CFS Weekly Rundown (7/24-7/29)

Hey guys,

      It’s an awesome week ahead of us here at the gym so it’s time for the Crossfit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We are in week eight of our NBD programming and you all are just crushing it. Honestly don’t know any other way to put it. It is phenomenal to see what you guys are doing with these progressions and especially how many people are getting their double unders! there’s no doubt this is a great program, but it doesn’t matter how good of a program we have if you guys don’t show up and put in the work… And you all are doing just that so keep it up!

  • AMRAP For Autism: So excited to get together as a gym family this Saturday at 9am for our A4A event! Lots of sign ups so far so be sure to take care of yours and don’t miss out on an opportunity to have some fun and support a great calls! Remember that your entry includes a free T-shirt and the workout! Grab a partner and get signed up using the link below!

Affiliate Programming:
Week 8

Performance Prep
Coach led – hips and shoulders focus
Weightlifting: Snatch
3×2 Power Snatch + High Hang Squat Snatch Start at 55% max snatch and increase weight each set.
Gymnastics: Pull-ups
Max emphasis. 2xAMRAP.
Conditioning: Intervals
3 rounds Row/Ski
500m Intervals. Rest 1:1, goal is negative splits
Optional Accessories

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Back Squat
Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
Engine EMOM
28 min EMOM. Switch movements each minute until you accumulate the prescribed volume for each movement. If you finish to required reps before others, that minute becomes rest until all movements are complete.
1.) 40 Shuttle Runs (25’+25′ = 1 rep) 2.) 80 Pull-ups
3.) 50 Thrusters (95/65)
4.) 80 Bar facing burpees
GHD Progression: Week 8
GHD to Parallel
3×10. Hold DB or wear vest. Increase weight from last time.
Optional Accessories
Machine Zone 3 Progression – see coach for details

Performance Prep
Coach led – lower body focus
Aerobic Power
For time: 800m Row 800m Bike Erg 800m Run
Men’s cap: 10 min Women’s cap: 12 min
Aerobic Capacity
Every 3 minutes x 10 rounds. Working cap per round is 2:45.
12/10 echo bike cal 12/10 ski cal
*Sub row for ski if not enough equipment.
Optional Accessories
SB Bear Hug Carry

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Push Press + Bench
3×8 Push Press. Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
3×8 Bench Press. Work up to heavy set (9 RPE) for set 1. Sets 2 and 3 are 10% less than set 1.
Gymnastics: Strict Handstand Push-ups
Strength Emphasis.
Add a deficit as needed so that each set is 8 RPE.
Conditioning: Metcon
10 TTB
10 Hand-release Push-ups 50′ Walking Lunges (50/35)
Goal: sub 10 min Cap: 14 min
Optional Accessories
Seated Band Anterior Tib Raise + SL DB Heel Raise

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Weightlifting: Clean and Jerk
3×2 Power Clean + High Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk.
Start @55% max clean and jerk and increase weight each set.
Gymnastics: Double Unders
Accumulation emphasis. 7×30% of max set.
Conditioning: Zone 4 AMRAP
AMRAP in 15 min
1 rope climb
6 box get-overs (48/40″) 36 wall balls (20/14 to 10/9 ft)
Zone 4 AMRAPs are intended to be completed at a “reach” pace. Move through this workout at an intensity that feels challenging for the full time domain. Your pace should make this workout feel difficult but should not leave you feeling depleted by the end (hint: if you are laying on the floor and gasping for air after this, you missed the stimulus. Similarly, if you feel like you are able to hold a conversation during the workout, you missed the stimulus on the opposite end of the spectrum).If you are focused, you should be able to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth for the majority of the time.
Optional Accessories
Copenhagen Iso + GHR/Razor/Nordic

Performance Prep
Coach led – full body focus
Strength: Deadlift
1×1 @97%. Hands stay on the bar each rep., full reset (no TnG reps).
3×3 @75%. Hands stay on the bar each rep, full reset (no TnG reps). Hit a set every 2:00.
Conditioning: Metcon
With a partner, for time:
Partner A:
20/15 cal Echo bike 50′ SB Carry (150/100) 20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups 50′ SB Carry
Partner B:
20/15 cal Echo bike 50′ SB Carry (150/100) 20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups 50′ SB Carry
40/30 cal Echo bike (split as desired)
50′ SB Carry (150/100) (Partner A or B) 20 BMU (split as desired)
50′ SB Carry (150/100) (partner that did NOT carry first time)
Goal: sub 12 min Cap: 18 min
Optional Accessories
Bodybuilding Circuits – see coach for details

Optional: Low intensity
aerobic session

Well crew, that’s all we’ve got for this week’s edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! it’s going to be an awesome week and we are going to culminate it with out A4A event Saturday morning. Please get signed up and help us support this great cause. You guys have been staying super dedicated and consistent in the gym lately and it’s really been showing in the form of some amazing results. Continue to get in here as much as possible and be sure to input all of your results after class so we can track your progress. I hope you all are excited about this week and I can’t wait to see you all in class!