CFS Weekly Rundown (12/4-12/9)

Hey guys,

      It’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! That’s what we love about Sundays. Time to start a new week fresh and keep pushing towards our goals in the gym. Last week we had a lighter load and some lower intensity but now it’s time to ramp things back up as we continue with the second half of phase 2. Our next deload week will be the week of Christmas so let’s put in a big push as we approach the holiday. We have some awesome strength, conditioning, and gymnastics work for you guys, so I hope everyone is excited and ready to get into class and crush it! Be sure to take a quick look at the announcements as we have some important updates this week, and then we will jump into the programming!

  • Hoodies/Long Sleeve Ts: Our hoodies have been ordered, and will hopefully be here soon. Last minute I decided to add some long sleeve T-shirts to the order so those will be coming in along with the hoodies. These are not pre-order, they are simply first come first serve and supplies are admittedly limited, since I did not place a huge order. These will be offered in a heather royal blue, as well as the gray we offered in our last T-shirts.
  • 2024 Rates: You all have received an important email updating you on our 2024 rates and facility/equipment fee. Current CFS members will receive NO monthly rate increase, but there are important details about your membership so be sure to read this carefully and contact me if you have any questions!



BS 3×3 @75-85% & FS 3×3 @75-85% max


Interval: E6MOM x4 rounds

2 Wall Walk

4 Power Clean + Push Jerk (135/95)

6 Burpee Box Jumpover (24/20″)


Gymnastics (optional)

TTB + BMU 10 x 20% max set each. 10 min cap




Snatch TnG 2×10 @8 RPE + DL 3×15 TnG @7 RPE


Part A: E4MOM x2 rounds.

8-6-4 KB Swing, Alt. KB Hang Snatch, Alt. KB Clean + Jerk (53/35)

10 Pull-ups

Part B: 3 sets, rest 1:1.

50′ Barbell OH carry (95/65)




Aerobic Power

2 rounds, rest 4 min between

20/16 cal Bike Erg

Aerobic Capacity

800/600m Row

8 Shuttles

800/600m Row

16 Lateral Burpees over Row

800/600m Row

24 Box Jumpovers (24/20″)

Calf / Ankle Circuit (Optional)

FFE Split Squat 2×20, KB Tib Raise 2×20, Poliquin Step 2×20, Seated BB Calf Raise 2×20




Part A: Complete for Time

1-2-3-4 Rope Climbs

200/160m Row between each set

Part B: 4 rounds, rest 2 min between. Focus on quality

Affiliate: 15 BB spider flips (7 RPE) + 30 DU


V-Ups 1xUB, 1×50% UB set, KB Side Bend 2×30 ea., GHD 1xUB, 1×50% UB set




High Hang Power Clean 10×2 @50-60% + Split Jerk 10×2 @50-60% (EMOM both)


With a partner, complete for time. Partition work as desired (does not have to be chipper style)

180/150 Echo cal

150 Thrusters (45/35)

120 Back Rack Reverse Lunge (45/35)



EMOM x28 min

1. 6 Alt. DB Squat Snatch @50/35

2. 1 Rope Climb

3. Wall Balls – score reps

4. 6 DBL DB Push Press @50/35

Strength (Optional)

Bench Press 3×15 TnG @ 7 RPE

Pull-ups / Push-ups (Optional)

Pull-ups 2×10, 1xUB + Push-Ups 2×10, 1xUB


     That’s all we have for this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! I know December is going to be an awesome month and a lot of fun! I’m so excited about what we have going on here at CrossFit Simplicity. I want us all to finish out this year strong so that we can have a headstart going into the new year. Remember that every day doesn’t have to be your best day in the gym. It’s consistent effort overtime that’s going to get you where you want to be. Stay committed, stay dedicated, and stay positive. Now enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!