CFS Weekly Rundown (10/16-10/21)

Hey guys,

It’s Sunday and it’s time for another Crossfit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have lots of details to cover in this Rundown so it’s going to be shorter in some areas and longer in others. I’m going to try to dive right into this thing so that you guys can focus on reading what’s most important… Everything below!

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     We are now officially done with Phase I of the NBD programming and will deload this week before moving into Phase II. Our deload this week will look similar to our other deloads – a decrease in strength volume and intensity and more low intensity conditioning work to get the body feeling right to hit Week 1 of Phase II hard. The general layout for the week is:

Monday – Snatch EMOM, low intensity machine circuit

Tuesday – Back Squat EMOM, Engine EMOM conditioning

Wednesday – Aerobic Wednesday

Thursday – Push Press + Bench Press EMOM, metcon

Friday – Clean and Jerk EMOM, low intensity body-weight circuit

Saturday – Deadlift EMOM, partner metcon

Phase II Overview:

Phase II is 9 weeks and lines up well with the upcoming holiday season. We are going to run for 5 weeks straight, deload week 6 (week of thanksgiving), then finish out the rest of the phase and hit another deload the week of Christmas. The weekly plan for the first 6 weeks look like:

Snatch + Snatch Deadlift


Optional: Grunt/Grip Circuit


Back Squat + Front Squat

Skills Circuit: Wall Balls, Rope Climbs, Double Unders

Optional Bodybuilding: Lower Body

Aerobic Wednesday


Shoulder Press + Bench Press

Gymnastics Circuits: Handstand Push-up and Pull-ups

Optional Bodybuilding: Upper Body Pressing


Clean and Jerk

Partner/Team Metcon

Optional Accessories: Hip/Knee/Ankle


Optional Bodybuilding: Upper Body Pulling + Arms


Low Intensity Session

     For this strength block, we are going to build to a test week during Week 5 in which we test our 1RM for Snatch, Back Squat, Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, and Clean and Jerk.

     Our conditioning intensity is going to be adjusted a bit. We are still rotating between high and low intensity days (MWFS are higher intensity, TuThuSun are lower intensity). However, as you’ll see, Monday is no longer a single-machine interval workout but instead will now be a “traditional” CrossFit metcon. Similarly, our Friday metcon is no longer capped at Z3 or Z4 and is now a 20-30 minute partner or team metcon. We’ve also moved the EMOM to Saturday to allow ample time to set up equipment, prep the body for the demands of multiple movements, and hit some longer pieces.

     Our skills are now circuit-style. On Tuesdays, we will run a Rope Climb, Wall Ball, and Double Under complex that rotates emphasis each week (strength, reps, and max). On Thursdays, we have EMOM-style gymnastics circuits that combine core, muscle-fatigue, and gymnastics. For those who are looking to continue developing gymnastics skills, we have optional Bar Muscle-Up and TTB progression programmed after class.

     *The optional work after class is highly encouraged. We have some excellent bodybuilding and accessory circuits for those looking to develop a bit more strength and mobility. These should be no more than 15 minutes of work (with the exception of Saturday) for those who are able to stay after class.

     **As always, our programming is only effective if you put in the work. If you show up consistently and take care of your body outside of the gym (eat right, sleep well, etc.), you will see tremendous results in the gym. There are 24 hours in a day and NBD programming only takes up one of those. What you choose to do with the other 23 is up to you!

That’s all we’ve got for this week’s CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! You all have been crushing it lately, so keep up the good work. We are so happy with the progress and results. You guys are seeing on your skills work as well as your strength and conditioning. Definitely a testament to your dedication. Remember to take care of yourself outside of the gym so we can get the most out of our time in the gym! Now enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can roll into this deload week ready to go. See you all in class!