CFS Weekly Rundown (4/22-4/27)

Hey guys,

      Great work last week in class. We got in some really good training and everyone survived the tornado scare! Now it’s time to look forward to this coming week and make sure we put in another solid afford as we begin to close out April. This week has some really good pieces and a great lifting day. Lots to look forward to…so give the announcements a quick glance and then see what this coming week has to offer!

  • Word on the street is that there is another CFS competition coming up…a partner one? This summer? The Simplicity Summer Series? What?!
  • Our next Bring a Friend Day will be May 18th at 9am so get excited and start spreading the word! Our last one was amazing!
  • We have some sweet CFS koozies on the way in time for summer but we also need some fresh apparel. Be on the lookout for a little survey regarding that soon.
  • I have to apologize to everyone for dropping the ball on the Open awards/medals. It’s been hard to find a solid week where everyone is here on a Saturday. So that being said, good or bad, we will give out awards this Saturday!

Monday: We are starting off the week with a pretty epic weightlifting day! Class will kick off with some high-volume sets of back squats followed by a little bit of lower body accessory work. After this we will try to transition pretty quickly back to the racks for some strict press sets. This will be a great weightlifting day with a ton of work but we will need to be mindful of the clock and stay focused on getting in some good working sets and monitoring your rest between those. Come in here Monday ready to kick the week off strong and put in a big effort! 

Tuesday: We will call this a conditioning day but it’s also going to be a pretty heavy lifting day as well. This is a very short, but significantly heavy little metcon and one that we’ve seen before. The movements are hang squat cleans and push jerks… Not hang squat and clean and jerks…but hang squat cleans…and push jerks. Two separate movements for the workout today. Reps on this one are descending which will help you mentally but the weight should be one that is challenging. After this we’ll use a little EMOM style gymnastic piece to work on our pull-up skills. This one will take on the “death by” style where the reps increase each minute! Over all this is going to be a great day!

Wednesday: Amazing workout planned for hump day!…but we don’t want to see any “humps” on those backs so keep your core tight and your chest up. This workout is an amazing mixture of core, lifting, and overall conditioning. This is one that we really enjoyed testing and we think you will enjoy hitting in class. It’s a two round workout incorporating toes-to-bar, a moderately heavy deadlift, bar facing burpees, and…The skill we have all been working on…Double unders! This is one you certainly don’t want to miss. There will be a significant element of pacing here depending on how strong you are on your deadlifts and your bar facing burpees as these two movements will make up the majority of the workout. Remember to be smart and a little conservative in round one and then let it all go in round two! If the burpees are something you hate then remember to set small goals and try to stay moving.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday… No. Thirsty Thursday… No. Thruster Thursday? Yes! That’s right… thrusters and rope climbs are on the menu today. An interesting workout here with descending reps, but ascending weight, on the thrusters! If possible we will also use multiple rope climb variations. Traditional rope climbs on round one, mixing in some legless rope climbs on round two, and if possible a legless rope climb to finish out the workout. If rope climbs are not something you are comfortable with yet we can always sub out one of your favorite pull-up variations. Remember, no matter what you see on the board we can always find a modification or variation that will suit you individually!

Friday: Another epic workout for you guys today! This is one that is just all around excellent. For a lot of us this workout will require a fair amount of smart scaling and modifications so that we can get the proper response. This will be an EMOM style workout alternating between clean and jerks, a round of Nate, snatches, and another round of Nate. The idea here is to find weights and movement variations that allow you to successfully complete each minute in a strong and methodical fashion and still have a little bit of rest before moving to the next. Each minute should seem manageable at the beginning of the workout and challenging to hold towards the end of the 20 minutes. We want the weight for the snatches and the clean and jerks to be the same. It should be a weight that should not feel very heavy and would even allow you a chance to work on your barbell cycling. You should have around 30 seconds of rest in each of your weightlifting minutes. Each minute of Nate should be a little more difficult and will require you to push the pace. If you don’t have a handstand push-up yet a strict press might also be a good modification so that you save time in transitions. Similarly, if you do not have your muscle-up we will go for a pull-up or chest to bar pull-ups. It may be a good idea to avoid banded pull-ups because there will be limited time for that transition in and out of the band. 

Saturday: As mentioned above, hopefully we’ll be able to hand out Open awards this Saturday. So if you participated in the CrossFit Simplicity Open definitely try to make class today! We are still a little undecided as to the programming for Saturday but you can rest assured that it will be an awesome workout in a lot of fun. These partner workouts are hard to beat!

     It’s been a great month so far! I feel like the attitude and vibe of the gym has been excellent and so positive. Progress is being made each and every day in class and attendance has been amazing. As we wrap up April let’s try to keep the ball rolling and stay committed to getting in the gym and putting in the work. We have a lot to be excited about at Simplicity this summer so let’s get ready! See you all in class!