CFS Weekly Rundown (1/4-1/9)

Hey guys,

       If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile, if you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle…Have we got a Rundown for you! VeggieTales is the theme of the week and we couldn’t be more excited. For some of you guys I realize this means absolutely nothing, and for others it will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane filled with quirky characters and silly songs (with Larry). Regardless of if you are a diehard fan or totally oblivious, it will still be a great week filled with some really good workouts and the start of a new cycle for us here at CrossFit simplicity. We saw some amazing results and tons of P ours last cycle so we are really excited to get this one started and excited that it falls right here in the new year when motivation is arguably the most high. So, let’s check out a couple announcements and then dive right in!

  • Bring A Friend Day: our next BAFD with DJ-LA will be January 23rd at 9 AM so mark your calendar‘s and spread the word!
  • Goal Board: we are going to be redoing the goal board in the gym so be thinking about some measurable and attainable goals for 2021!
  • 15 Days for $15: Welcome all our new friends! We’ll be doing our drawings for a free month soon!

Monday: The Next Level programming will be kicking off the week with “VeggieTales” in keeping with the theme but classes will have hero workout “McGhee” today. This one is a 30 minute AMRAP of deadlifts, push-ups, and box jumps. It’s definitely going to be tough but in general it’s a really great piece with lots of variance, strength work, and conditioning! We are looking for about 15 rounds here so understand that the pace should be pretty moderate and steady throughout. Find a pace you can maintain across rounds and avoid going to failure on deadlifts or push-ups. Hero workouts are a really great mental test so push yourself to stay moving the entire 30 minutes! Make sure the deadlift isn’t over 70% of your one rep max and should be something you can do unbroken or in a couple sets. Obviously we want to break up our push-ups early so we don’t go to failure and work to maintain a steady pace and get your breathing back under control during your box jumps. This is a great piece to start the week so hit it hard and have fun! Easy day!

Tuesday: We have A truly epic Tuesday for you guys here with this one. First we are going to kick things off with a fun touch-n-go power clean session. You’ll have to work to a heavy set of five touch and go reps in five sets. You’ll do one set every two minutes and record your last weight or your heaviest unbroken set. It’s going to be important here to maintain good form, keep those knuckles down, and really explode off the thigh and get a fast turnover, pulling yourself under the bar! You can return the bar to your hip and kind of reset your position but these reps need to be unbroken so don’t drop that bar. After this we have a short little piece that is pretty fitting for “Bob the Tomato!” If you know who Bob the Tomato is you’ll appreciate the use of wallballs in this workout as he looks pretty similar to one himself! Today you have three sets/rounds. Each one consisting of 30 wallballs, 20 wallballs, and 10 wallballs…The kicker here is that the weight increases for each set. You’ll try to complete this wallball ladder as fast as possible and then have three minutes of rest before doing it again. Three times total. The stimulus today should definitely be high intensity and lots of effort. Push the pace! This should be a pace that you would not be able to maintain if you were not given that three minute rest after each round. Remember to keep a good bottom position and make sure you’re going below parallel in your squats. Good stuff!

Wednesday: Next on the list to make their VeggieTales debut is another classic staple: Larry the Cucumber! This is going to be a fun piece a day with lots of rowing and front rack dumbbell lunges. You’ll have two rounds and a three minute rest between each one. The reps gradually decrease throughout the round for your row calories but every set of calories is anchored by 50 foot lunge. We’ve been working a lot of these dumbbell front rack lunges in preparation for the Open coming up in March so stay committed and know that this hard work is going to pay off. The pace should be moderate to high here throughout the entire workout but this is a very leg heavy day so make sure you manage the row correctly so that you can complete the lunges unbroken. It’s also a good idea today to move around a little bit during the rest so that you can flush your legs before the next round! Consistent round times is really the key here today so try to push the pace on that second round. After this will have a little accessory work with some dumbbell bench presses and strict pull ups!

Thursday: It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…one rep max snatch! We know they can kind of be a love-hate relationship with this Olympic lift so we hope you guys aren’t dreading this too much today. I will say this though, the tougher the movement is the more rewarding it is when you finally reach the technical proficiency or achieve a PR. If today’s not your day then just focus on working on technique and improving this lift. If you are feeling good today then really go for it! After this we have “Junior Asparagus.” This one is going to be five rounds of 21 pull-ups, 15 bar facing burpees, and 9 shoulder to overhead. This will be pretty taxing on the shoulders so try to break things up a little bit and not blow up too early in the first couple rounds. We want you to be able to complete the pull ups in one to three sets, maintain a steady state on the bar facing burpees, and then make sure you select the weight that you can go unbroken on your sets of shoulder to overhead. We are looking for about a three minute round here so scale accordingly.

Friday: “Oh Where is my Hairbrush” will be on the menu today. This one is a bit more of a relaxed piece with some pretty steady state conditioning and a little bit of bodyweight movements thrown in. You’ll have your option of running, rowing, and riding today as you work for 25 minutes. The catch here is that every 400m you’ll have to stop and complete either 21 push-ups, 21 sit ups, or 21 air squats according to what round you are on. This will be a nice smooth pace we will try to keep today as we build a little bit of aerobic capacity. If you’re feeling a little beat up and use this as a chance for some active recovery!

Saturday: We have got a really cool partner workout for you guys today called “Madame Blueberry.” This one is filled with dumbbell snatches, handstand push-ups, and power cleans! This will be a fast pace workout where you and your partner will be grinding through short little four minute AMRAPs anchored with some rest in between. Because the AMRAPs are short and you get a rest, you want to push the pace hard with your partner. You guys will alternate completing each movement but you both work at the same time today. This means you cannot advance to the next movement until your partner is finished with the movement they are on. Because of this you may find you get a little bit of rest while your partner is working but the intensity should still be very high! Have fun with this one today and remember to motivate and encourage your partner!

       It’s definitely going to be another amazing week here at CrossFit Simplicity! We know this weeks programming will “produce” some good results and offer some rewarding challenges. If you’re not into the VeggieTales theme just hang in there and we will have something totally different next week. Regardless, let’s try to stay extremely consistent as we start out this new year and this new week. Be thinking about some good measurable and obtainable goals that you can put on our whiteboard for 2021. Having some goals that you can walk in and see every day is actually proven to help you be more consistent and have a better chance of actually reaching those goals you set for yourself. Now enjoy the rest of your weekend and we can’t wait to see you all in class!