CFS Weekly Rundown (3/8-3/13)

Hey guys,

        It’s time for another Rundown. Another CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown like you’ve never seen before. Will this one will have words. Yes, but not a lot of words. And workout descriptions? Not many workout descriptions. Witty commentary? Perhaps! In reality this will be much like every other CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown you’ve seen before…Just much shorter. But you should still read because this is the first week of the 2021 CrossFit Open! Who’s excited?! I know I am. We have an awesome week ahead of us with some workouts that will be interesting in name and effective in practice. Let’s check out a few quick announcements and then dive right in…

  • Rundown Change: As you guys know we are starting the first week of the 2021 CrossFit open season. This means that every Thursday for the next three weeks CrossFit will announce an Open workout and Open athletes will have until the next Monday to complete the workout and submit a score online. Now let’s talk about how this will change things in class. We follow Mayhem programming which we absolutely love and you guys have been seeing tons of results from. Generally we test this programming out a week ahead of time so we stay one week behind the actual Mayhem program. But because programming gets tapered and changed a little bit based on the Open workouts we will be following Mayhem in real time for the next three weeks. This means we aren’t going to have workout descriptions in advanced in the Rundown for next three weeks but you will still be able to check the workouts on your Wodify account at 5 PM the night before.
  • Class Layout for the Open: We will have regular programming Monday through Thursday. Fridays we will program the open workout for class. Most classes will run in two heats that way people sign up for the Open will have an opportunity to hit it during our normal class times on Friday so that it fits everyone’s schedule and you can get an official score. Many people who are available on Saturday opt to take an easy day on Friday and then come in Saturday morning at 9 AM where we will be doing heats of the Open that we generally find are a little more exciting and give you a little extra push. There will be no partner workout on Saturdays. For the next three Saturdays that time will be devoted to people competing in the Open and getting an official score. We will have some limited open gym hours that will be announced.
  • Gym Swag: New shirts will be here just in time for the CrossFit Open. Even if you’re not signed up for the open these are still cool CFS shirts that you can all get your hands on! No pre-orders necessary!
  • CrossFit Open: 2021 CrossFit Open will announce its first workout and kick off this Thursday. We will be hitting these in class on Friday and in a more competitive/fun environment Saturday mornings. I would really encourage you guys to all sign up and partake in the fun. It adds a level of excitement to the next couple weeks and it’s worth the $20 CrossFit takes from us!
  • Water Fountain: we have a new water fountain and bottle filling station being installed in the gym. This may disrupt one of our bathrooms here and there during installation so just be aware but we should get it knocked out quick!
  • Snatch Workshop: Next Sunday, March 14th, Coach Maryann is going to be holding a free snatch workshop for CFS members at 3 PM! Don’t miss this awesome chance to work your snatch technique. Maryann is USAW certified!
  • Gymnastics Skills Class: Our next free gymnastics skills class well be Sunday March 21st at 3pm!

General Week Notes:

We know the Open can be a bit of a hectic time and programming looks a little bit different towards the end of each week so just be patient and know that for most of you guys things will not change much at all. Besides our Saturday partner workout we will have five normal days of programmed workouts. We will be trying to be sensitive to the volume on the body for those of you doing the Open and offer as much variance as possible. We are starting a new strength cycle! This will be an eight week cycle that will get us through the Open smoothly. We will be doing basic strength exercises and will add some Olympic lifts here in there. Most workouts this week are going to be moderate to high intensity. Because it is Open week look for some extra aerobic capacity workouts thrown in there for those of you who may want to recover before the release of the Open workouts. As always it’s going to be an awesome week here at CrossFit Simplicity and we are super excited. If you’re not signed up for the Open (Then what are you afraid of? Why not? Go sign up!) just bear with us on the Saturdays and we hope it doesn’t inconvenience you guys too much to not have a partner workout. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we can’t wait to see you all in class!