CFS Weekly Rundown (10/26-10/31)

Hey guys,

       It’s time for a little Weekly Rundown action. What could be better for a little rainy day reading material? We have an awesome week coming up for you guys here at CrossFit Simplicity. As we mentioned last week we are going to be making a couple slight changes to the programming beginning on Monday. We will now be seeing more days that have a strength component as well as some conditioning towards the end of class. We think this is going to be a really big improvement and a more affective use of our class time. Our hope is that this continues to help develop your fitness across all areas. And it’s going to be a lot more fun! So, without going any further, let’s go ahead and check out a few announcements and then dive right into the week!

  • CFS Winter Gear: You’ve still got today and tomorrow to submit your pre-order form for our hoodies and toboggans. Follow the link!
  • Bring A Friend Day: Save the date for our next Bring a Friend Day event with DJ-LA and all your CFS Favs November 10th at 9 AM!

Monday: I’m not sure there has been a better start to a week here at CrossFit Simplicity in our almost 4 years of our existence. We are going to be kicking off Monday with some back squats and an awesome little conditioning piece. Our back squats will be 5s today and we would like to increase the weight across all set; hopefully ending with a set of five around 85% of your one rep max. Remember to stay nice and upright in the bottom and keep a really tight midline as you drive out with your feet planted and your chest tall. After we back squat we have a piece aimed straight at the heart of our very own Jeremy Abernathy. I don’t usually like to call people out on the Rundown but I know Jeremey reads this is the biggest Superman fan I’ve ever met! “Superman” Will be a short AMRAP consisting of lightweight push presses and air squats. The reps are relatively high but so is the goal…8+ rounds. This means these movements should be light, easy, and fast! Remember to stay virtuous in your air squats and make sure that you reach full depth at the bottom and full extension at the top…Because that’s what CrossFit Simplicity members do!

Tuesday: Some have you guys will be flying high and feeling like Superman after Monday’s workout. But if double unders are your kryptonite then today will be a little challenging. “Kryptonite” is a chipper with descending reps. It will open up with a big set of double unders! These are followed by push-ups, and then finally deadlifts to round out the workout. We want to try to maintain a moderate and steady effort today and because this is a chipper style workout it will require some smart splits with your reps. We don’t want to go to failure too soon with any movement. Try to work your push-ups in small fast sets to avoid burning out and make sure you pick a weight on your deadlift that you can complete about 5 to 10 reps at a time with short breaks in between. Think somewhere around 50 to 60% of your one rep max. We want you to be able to chip away at this workout without skill or weight being a limiting factor today. This is a great push/pull workout so really have fun with it!

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday! We are going to be devoting the first part of today’s class to finding and establishing a one rep max snatch! You only have 10 minutes on this part today so think about trying to reach a heavy single in about 5-8 lifts. You should have at least one minute of rest between each lift. The goal today is to be receiving the bar in a squat. However, if you do not have the mobility a power snatch will be acceptable. After this we will have a short piece called “Livewire.” Every one and a half minutes for 10 sets you’ll have to either sprint 100m or row 125m. Each set should be a sprint but not an all out max effort sprint until maybe the last set. We want you working around 90%. Think about keeping a consistent pace but slightly building each round. Also we want you pushing through the finish and not slowing down to coast through. Whether you are running or rowing sprint right through the goal distance and then slow down. Finally after this we will have a little bit of accessory work to round out the day.

Thursday: Don’t get too worked up by today’s workout title but this one is going to be an absolute burner! “Doomsday” is going to be 5 rounds (a round every 4 minutes) of toes-to-bar, calories, wallballs, and burpees. The reps are short (12) today for each movement but so is the goal for each round so you are going to have to push yourself to maintain good intensity across each round. The goal is to finish each set in around 2 1/2 minutes but we will have a three minute time cap ensuring you get at least a minute of rest before the next round. Sets should be virtually unbroken and transitions should be very short! Scaling may be more important than usual today so that we can maintain a consistent pace and stay under that three minute time cap. The last round or two are going to get a little bit rough so try to stay strong mentally and really push yourself when it’s time to go! After the workout we will cool things off with a little bit of dumbbell accessory work to cap out the day.

Friday: We have an awesome day lined up for you guys Friday. We will kick things off a little bit of strength work in the form of some five rep strict presses. After this we have a partner workout! “Darkseid” will consist of 100 alternating dumbbell hang clean and jerks, 100 box jump overs, and then 200 feet of single arm overhead walking lunges with the same dumbbell. The cool part here is that while one person is working through the dumbbell hang clean and jerks the other person has to be hanging from a pull up bar. Similarly, while one partner is working through the box jump overs the other partner must be holding a plank on their elbows. Partners may switch as often as they like to complete the work. Finally partners will take turns completing a total of 200 feet of single arm overhead walking lunges with their dumbbell. This is going to be a pretty tough workout but it’s always better to suffer together! Really have fun with this one today and encourage your partner. Good stuff!

Saturday: Back to back partner workouts this week…Epic! Today we will be hitting “Man of Steel.” This will be rounds of row calories or running, power cleans, and jumping air squats! You will have a short rest after each round so push the pace with your partner. We want fast effort and intensity across all rounds of this workout. Keep a moderate to fast pace on the rower or run and pick a power clean weight that’s around 70% of your one rep max. We want to be hitting a single every 10 seconds or so. The jumping air squats are going to blow up the legs a little bit so at some point it’s going to just come down to getting gritty and pushing through the reps. Really give it your all today and have fun with this one.

       This Superman themed week is looking pretty awesome here at CrossFit Simplicity. We are so excited about this Mayhem programming and we know you guys are going to enjoy the slight tweaks even more! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback we have received over the past couple weeks that have been really encouraging to us. It’s always our goal to provide you guys with the most effective programming and also workouts that are fun and engaging so that you are continuously motivated to come back again and again. It’s this consistency that leads to results. We hope you guys have enjoyed reading on this rainy Sunday and we encourage you all to get plenty of rest and relaxation today so that we can hit this week hard. See you all in class!