CFS Weekly Rundown (1/10-1/15)

Hey guys,

       It’s Sunday, that means we are coming at you with another fresh edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! The year is still fresh and motivation is still half so let’s keep things in gear and hit it hard this week. We have a lot to look forward to as we begin a new lifting cycle this week and wrap up the week with our next Bring A Friend Day! This new lifting cycle will be taking things back to the basics and focusing primarily on the back squat, deadlifts, and shoulder press. We will hit some maxes early on and then retest at the end of the eight week cycle. For the Olympic lifting we will be focusing on lighter weight in a little bit of barbell cycling to help prepare for The Open. We also have a really cool Spider-Man theme this week for all you Marvel fans out there so get ready! Let’s run through a couple of announcements and then have a look at what’s in store.

  • Bring A Friend Day: Our next BAFD Will be January 15th at 9am! DJ-LA Will be in the house providing the music and setting the tone for an awesome first time friendly partner workout. Be sure to spread the word and invite your friends!
  • Weightlifting Cycle: Our next lifting cycle will begin Monday January 10th. This will be an eight week cycle focused mainly on the back squat, deadlifts, and shoulder press. We will be testing one rep maxes this week so be sure to come to class!
  • CFS 5 Year Anniversary: We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity this February! We will be having a special celebration February 19th at 9 AM! We hope you all can make it!
  • Scaling Options: Keep in mind that we offer to default scaling options every day to help you guys pick an appropriate work out that will help you maximize the stimulus and the effectiveness of your class. The Independence option is also our masters 45+ option and the Liberty option takes out all barbells and makes four and more simple high intensity workout!

Monday: This is an exciting Monday. No better way to kick off the week or a new lifting cycle then working to a heavy single back squat. We will be spending the first part of the class establishing a one rep max! Make sure you show up today as we will retest this at the end of our cycle! After this we are going to hit “Spiderman!” This it’s going to be a really great work out with lots of rowing and moderate weight thrusters. You are going to have an ascending ladder of both movements starting with 200 m on the rower and five thrusters and working all the way up to an 800 m row and 20 thrusters. Women’s rowing distances will be slightly less. Stimulus is moderate pacing today. You should be mindful of the increasing volume across the rounds and don’t allow yourselves to be tempted into going with more intensity than can be maintained across the larger rounds. The thruster weight is moderate today but should be something that will allow you to do at least sets of 5+ reps throughout the entire workout. Easy day!

Tuesday: starting off today working up to a one rep max shoulder press. Remember this is a strict press which means no dipping, bending, or driving from the hips or knees. All shoulders! After this we will hit a five set workout called “No Way Home.” You will have a set every four minutes of toes to bar, burpee box jump overs and more toes to bar. Stimulus is moderate to high intensity today. You should be mindful of your set sizes for potential burnout that can occur on the toe to bar. You will also want to consider pacing the burpee box jump overs to allow a strong effort when moving right back into the next set of toes to bar. The goal should be to keep consistent in your rounds or get slightly faster sets as the rounds progress. Basically try to attack each round within your potential limits and always give a real hard push on that final set!

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday will be a cool barbell cycling piece in the form of a 10 minute EMOM. Every minute on the minute you will have five power clean and push shirts. Do you want to use a lightweight that can be cycled smoothly for five touching go reps. No dropping the bar. This is in preparation for the inevitable barbell cycling movements that will come up during The Open! When we finish up we’ll be hitting a pretty spicy piece called “The Green Goblin.” This one is going to be wall walks, double dumbbell front rack walking lunges and calories on the assault bike. Stimulus is moderate intensity today and you guys will want to work on all these movements with a really consistent effort the stimulus on this work out will switch between upper body fatigue from the wall walks to lower body fatigue from the lunges and bike. The goal here today is to grind through each movement with little to no time in between reps. This is not a sprint so just keep moving along!

Thursday: We have a cool little four round piece today called, “Lizard.” This one is going to be calories on the C2 bike or rower, GHD sit ups, push-ups, and ring rows. In general this is just a great piece to stay moving. Stimulus today is moderate intensity. You should approach this work out in a chipper style meaning steady pacing and preplanned sets all movements. Attempting sets that are too large without consideration of overall volume for the entire work out will result in being forced into smaller sets later in the workout because of fatigue. Just try to stay steady and consistent on this one and chip away at it. After this we will do a little bit of skills and drills work with pistol squats! Good stuff.

Friday: Deadlift day! Just like with our other lifts this week we will be working to a one rep max for the day. Really go for it but be considerate of maintaining proper form and being safe. Keep that core tight and engaged! Heads up! As promised we are going to be seeing some past Open workouts thrown in here over the next month in preparation for this year’s Open. Today will be open workout 12.4 (which was also 13.3). This is a 12 minute Amrap but the work out is a chipper style piece consisting of wallballs, double unders, and ring muscle ups. This one opens up with 150 wallballs which can be a little bit scary! Think about breaking these up into descending reps and just trying to stay moving. Once you’re done with that you have the rest of the clock to try to work through the work out. If you finish start back at the wallballs! This is a tough one so buckle up and do your best.

Saturday: Bring A Friend Day! As always you know we will have an awesome first time friendly partner work out for you and your friends and the amazing DJ-LA here setting the mood! Hope you all can make it!

       Well that’s all we’ve got for this addition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. As always thank you guys for tuning in and being such avid readers…a.k.a pointing out all the typos for me. Keep up the good work! We have a really awesome week ahead of us with lots of variance and variety to keep you guys stimulated and entertained. Also be sure you don’t miss the beginning of our new strength cycle at this will be very important as we move forward. Now enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can hit it hard on Monday. See you all in class!