this week is going to be and just how amazing this community is here at CFS! We have some truly great workouts for you guys this week that are going to be very effective. All you have to do is show up and do your best each and every day you step in the gym. You all have been doing such an awesome job at coming in here and motivating yourselves and each other and it’s really paying off in the results we are seeing. Stay consistent inside the gym and try to make good decisions outside of the gym that will complement all your efforts. Good sleep, good nutrition, and a good attitude will go along way in reaching your goals. Now enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday and we can’t wait to see you all in class!