CFS Weekly Rundown (10/22-10/27)

Hey guys,
What a week we have in store; All culminating to Saturday and our first ever in-house competition! We are so excited about the CFS Halloween House Party and we have an excellent week of programming leading up to it! Before we dive in here are a few announcements:

  • Halloween House Party this Saturday the 27th. Athlete check in begins at 7:45, heats start at 8:30
  • Comp is open to everyone to come spectate and cheer on your friends! Heats should move quickly so they’ll be plenty of action!
  • Stay after for food and fun! Free for competitors, or a small donation for spectators.
  • There will be NO 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes Friday as we prep the gym for the next days event!
  • Saturday night after the competition Holt and Michelle will be having a get together at there house for everyone at CFS!  Word on the street is that there will be plenty of Miller Lite provided but feel free to byob and be safe!

Monday: Love to start the week with a heavy day. Sometimes we don’t have the best eating habits over the weekend and can feel a little sluggish on Monday. No better way to knock off the dust then with some lifting! Monday’s theme will be overhead movements so make sure you warm up the shoulders for some snatch balance and overhead squats!

Tuesday: By now we are rolling with the week and it’s time to get in a sweat! This one will do it! We have a 10min E2MOM with some running and barbell cycling. These are a tough combo so remember to breathe during your barbell work! Right after this we’ll move into another E2MOM with some rowing and Toes-to-Bar. This is a great combo so push yourself on this one and work on pulling the bar to your waist as you raise your feet.

Wednesday: Today is so good! This one is going to hurt if we hit it right but that’s what we want..that’s stimulus! So here’s he scoop: 100 box jump overs…but every min…including the very first have to knock out 5 deadlifts. The key to this is to stay moving. Stay moving! Get back on that bar at the top of the min so you have allll the time you can for the box jump overs! Breathe. Move.

Thursday: Just another great workout here. If you can’t tell, this is a solid week! This one is short but sweet! A 12min AMRAP with (admittedly) my least favorite movement: dumbbell box step overs…tough! This is a fun one that will incorporate the DBs again like last week. Don’t miss it!

Friday: “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too, Thursday I don’t care bout you, it’s Friday I’m in love” ~The Cure
Friday is looking’re going to love it! This one has a little buy-in/buy-out so get ready to open and close with some cals on the rower/bike. The meat of this calorie sandwich is a good 3 rounder with some pulling and double unders. All around a great cap to a great week!
(NO 5:30pm, 6:30pm Friday)

Saturday: CFS Halloween House Party! Action starts at 9am (athlete check in at 7:45am). So come for all the action and stay for all the food!

This is going to be another fantastic week at CrossFit Simplicity! The atmosphere around here has been incredible and we have a few cool surprises for you guys in the next week or two. Stay motivated, stay focused, and stay moving!