CFS Weekly Rundown (12/11-12/16)

Hey guys,

       Happy Sunday! It’s that time of the week where we bring you another installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have a lot of exciting stuff going on at the gym, as well as inside of our programming, so I’m going to take a moment to briefly go over some components that I think will be beneficial to you all in helping you understand the goals associated with Phase II.

       As you may have noticed, the underlying structure of this programming follows a progressive path of skill development. It involves a gradual increase in the intensity applied to these skills (HSPU, Pull-ups, Double Unders, etc.), culminating in a brief period just before the Open where we push these skills to their limits. If your goal is to confidently execute skills like Toes-to-Bar (TTB) and Bar Muscle-Ups (BMU) in metcons, it is highly recommended that you hit the optional gymnastics pieces after class. Similarly, our Density pieces are not just there for show; they’re key to developing the muscular endurance needed for the challenges you’ll see in higher intensity pieces. While you might not see something like Barbell Spider Flips in a metcon, you can certainly bet on high-volume pulling that torches your biceps before you jump into rope climbs. Think of those Density sessions as your chance to nail perfect reps even when your muscles are feeling the burn. It’s a solid strategy for significant improvements in your ability to execute these skills seamlessly during metcons. Remember, regardless of if you are trying to compete in the Open or any other competitions, we all need these skills to be more functional and capable athletes right here inside of CrossFit Simplicity! You all have been so much lately, so keep it up!

  • Christmas Cheer Family: You all have done an amazing job grabbing tags from the tree. I believe they are all collected! Be sure to have these turned in by next Saturday, the 16th, and please wrap them, if possible!



BS 3×15 TnG @7 RPE & FS 3×15 TnG @7 RPE


400m Run

60′ DB Walking Lunge (suitcase carry) @50/35

40 Alt. DB Snatch @50/35


10 DB Thrusters @50/35

400m Run

Gymnastics (optional)

TTB + BMU 8 x 25% max set. 8 min cap




High Hang Power Snatch 10×2 @50-60% & DL 10×3 @50% (EMOM both)


Part A: Complete for time



Strict Ring Dip

Part B: 3 RFT

8 Renegade Row (RPE 7)

8 Pull-ups



Aerobic Power

100 Burpees for time

Aerobic Capacity

E10MOM x3 rounds

40/32 cal Echo

40/32 cal Row

Calf / Ankle Circuit (Optional)

FFE SS 2×15 fast, KB Tib Raise 2×15 fast, Poliquin Step 2×15 fast, Seated BB Calf Raise 2×15 fast




Part A: 3 RFT

15 DB curls (7 RPE) + 2 RC

Part B: 3 rounds, rest 2 min between

:45 Front Rack Barbell Hold (75% max FS) + 40 DU


V-Ups 2×20 fast, KB Side Bend 2×20 ea. fast, GHD 2×15 fast




Clean 3×1 @85%, Jerk 3×1 @85%


20 RFT (You Go I Go) – in a vest

6 Box Step Ups (24/20″)

5 Box Step Overs ((24/20″)

4 Box Jump (24/20″)

3 Box Jumpover (24/20″)

2 Burpee Box Jumpover (24/20″)



EMOM x30 min

1. 8 Pull-ups

2. 10 GHD

3. 3 SB over Shoulder (100/50) + 3 Wall Walk

4. 12/9 cal Row

5. 8 Alt. KB Hang Clean and Jerk (53/35)

Strength (Optional)

Bench Press 10×3 @50% EMOM

Pull-ups / Push-ups (Optional)

Pull-ups 20 reps for time + Push-ups 50 reps for time

      Well, that’s all we’ve got for this week’s CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Hopefully this rainy weather is not putting a damper on your Sunday and you all are excited about getting back in the gym this week. I just want to give another huge shout out to everybody and all of your hard work and commitment. It’s amazing to see what you guys are accomplishing in the gym! Stay focused in here as the holidays approach and let’s finish out 2023 strong. I’m so excited for 2024 here at Simplicity with you guys! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!