CFS Weekly Rundown (8/3-8/8)

Hey guys,

       What’s up, what’s up?! It’s time for another CFS Weekly Rundown and also time for another month here at Simplicity. July was one of our best months to date as far as overall attendance, performance, and positive attitudes. We are expecting August to be even better! We have a really great week ahead with some awesome programming and some unique workouts that will keep things challenging and engaging. It’s definitely been hot this summer so you guys make sure to stay hydrated throughout the week and get plenty of rest and recovery so that we can keep pushing strong each and every day. Now, let’s check out some announcements and then see what the week has in store!

  • Bring A Friend Day: Our next BAFD will be Saturday, August 22nd, at 9am! DJ-LA will be standing by to deliver the best music possible and we will have a great first time friendly workout prepared for your guests of honor! Don’t miss this chance to show your friends what this CFS community is all about!

Monday: We have a solid little three round piece to kick the week off right! This one is going to be challenging but also one you’ll be able to push the pace on and hopefully stay moving. Each of the three rounds will be exactly the same but the movements of each round will feature descending reps. Meaning for example you’ll have the same number of wallballs in every round but you’ll have less box jump overs than you will wallballs. Altogether we will have double unders, wallballs, box jump overs, and burpees! The main goal here would be to set a strong pace and try to stay as consistent as possible between rounds with not much drop off. Ideally we would like your third round to be your strongest! just enjoy the variety in this one and have fun!

Tuesday: AMRAP day! These are always challenging because you are really going to get out of this workout exactly what you put in it as far as effort. That being said, if you blow out of the gate too fast and too hard you could crash and burn and not quite reach your full potential for rounds within the time domain.  So pacing is going to be key for this workout. If you’ll start your first round out strong but not quite 100% it will give you a gauge and a goal to shoot for in each consecutive round. Today we will have toes-to-bar, moderately heavy deadlifts, and a rope climb in each round! This one is going to be grippy for sure. If you know you don’t have great toe-to-bar capacity then think about breaking these up early to save your grip on the deadlifts and the rope climbs. Remember that it’s never good idea to go to failure to early on. The warm-up will be a good opportunity to work on foot positioning so that we can make that rope climb more of a stand than a pull…good day!

Wednesday: Hooray hooray it’s heavy day! We have a stacked line up for you guys in class today. We are going to kick things off with 15 minutes to work on a hang power snatch. This is going to be a great opportunity to work on your technique and positions and get those shoulders warmed up for what’s to come…Thrusters! That’s right, after our 15 minutes of Olympic work we will be transitioning to a short rest your workout. There’s not a lot to this one so I’m going to go ahead and give it away: 30 heavy thrusters for time. Anytime you’re dealing with a single movement workout you know there’s going to be a big element of exhaustion so make sure you don’t go quite to failure at the beginning so that you have a little bit in the tank to push through those last 5 to 10 reps. As far as scaling is concerned we are going to be looking for a weight you could do 4-5 times, but not comfortably! Easy day!

Thursday: Ahhhh, another Thursday. Another chance to sweat, to learn, and to grow! In keeping with our rotation today will be a cardiac output day. We’re going to have a little bit of fun with this one and allow you guys some freedom and flexibility in choosing which movements you would like to achieve our desired stimulus. Ultimately today you’re going to be working for 45 minutes straight either way you slice it! Remember that idea here is never to be out of control but to just tackle steady state aerobic work for that long duration!

Friday: This one is fun and it comes from our Friend Whitney Gelin over at 12th State!  The layout of this workout is really cool and unique and it’s what I love most about this piece. It’s almost 2 workouts in one, divided by a section of rowing. We will start off with some rounds of handstand push-ups, rope climbs, and power cleans. After these rounds are complete you will have a large row for calories before finishing things out with two rounds of wallballs and kettlebell swings. Nothing in this workout is particularly devastating in and of itself but taken as a whole this is a really challenging and fun piece that we found really entertaining to test. Just show up and have fun with this one!

Saturday: We have an awesome Saturday partner workout for you guys with this one! We are going to start things off with a big buy-in on the bike, rower, or a run…your choice! When we knock that out we are going to be settling into some pretty short rounds of wallballs and double unders. This one is definitely going to get spicy on the heart, lungs, shoulders, and legs so buckle up! As always, these partner workouts to allow us a little bit of rest here and there so take it advantage of it and try to get back to work as hard as possible when it’s your turn. Good stuff!

      It’s looking obvious it’s going to be another great week at Simplicity and even another great month! I can’t stress again how well July went here at the gym and just how great everyone showed up and performed. Consistency and effort really are two major keys to getting the results that you’re looking for so try to show up and do your best each and every day. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to feel great but as long as you show up you’re taking steps in the right direction! The workouts this week are a lot of fun and have a little something different for everyone so it’s our hope that it keeps you engaged and motivated. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, get plenty of sleep, and we can’t wait to see you all in class!