CFS Weekly Rundown (1/1-1/6)

Hey guys,

      Happy new year! It’s time for the first CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown of 2024! Last year was a great year at CFS and we are so thankful for all of you guys who continue to be a part of our community, as well as all of you who joined our community last year. We are super excited for what 2024 holds for us as a gym and also individually. You all have been absolutely crushing this program so I can’t wait to see where we are at this time next year. We are still chugging right along in phase 2 of our current cycle and coming close to wrapping things up. We have an excellent week ahead for you guys with lots of great strength, conditioning, and skills work, so try to get in here and be as consistent as possible so we can start the year off right! Now check out a few announcements, and we will dive right in…

  • New Year’s Day: We will have two classes on New Year’s Day. One at 9 AM and one at 10 AM. We will be staying on track with our regular programming to start the year off right!
  • Facility/Equipment Fee: As discussed earlier this month, you guys will notice a $25 facility and equipment fee attached to your January invoice. Your rates, however, will remain unchanged. We’ve already ordered a new Concept 2 bike, and will also have some dumbbells and other things coming to the gym this month!
  • New faces: For 2024 we have your beloved coaching lineup, and the addition of two new coaches that will be helping us fill some slots in the schedule and continue to bring you guys some great classes and training. Tyler Crump will be helping us out in the evenings and Christian French will be helping us out in the mornings, so be sure to say hello to these guys and make them feel welcome!



BS 3×10 TnG @7 RPE & FS 3×10 @7RPE


E6MOM x 3 rounds

400m Run

15/12 cal Echo

1 Back Squat @185/125

Gymnastics (optional)

TTB + BMU 5 x 40% max set. 5 min cap




Hang Power Snatch 10×2 @50-60% & DL 10×2 @60% (EMOM both)


Part A: 5 RFT

10 Push-ups


Part B: 3 rounds, rest 1:30 between

:15 Inverted Row Hold

10 Pull-ups


Aerobic Power

20 BFB

-Rest 3-

10 BBJO @24/20″

-Rest 3-

5 BBJO @30/24″

Aerobic Capacity

Every 15 Minutes x2 rounds

800/600m Row

1.5/1.2k Echo Bike

800/600m Row

Calf / Ankle Circuit (Optional)

FFE SS 2×15 fast, KB Tib Raise 2×15 fast, Poliquin Step 2×15 fast, Seated BB Calf Raise 2×15 fast




Part A: 3 rounds for total reps

:20 DBL DB Hang cleans (50/35), :10 rest, :20 RC, :10 rest.

Part B: Complete for as few breaks as possible

100 DU. Every break = 50′ SB Bear Hug Carry (100/50)


Ab-Mat Situps 2×20 fast, DB Side Bend 2×20 ea. fast, GHD 2×15 fast




Hang Clean 3×1 @85%, Push Jerk 3×1 @85%


20 RFT (You Go I Go)

10 OHS (115/75)

10 Box Jump (30/24″)



EMOM x24 minutes

1. 10 Wall Ball (20/14) + 2 SHSPU

2. 8/6 cal Echo +2 or 1 RC

3a. If 2 RC, rest

3b. If 1 RC, :45 Wall Sit

4. 10 Box Jumpover (24/20″)

Strength (Optional)

Bench Press 10×2 @50-60% EMOM

Pull-ups / Push-ups (Optional)

Pull-ups 20 reps for time + Push-ups 50 reps for time

     Well, that’s all we have for this week’s installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! This is always a very cliché time of the year to talk about goals and motivation; but I would like to imagine that if you are here at CrossFit and Simplicity, you are the type of person who is already intrinsically motivated and willing to put forth hard work and discipline to achieve results in the gym. I want to encourage you guys, as always, to be as consistent as possible, and not to focus too much on one particular day in the gym or outside the gym. But more to focus on the cumulative effort of your consistency week after week, and month after month. This will get you where you want to be in 2024! Thank you again for being a part of this amazing community and I can’t wait to spend this year with you all! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!