CFS Weekly Rundown (12/17-12/22)

Hey guys,

        Looking like an excellent week leading up to Christmas! We have some really good workouts coming up for you so be sure to get in here as much as possible before the Holiday food hits! It seems like 2018 has flown by so keep pushing strong as we wrap it up! Check out some announcements below him and see what’s in store for this week…

  • We will have 2 classes the 24th: an 8am and a 9:30am. 
  • We will he closed the 25th and 26th
  • Potentially some limited Open Gym hours the 26th
  • Lululemon is hosting all CrossFitters THIS Monday (the 17th) for 25% off everything! 

Monday: Love to kick the week off with a lifting day! We’ll be going overhead with a cool push press/push jerk complex then getting into some cool superset accessory work! Monday is the day to set the tone for the whole week…be here! 

Tuesday: Today’s workout will be a little different and a lot of fun! We’ll be introduced a new dumbbell movement for most of us and we’ll have some rope climbs too. Today can get a little “grippy” so be sure to break things up early if need be! 

Wednesday: We should call this “work capacity Wednesday”…for real. This longer EMOM will test your work capacity as well as your mental toughness but it’s such a great piece! We’ll be rowing and jumping…and sweating! Try to find a good pace and a good mental place and settle in on this one. It’s going to make you better!

Thursday: Tabata’s going to be “LIT”.  “Tabata” is 20 sec of work and 10 sec of rest. Today we’ll be doing 24 rounds (so 12 minutes) and we’ll be alternating movements. Your score will be your total number of reps across all you might want to get out a whiteboard for this one!

Friday: Pretty cool setup for you guys to kickstart your weekend! We’ll have two pieces back to back today with a short rest between. The rep schemes are similar and the moments are identical…but the reps decrease in the second workout and the weight increases! These could get spicy. They’ll be short and fast! 

Saturday: Benchmark workout set for this Saturday! This one is “Barbara” and it’s a good one. We will again give you the option to go partner or individual on this one since it’s a chance for some of you to test (or retest) a benchmark workout. Either way it’ll be a good day! 

All in all we have a great week ahead! Make sure to pay attention to our Holiday schedule so that you can stay on track! The 24th we’ll be doing our “12 Barbells of Christmas”….always a favorite! Hope to see you all in class this week!