CFS Weekly Rundown (11/11-11/16)

Hey guys,

        We have an awesome week ahead of us at CrossFit Simplicity as we finish up the CrossFit Open and get back to our normal programming throughout the week! First of all, great job on the Open this year. I know because we had two of them that not a lot of you guys actually signed up for the Open but almost all of you hit the workouts Friday in class and everyone had a positive attitude and put in a lot of really hard work which is the main thing! As you might have noticed, these five workouts can really give you a good picture of your overall fitness and show you areas that you need to work on. Try to think about this and assess it so that you can focus on these as we move forward and work towards next years Open. Now, let’s put it behind us and press into this week and the rest of this year! Now let’s check out some announcements below and then see what’s in store at Simplicity…

  • Push/Pull for Pancreatic Cancer Event: Nov 23rd at 9am! Do not miss this! This is a great chance to come out and have a great workout and raise money for an even better cause! This year we are partnering up with College Hill CrossFit to have an awesome event right here at Simplicity. Check out the link below to register and get your T-shirt/tank top here in time for the event!

  • Bring A Friend Day is Saturday the 16th! We had an awesome day last time and I know this will be no exception! Spread the word and let’s get a great crew together! As always DJ-LA will be on the scene so you know the music will be on point!
  • CFS Annual Christmas Party will be Dec 7th at 6pm! We’ll have food and drink provided and will be doing an ugly sweater contest and a cookie exchange! Save The Date!!!
  • Fun News! We are going to do a little AM Crew vs. PM Crew canned food drive for the month of November! AM and PM classes will have the opportunity to bring in as many canned goods as possible and at the end of the month we will announce the winner and donate the canned goods to a local homeless shelter! This will be a fun and very passive/easy way to have a little competition and give back to the local community! Start stocking up! (PM Crew is looking rough but there’s still time guys! Get it in here and make a run on the AM!

Monday: Happy Veterans Day! We are so grateful for all of those who have served our country over the years and protected the rights and freedoms that we hold so dearly. Thank you so much to all of our CrossFit Simplicity veterans especially! We have a cool/different day to start your week off and beat those Monday blues. This one is a two part day where we will start with 10 minutes to establish a heavy single on the push press. This should get us nice and warmed up for our next piece: conditioning. We will drop the weight on the bar and do three rounds of row calories, push press, and ring muscle ups. If you don’t have your rings yet then we’ll up the reps a touch and go to lipping pull-ups. There’s three round pieces one that should be hit with a good bit of intensity in no more than about 15 minutes. You’ll want to keep your transitions quick and really push the pace on this one. Keep a strong pace on the rower and try to knock out the push press and pulling variation in no more than two sets if possible. Easy day!

Tuesday: Chipper for you all today! And this is a good one. Remember that a chipper consists of a few different movements completed in order consecutively one after the other. This means for today you will finish all of your wallballs before moving on to all of your clean and jerks before finally progressing to all of your burpee toes-to-bar. “Burpee Toes-to-Bar? What?! That’s right: you’ll complete a burpee then jump up to a pull-up bar and compete a TTB. If you don’t have these this hit a hanging knee raise! These can be pretty time consuming so don’t expect to fly through them. There is a considerable amount of volume today with 100 wallballs and 50 clean and jerks at 115/75lbs. This means you’ll definitely want to be smart about how you break up these sets and try not to burn out too early on or else the end of the workout could be pretty grueling. Like always, be sure to scale the reps and loads to try to reach our goal/stimulus for the day.

Wednesday: Are you guys tired of these interval workouts yet? I hope not because we have another today. This one has shuttle runs, box jumps, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and double unders…oh my! This one will get your heart rate going like no other so prepare to gain some aerobic capacity today. Like our other interval workouts this one will have you working in four minute increments broken up by three minute rest periods. The goal today is actually to try to push yourself to complete one whole round within the four minute interval so try to scale things back accordingly to make this happen but to still be challenging on yourself. Most of us will need to break up those pull-ups a little bit but the rest you should move through pretty steadily. This workout will leave your calves really sore the next day so do your best to roll and stretch them after the workout to help alleviate some of this delayed soreness. Good stuff!

Thursday: Repeat alert! This one we have definitely seen before and maybe more than once if we include the next level work. While this is not the most interesting workout it is definitely a good piece and an excellent one in terms of generally just getting in shape and building a healthy heart and lungs! This one will be four rounds of a 400m run and a 500m row. The idea is to set a good steady pace and try to hold that throughout the four rounds. We don’t want to see a lot of drop in times for your first 400m run and your last 400m run, as well as for your first 500m row and your last 500m row. In fact, we would love to see your last round be a touch faster than your first. In general just stay moving here today and try to control your breathing as much is possible. This could also be taken kind of easy and used as a good recovery piece in preparation for getting in a good workout Friday and Saturday!

Friday: This is our last day before the weekend and our awesome Bring A Friend Day Saturday! This is a great workout we have for you guys today and one that will definitely challenge your strength and your conditioning! We have some rounds of a moderate power snatch, bar facing burpees, and a 200m run. Be sure to keep things paced wisely at least through the first 2-3 rounds before you really cut loose on this one. The barbell weight should be something you can hit confidently in 1-2 sets or quick singles. The rest of the workout will just be trying to manage your breathing, heart rate, and pace to make sure you can stay moving!

Saturday: Bring A Friend Day is back!!! DJ-LA will be here with the beats and your CFS staff will be here with an epic (and first-time-friendly) workout to make for an all around amazing morning! Bring your friends and let’s have some fun!

       What an awesome week this is shaping up to be… And would you expect anything less? November has started off so well here and we want to keep it up! We have some awesome events and some great opportunities to be involved in within our community at the gym and locally within Alamance county this month. I love November as a time to give back and start thinking of others that might be less fortunate. For some the Holliday’s can be a sad and stressful time so maybe we can help! It’s also a great time to ramp up that training in preparation for all that great food and those sweets. So let’s get in here and stay focused on our goals and maybe helping others along the way! See you all in class…