CFS Weekly Rundown (1/11-1/16)

Hey guys,

      Honestly, what would you expect other than another amazing week at CrossFit Simplicity? That’s exactly what we have in store for you guys and exactly what you’ll see as you browse through this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We actually have a classic Bible story themed week for you guys and one that should definitely keep things interesting and leave you with some awesome results. Each day is different and we have some really epic pieces in the line up…seriously awesome! We will also be diving into our new strength cycle so get excited to see some more PR’s after this cycle as well! Be sure to have a quick look through the announcements before you head on down to Monday because we have some exciting stuff coming up there as well. Now let’s get to it… it’s going to be divine!

  • Gymnastics Skills Class: We will be holding another free gymnastics skills class from 3 PM to 5 PM during open gym on Sunday, January 17th! This is the chance to come in and spend some time strictly devoted to drilling and progressing through your gymnastic movements that might be holding you back!
  • Bring A Friend Day: Our next BAFD with DJ-LA is going to be January 23rd at 9am! There’s nothing better than a big Saturday class with a live DJ so spread the word and let’s show your friends and family what CrossFit Simplicity is all about!
  • 2021 Goal Board: 2020 was awesome…No…Really, it was! At least here in the gym we saw tons of progress and results. To keep that rolling be sure you come up with 1 to 3 measurable and attainable goals you can set for yourself in 2021 and throw them up on our goals board. It’s proven that seeing these in writing on a daily/weekly basis will improve your chances of following through and sticking to it!

Monday: We are kicking this week off strong! We are going to get right into our new lifting cycle with a snatch complex. Remember that these complexes are about developing good technique, position, and movement patterns so don’t push the weight. Today will have some prescribed percentages of your one rep max snatch and they will be light. The complex is one power snatch, one hang snatch, and then one snatch. Remember anything not labeled with “power” before it means we want a full squat. So the hang snatch and snatch are full squats. Don’t avoid this squat while the weight is light and you’ll be successful in this movement when the weights get heavy! After this we are going to hit a short AMRAP called, “David and Goliath.” This is an ascending rep ladder of toes to bar and strict handstand push-ups. Starting with 1/1, 2/2, 3/3….etc until the time runs out. As a general rule you should be able to perform about five strict handstand push-ups unbroken if you want to perform this workout Rx. If not think about going to the pike push-ups or traditional push-ups to stay moving and get the correct stimulus. We can sub out toes to bar for knees to elbow, kipping knee raises, strict knee raises, or lying toes to rig. No matter what you do find a variation that keeps you moving!

Tuesday: “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego” is up for today. In honor of these three brave rebels we will have three sets, one every five minutes, of a squat clean ladder. This will be very similar to our snatch ladder we had two weeks ago. You’ll have five, four, three, two, one squat cleans with ascending weights for each set. The remaining time in five minutes is yours to rest and then we will repeat this twice. Remember we want to focus on squat cleans here. Catching the bar below parallel. If the weights are on the heavier side we will list percentages that you can follow to make your own ladder and get the appropriate stimulus. We want the intensity to be high today, form to be efficient, and no missed reps. After this we will have a little bit of core accessory work to round out the day. Good stuff!

Wednesday: Don’t worry, we aren’t going to do two of every CrossFit movement today…but we will have two rounds of some assault bike calories, push-ups, alternating step ups, and double unders to make up today’s workout: “Noah’s Ark.” This is going to be a tough one today but one that you’ll be able to manage with a little bit of strategy. We are looking for moderate consistent intensity throughout so feel free to adjust the rep ranges if you need to to stay moving. The assault bike calories to start and finish each set are definitely going to affect the mount of effort that can be put into the other movements. You are going to be given a three minute rest in between the first and second set so trust your fitness to recover and try to have some consistency across rounds. This one’s going to get the legs burning for sure. Every step of the way I will be adding more fatigue which is going to make that last bike a struggle so try to dig in and do your best to finish strong!

Thursday: Today we will have a clean complex that is very similar to Monday’s snatch complex. Your weights today will be based off percentages of your one rep max clean and the complex will consist of a power clean, a hang clean, and a clean. Remember like Monday if you don’t see “power” before a movement then we are looking for a squat here. Meaning the hang clean will be a squat and the clean at the end will be a squat clean. You may drop the bar between reps if you need to re-grip and reset but the percentages should be light enough today to maintain a hook grip on the bar and keep moving if you would like. After this we are actually going to have a partner workout that is going to be a very basic rowing workout. Though you could also sub out running, skiing, or a bike. The distance you’ll be attempting is going to differ based on if you are a male male, female female, or male female team. This should be a moderate to high intensity workout and this will vary some based on the strategy you decide on with your partner. This is not a walk in the park…light a fire under your butt and get moving when it’s your time to row!

Friday: How do you segue into a workout called “Moses’s Mustache”? I mean really, you don’t, You just have to get right to it. This workout has two parts today which are identical in volume but differ in layout which makes them very interesting and adds a fun element of strategy. First we will begin with three rounds of 12 pull-ups, nine burpees to bar, and six front squats. After this you will have a five minute rest and then go into the same three rounds, but compressed into a one round chipper of 36 pull-ups, 27 burpees to bar, and 18 front squats. The stimulus today is high intensity for both sets. You’ll have a five minute rest in between each one so you should be able to push the pace faster than normal and recover as best as you can between. We want the pull-ups to be unbroken for the three round workout and then completed in 1 to 3 sets for workout number two. The burpees to a bar just means you’ll have to do your burpees under a pull-up bar and jump up and touch the bar for every rep. Try to find a pull-up bar that slightly out of reach when standing. The front squat weight should be something you can hit for 10 reps unbroken pretty comfortably. Think about 60 to 70% of your one rep max front squat. Similar to the pull ups these reps should be unbroken for the first three rounds and then completed in 1 to 3 sets for the chipper. Really have fun and attack this workout today because it’s a great piece and can be very challenging and beneficial!

Saturday: We have a fun one lined up for Saturday’s partner workout. “Let there be Light” is going to consist of running, row calories, and deadlifts! This one is going to be set up as a chipper and you and your partner will be working to complete it as fast as possible. Intensity should be pretty high today because you will have that one to one work rest ratio while your partner is working. If you have to scale the deadlift then make sure it’s something that’s not over 65% of your one rep max. We are looking to move quick here today. Have fun with this one and remember to motivate and encourage your partner when it’s not your time to work!

      It’s a miracle! You’ve made it through another CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. As you can see this week is stacked and packed with awesome workouts and lots of variety that will keep things engaging. Attendance has been awesome lately and you guys have really been focusing heavily on technique and getting that desired stimulus and it’s paying off. As we begin this new strength cycle be sure to continue to remain focused on building a solid foundation of proper form and the rest will come. Now, it’s time to go spread the word and the good news to the ends of Alamance county that CrossFit Simplicity is the place to save your fitness and increase your fellowship! Let’s have another awesome week and we can’t wait to see you all in class!