CFS Weekly Rundown (5/20-5/25)

Hey guys,

       It’s Sunday…that means it’s time for another Rundown! This is looking like an awesome week at Simplicity and it’s the week before the Memorial Day “Murph” event so you’ll have plenty of reason to get in here and hit it hard. It seems like the month of May has flown by but we have seen so much amazing progress so far. Last week saw and ton of snatch PR‘s which is huge! You will notice some new optional accessory work thrown into the programming as we move forward that we would really encourage all of you guys to do if you have time. Also remember that the Summer Core Series is continuing so try to hit as many of those as possible and get that summer body ready! #LGN  Be sure to check out the announcements below to stay in the loop and then see what we have in store…

  • Bring A Friend Day was a lot of fun and we want to give another shout out to DJ-LA on doing an amazing job! I was also cool to have former games athletes Whitney Gelin in the house running an awesome warm up and working with some of you guys after class. If you missed it, don’t worry she will definitely be back more in the future!
  • Memorial Day “Murph” is the 27th! We will have two heats, one at 8am and one at 9am that Monday morning. Registration is live on Wodify right now. You may go ahead and reserve your spot in either heat. Space is limited so do not wait! This event is also open to non-CFS members. Anyone you would like to invite may go onto our website on the Drop-In page and reserve a spot in that class.
  • Simplicity Summer Series is quickly taking shape behind the scenes so get ready for a great in-house partner competition August 3! If you cannot find a partner within the gym feel free to invite a friend from another CrossFit gym to compete alongside you! Registration for the event will be posted in the next coming weeks.
  • We are working on some new summer T-shirts and potentially some tank tops for the ladies. Be on the lookout for a survey this week, as we would love some input and feedback on colors!

Monday: We have a really good workout to start the week but this one is definitely a burner! Lots of shoulders in this one and lots of heavy breathing. It’s going to get spicy quick so be sure to pace things a little earlier than you might feel necessary… You’ll be glad you did. This is a 21-15-9 style piece with moderately heavy push jerks and wallballs. I would advise breaking things up pretty early in the first round but remember after you have completed the round of 21 you a almost halfway through the workout. Don’t forget to press yourself under the bar in the push jerk, using your legs to save your shoulders, and then to stand up all the way before lowering the bar. Try to build in intensity and then go all out on the final round! After this we have a cool little optional accessory piece that involves some plate carries… Good stuff!

Tuesday: Calling this one, “Glutes Gone Wild”…or maybe, “Glutes, Glutes, Glutes are on Fireeee”…still undecided. Either way I expect to be a little sore on the backside Wednesday. Today we have an AMRAP with lots of front rack lunges and pulling variations. You will see everything from a chest to bar to a legless rope climb so understand that there will be a lot of scaling involved in this work out. There’s a good chance we will offer to RX variations because of this. As the polling variations get more complex the reps decrease which is a blessing. This is not a particularly long work out but there’s always some element of pacing involved to keep your heart rate down. The weight on the walking lunge as the polling variations get more complex the reps decrease which is a blessing. This is not a particularly long workout but there’s always some element of pacing involved to keep your heart rate down. The weight on the front rack lunges should be something you can complete unbroken but something that is still challenging. Overall this is a great workout and one you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday: weightlifting Wednesday! I love these days… Mostly for the alliteration! Today will be a sumo deadlift. This is one that most of you will be familiar with if you’ve been here for a little while and a variation we have been working here fairly regularly. Generally speaking you’ll be able to lift a little more in a sumo variation than a traditional deadlift as you will have less range of motion, or travel on the bar. (Although this isn’t true for all of us and should not necessarily be a goal). As always, remember to brace yourself and your core as tightly as possible before each pull and if you are feeling good really go for it! We will round out the day with a little bit of pressing work for the accessory portion of class. Nothing better than a little push/pull!

Thursday: Today is definitely going to be one of those mental days… Which are arguably the best. It doesn’t matter how fit you are if you don’t have the mental toughness and capacity to actually realize your full potential physically during a conditioning piece. This workout isn’t particularly the worst but it will be a grind for many of us. We will be bringing back the DB burpee and these get a little tedious. This is a very simple movement but not necessarily an easy movement. You will start standing with one dumbbell in each hand, place them on the ground and shoot your feet back, lower your body between the dumbbells, jump your feet forward and stand with a small jump… Basically deadlifting the dumbbells as you do. Along with these we’ll have some TTB and double unders..which you’ve ALL been practicing…right?! 

Friday: we have a super cool workout today and a Hero workout at that! This one is, “Badger” and it’s a favorite of mine! Obviously you guys can look this one up online but it basically consist of three rounds of a light squat clean, pull-ups, and an 800m run. The volume is pretty high here so please take into account some scaling options we will offer for the day. The last thing you want to do is destroy yourself before Murph on Monday. There’s nothing particularly heavy about this workout but it is a large number of squat cleans and a significant amount of running. This is one of the more popular here at workouts and one we hope you all will enjoy! 

Saturday: This weekend is still a little up in the air. Blake and I tested a partner workout we came up with this past Saturday that really did the trick and we may throw that at you guys and see what you think. Regardless, we’ll have another great Saturday partner workout planned for you guys! 

      Thank you guys so much for being a part of this community! Every Sunday I get a little sentimental doing the Weekly Rundown where I feel like I’m speaking to you guys directly. It’s such a pleasure and a privilege that we have to work with you all and see everyone grow and accomplish their goals. Hopefully this comes across, but we really do try our best to do everything around here in the interest of helping you all get the most out of your experience at CrossFit Simplicity. We have not mentioned this in a while but remember that we do have a silver paint can at the front desk for suggestions and we would love to hear about anything that would increase your value or your experience at the gym. We are looking forward to another excellent week and we can’t wait to see you all in class!