CFS Weekly Rundown (11/6-11/11)

Hey guys,

      It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Burlington, North Carolina and time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It looks like we have a little break in the cold, so I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and gearing up for another excellent week in the gym. We will be starting week three of our current phase and you guys have been killing it. we have a lot of great position work with our pause lifts right now and lots of good time under tension. We are also focusing on working our gymnastics progressions under some fatigue, and you’ll notice that the movements associated with each gymnastic movement are very complementary. Be sure to get in here on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that we can improve on these before the Open! Let’s check over a few announcements, and then jump right into the programming.

  • Hoodies: I’m going to send out a pre-order image for hoodies this week. Some of you guys have also mentioned some long sleeve T-shirts. So that we don’t just bombard you all with merch, we will get some hoodies on the way and can also do a long sleeve T-shirt order in the next couple weeks! Hoodies will be $50 and will be offered in about five different styles.
  • Cubbies: We are in desperate need of a cubby clean out! The intention for these cubbies is that you all can come to class and have a place to store your gym bag, phone, keys, wallet, etc. during class. Not as a permanent home for your workout equipment. We have so many things being permanently left in the cubbies that we are running low on cubbies for people attending class. If you guys would over the next week or so, please try to clean out those cubbies so that they are available for other members when they come in and need to store things during their class! There’s also a lost and found cubby, which is the bottom left cubby. Have a look through this if you’ve left anything at the gym, as it will be getting cleaned out and donated soon!



Snatch Badger Ecc 3×5 and Snatch Deadlift Badger Ecc 3×6


E6MOM x 4 rounds

24 KB Swing @53/35

12 Burpee to 6″ target

6 SB cleans (over shoulder) @100/50

3 Wall Walks

Goal: sub 4:00 each round

Cap: 5 min each round


Grunt/Grip Circuit

TTB Progression

BMU Progression



Back Squat and Front Squat Badger Ecc 3×6


A.) Wall Balls: 3×15 (30/20)

B.) Rope Climbs: 3×2

C.) Double Unders: AMRAP in 2 min


Lower Body Bodybuilding Circuits


Aerobic Power:

2 rounds, 4 min cap then 4 min rest

24/20 Row cal

16 Burpee BJO @24/20″

24/20 Row cal

Score = total working time (round 1 + round 2)

Aerobic Capacity:

80/64 Echo cal

800m Run

80/64 Echo cal

Goal: <18 min

Cap: 24 min



Shoulder Press and Bench Press Badger Ecc 3×6


A1.) Dead Bugs x10 (both sides is one rep)

A2.) Wall Ball Push Press x12


A4.) Rest

-After second round of circuit A is complete, flow right into circuit B –

2 rounds, EMOM (8 total minutes)

B1.) V-Ups x12

B2.) Ring Row x10

B3.) Pull-ups @7 RPE

B4.) Rest

Upper Body Pressing Bodybuilding

Clean and Jerk Badger Ecc 3×5


Part 1

Movement A: KB Farmers Hold (70/53)

Movement B: 50 Hang Power Cleans (115/85)

Partition as desired. Partner B can only work while Partner A is performing their

movement. Rest 3 minutes before moving to Part II.

Goal: <5min ; Cap: 7 min

Part 2

Movement A:  KB Goblet Wall Sit (53/35)

Movement B: 50 Front Squat (115/85)

Partition as desired. Partner B can only work while Partner A is performing their

movement. Rest 3 minutes before moving to Part III.

Goal: <5min ; Cap: 7 min

Part 3:

Movement A: SB Bear Hug Hold (150/100)

Movement B: 50 Deadlifts (115/85)

Partition as desired. Partner B can only work while Partner A is performing their

movement. Rest 3 minutes before moving to Part II.

Goal: <5min ; Cap: 7 min

Lower Body Accessory Circuit

TTB Progression
BMU Progression


Engine EMOM:

:30 on, :30 off until all work is complete

120 WBs @20/14

120/100 Echo cal

Goal: sub 30 min

Cap: 40 min

Upper Body Pulling & Arms Bodybuilding


Machine Zone 2 Progression

     Well, that’s all we’ve got in this installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! You guys be sure to keep up the hard work because you all are crushing it! The general/overall fitness of the gym has been trending upward in so many different metrics and we love to see it. As long as you guys stay consistent, dedicated, and come to class with the positive attitude this will continue to happen. I just know we are going to have the best Open season we have ever had here at CrossFit Simplicity and I cannot wait to experience it with you all. Remember to take care of your body for the other 23 hours that you are outside of the gym. Do your best to treat yourself right in regards to sleep, nutrition, and recovery so that we can reach our full potential and stay healthy and injury free. Now enjoy what’s left of this beautiful weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!