CFS Weekly Rundown (7/6-7/11)

Hey guys,

      Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend filled with lots of fun…And safety! Now that you guys have enjoyed the holiday weekend it’s time to get back to work! We’ve got a lot of goals to accomplish around here we are going to hit the ground running on Monday ready for a great week. We have a lot of really interesting workouts for you guys this week including hitting some of the Rogue Invitational workouts which will be a lot of fun! Remember that these workouts were designed for elite level athletes so there will definitely be some scaling involved. Have fun this week and as always, just show up each and every day ready to do your best and you will get the most out of the program! Now let’s see what we have in store for the week…

  • Bring a Friend Day later this month so start thinking about who you want to invite! If you like me CrossFit has certainly changed your life in someway and I think it’s awesome that we have the opportunity to share that experience with our friends and family so don’t hesitate to shoot someone an invite and see what happens!
  • GreaterThan sports drinks are back for Summer at Simplicity! Think of a healthy Gatorade…It’s basically coconut water, fruit juice, and sea salt. This has always been a Simplicity favorite during the hotter months And he’s one of my favorite ways to rehydrate after a workout! These will be marked on the drink sheet as a FitAid.

Monday: Opening up the week with a Rogue Invitational workout as promised! This is probably one of the more mild offerings from this year but do not think it’s going to be easy! This one is going to really test the skills we’ve been working on lately so I hope you guys have been using these warm-ups as a time for practice and progressions. This one will open up with a 240 double under buy-in to get your heart rate going. After this you’ll have just two rounds of 60 toes-to-bar and a 30 calorie bike or row. Pay very close attention to the time goal today as this should heavily influence how you scale and modify this workout. You’ll need to pick a number of reps or a modification that allows you to stay moving throughout the entire workout and preserve that stimulus.

Tuesday: Lots of barbell work today… But it’s light! We have another Rogue Invitational workout on the menu today and this one is full of power snatches. This one’s going to be on the short side but you know that means the intensity is going to be kicked up a notch. In this workout you’ll have four minutes to complete 50 light power snatches before we progress on to a “death by” power snatch workout to finish things out. Remember that “death by” workouts involve adding a rep every minute on the minute until you can no longer complete the required number of reps within the minute. However today we will start with 11 rather than one rep. You’ll already be fatigued from the initial 50 power snatches and your heart rate will certainly be up. The idea here is to focus on good form and smooth work to try to get as far as you can. Breathe and move!

Wednesday: We have had a couple of great workouts so far this week and we know this one is going to be Frantastic as well…wait…I mean fantastic… Anyway, we have a good one for you guys today. This one will be 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups. But there’s a catch. (There’s always a catch isn’t there?) The thrusters will increase in weight each round and the pull-ups are not just pull ups…they are burpee pull-ups! This one is going to be challenging for sure. For a lot of you guys you’ll be seeing some thruster weights you have not seen before so be sure to scale things back if you need to. Remember that we always want to focus on form and safety over weight selection. That being said, these thrusters should be challenging and should not be something you can grab and go unbroken on like a typical “Fran.” You will notice a longer goal today as far as the time is concerned so have fun with this one and use it as a chance to get under a bit of a heavier thruster than you are typically used to. The burpee pull-ups are going to be a bit tedious as always but think of them as a time to hopefully get in some sort of rest and recover your heart rate so that you can jump right back on the barbell. Good stuff!

Thursday: You Know what day it is! Thursdays are getting infamous around here and we love it! Hopefully in even this short amount of time you guys are already seeing the benefits of these aerobic days. This will be our sixth one which means we’ll be completing our second round through each of our specific domains…aerobic power, aerobic capacity, and today cardiac output! we are going to mix things up a bit today but still keep the desired stimulus in place. Typically these are almost completely aerobic/cardio movements but today we will be using some more traditional CrossFit movements to steal complete the same goal of steady state work for about 40 to 45 minutes. Some of you guys have already seen this workout tested on our Instagram account and you know it could be brutal. Remember that we just want to settle in and get good steady work but never feel out of control. Today’s workout will be a 45 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 1 pull-up, 2 power snatched (at 50% of your 1RM), and three burpees. A great goal here would be to just complete one round, or a little more, each minute. Settle in and have fun!

Friday: We have an awesome workout for you guys today and one that I really enjoyed testing out. Everyone has certain movements they prefer over others but in general there are just some workouts were you feel like you are getting a great overall dose of fitness. I feel like that perfectly describes this next piece. This one is going to be five rounds of rowing, handstand push-ups, and back squats…heavier ones! This is a perfect mixture of cardio, strength, and gymnastics that makes for an excellent piece.  The back squat is actually going to be at 75% of your one rep max so we will be going from the rack today. There’s not too much competition among these movements so you will want to try to set and maintain a pretty good pace throughout this workout. Try to row at a pace that allows you to come off and get straight to your handstand push-ups or other pressing variation. The back squat should absolutely be something you’re comfortable doing unbroken but still might be challenging. Easy day!

Saturday: We have such a good workout for you all today! This one is going to be challenging and fun. We’ve got some power cleans, some bar facing burpees and some wallballs! We haven’t had wallballs in a little while so this will be a good way to mix things up and work those legs…and lungs! The reps are short on this one so you and your partner will be moving quickly with lots of transitions. This means that even though it’s a partner workout the intensity might still be pretty high and there might not be as much rest as you’re typically used to getting on Saturdays. Nonetheless, stay moving and have fun!

         Overall it’s shaping up to be another fantastic week at CrossFit Simplicity. As we mentioned so many times before the atmosphere and energy around here has just been amazing since we came back from quarantine. The vibe is very strong in here and we want to keep it going! You guys are such an amazing part of our community and we are so blessed for the opportunity to come in here and work/play with you guys each and every day. Try to stay as consistent as possible this week so that you can keep working towards those results and let’s make it a great one! See you all in class!