CFS Weekly Rundown (3/28-4/02)

Hey guys,

       Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and is ready for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have a pretty exciting week ahead of us as we roll into week two of our lifting cycle. We are also starting a new month this week which is always a cool time to reset and refocus in the gym. All the Batman fans out there will be super thrilled with our workout theme this week which is full of variety to keep things interesting and keep your body guessing! Now let’s crack into the week and see what we have in store.

  • Weightlifting Cycle: We are in week two of our lifting cycle! We will focus a little more heavily on the snatch and the clean & jerk but will also have some deadlifts, jerks, and front squats. We will start the week off with some one rep maxes so get excited!
  • T-Shirts: New CFS tees are on the way! These will be $20.

Monday: we are starting off the week with a little bit of snatch work. We will begin with some triples and then move to some snatch grip deadlifts. This will be percentage work so remember to stay within your percentages and use your numbers from week one. After this we’ll hit, “Batman.” This is a two part workout with rowing and dumbbell snatches. Part one will be broken to rounds where as part two will be a straight chipper. Stimulus is pretty high intensity today across each workout. You guys should have at least a three minute rest between part one and part two so approach each work out with a strong effort and try to match some similar times between the two.

Tuesday: We have an excellent weightlifting session today starting with some triples on our power cleans and then finishing up with some sets of three front squats. Remember this is also percentage work so stay within your percentages and let’s build this cycle the right way! We’ll then hit, “The Riddler!” This is going to be a spicy shoulder piece with lots of double unders, strict pull ups, and strict handstand push-ups. The stimulus is going to be moderate across all rounds. Be mindful of burn out potential on the strict movements and plan sets accordingly. You are going to need to plan some rest and steadily work off reps to avoid burning out completely too early. Remember one of the major goals today is time under tension so scale accordingly and let’s stay strict.

Wednesday: “Vengeance” is on the menu today! (Settle down…we aren’t talking about the last person that wronged you, forgive and let’s hit this workout!) This is going to be a tough piece! You will have two sets… But each set consists of four rounds of calories on the bike, double dumbbell front squats, and burpees over the dumbbell. You’ll have a five minute rest between each set… Not between each round. Be sure you pay attention at the whiteboard so you don’t get confused. We are looking for moderate intensity across all rounds. Try to move continuously from movement to move it was steady pacing and not coming out to hot early on. Being too ambitious with intensity on the squats and burpee movements will heavily affect efforts on the bike each round! Be mindful of that going into it and let’s crush this one today!

Thursday: You guys are either going to love this one or hate it. Either way we need to get in here and make it happen! “Bruce Wayne” is going to be a run work out. You will do five, four, three, two, one minute runs for max distance. You have a one minute rest between each set. The goal here is really just too to do your best and push within your limits. We would like to see you guys increase intensity and effort across sets as the distance is slightly decline. So make sure you start in a slow moderate pace by the end you should be basically sprinting.

Friday: Kicking off the day with a little complex. We will be basically staying light and just practicing today but the complex will be one snatch grip push press and one snatch balance. Remember to keep really active shoulders and continue to press up on the bar. These will be performed from the rack. After this we will hit “The Penguin.” This will be a partner work out where you guys will be working through a three minute Amrap with a one minute rest between each one. You’ll have to do three synchronized wall walks, 12 synchronized toes to bar and then max effort power cleans in the remaining time. You will continue this three minute Amrap with a one minute rest until you have completed 50 power cleans total as a team. This one is going to be tough but a lot of fun remember to communicate with your partner and get after it! We are looking for at least 10 power cleans each round.

Saturday: “The Joker” is our partner workout today! This one is going to be rounds of rowing and wallballs. After these rounds are completed you’ll have a five minute rest and then be working through rounds of just rowing. Lots of rest built into this one with your partner so when it’s your time to work make sure you are pushing the pace on the rower and wallballs. This is a great little push/pull piece so get after it!

      That’s all we’ve got for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. I hope you guys had a great weekend and are ready to hit the week fresh and roll into a new month here at Simplicity. You guys have been super dedicated lately and it’s really been paying off. Remember to continue to stay consistent and focus on really improving the efficiency and quality of your movements which will increase the longevity and effectiveness of your CrossFit career! Now get some rest and let’s hit it hard this week!