April’s Fitness Journey

“My fitness journey with CrossFit Simplicity has been nothing short of amazing!”







      My fitness journey with CrossFit Simplicity has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve played a variety of sports in school and have done plenty of different workout regimes, but nothing has ever stuck. After trying a couple of CrossFit classes with a friend, I decided to visit the local CrossFit gym here in Burlington. The first thing I noticed about Daniel and Felicia when joining was how much they care about you and achieving your fitness goals. They pushed me, motivated me, cheered me on and even discussed ways to eat healthy. Within a few weeks, I was already noticing a difference in how I looked and felt. I was able to keep up during classes, had more energy throughout the day, and was lifting weights and performing movements I had never attempted previously.

      Since January, I have lost 30lbs and continue to set new records in class. I’m running faster, lifting heavier, and recovering better than when I started. I’ve also managed to RX a few workouts as well. I look forward to coming to CFS during the evenings where I can socialize and get a great workout in with others in my community. I have a new found passion for fitness and health and give all the kudos to them! I cannot thank all the coaches at CrossFit Simplicity enough for helping me get in the best shape of my life.