CFS Weekly Rundown (10/5-10/10)

Hey guys,

     Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful North Carolina weekend and is getting plenty of rest, relaxation, and a little bit of sunshine! We had a good tough week last week so be sure to get in plenty of rest so we can tackle this next one with lots of vigor. Last week’s theme was Game of Thrones and like show, we weren’t happy to see it end. But we have another great week ahead with a Parks and Recreation theme that we know you will enjoy. This is going to entail lots of great variance and variety. We’ll have some longer bodyweight pieces as well as some shorter heavy workouts that will keep things interesting. Also remember to keep an eye on the Next Level programming offered in case you have a little extra time or energy some days. Now, let’s crack into this week and see what it’s all about…

  • Bring A Friend Day: These have been nothing short of amazing lately with tons of high energy and great workouts. Our next event will be THIS Saturday, October 10th at 9am. Go ahead and mark your calendars for a good time with DJ-LA and your CFS family!
  • Revival Class: Free class with Coach Hodge every Sunday at 11am for anyone in addiction recovery!

Monday: Opening up the week with none other than, “Parks and Rec.” Our theme for the week and our first condition piece. This one consists of three 5 minute AMRAPs of toes to bar and overhead squats. Each AMRAP is rounds of 8 toes to bar and 12 overhead squats. However the overhead squat weight increases each AMRAP and the overhead squat reps decrease by 4 each AMRAP. This means that in theory each AMRAP is shorter in terms of reps but more challenging in terms of weight.  This should allow you to shoot for the same number of rounds across all three AMRAPs. We would love to see three or four rounds out of you guys today so make sure you really push it and scale if necessary. We want you to be able to finish your toes to bar in two or three sets and your overhead squats unbroken. This is definitely a core endurance and grip management workout so keep that in mind when you’re deciding how to attack these reps. Have fun with this one and get after it today!

Tuesday: We have an awesome one today that’s going to blow up your back half…hamstrings, glutes, and low back! This one is a famous Andy Dwyer quote, “Everything hurts and I’m dying.” I don’t think you guys will be as dramatic today but this one will be challenging. We are going to have a descending rep workout of deadlifts and box jump overs followed by a 1:1 rest ratio. After this we have a similar piece with even less reps but a heavier weight on the deadlift and a higher height on the box jump over. This means the workout gets shorter but more challenging.  After all those deadlifts that first box jump is going to feel a little sketchy so be sure to get those feet nice and high and approach it with confidence. We want the deadlift to be something you could knock out pretty confidently but don’t go so fast that you blow your back up early and crash and burn on that second part!

Wednesday: Hump day! We have a nice one today for all you bodyweight ninjas! “Treat yo Self” is going to be heavy on the cardio and gymnastic movements…and a bit on the longer side. This one also has a really cool layout/pattern. Your first four rounds consist of a 400m run and 40 air squats, the next three rounds consist of a 300m run and 30 push-ups, and the last two rounds consist of a 200m run and 20 pull-ups! So the running is certainly a consistent theme today but your movements will change throughout the work out. This allows you to really burn these movements out and exhaust them knowing that you will not see them later in the day. Maintain a consistent pace on the run and be sure to kind of shake the arms and legs out so that you’re ready to get to work as soon as you get back to the gym. Try to go basically unbroken on the air squats, but certainly consider breaking up the push-ups and pull-ups so that you don’t go to muscle fatigue and burn out too early. Easy day!

Thursday: We have a very cool aerobic piece for you guys today. You’ll be able to pick between a run, row, or bike and you’ll be on that for 35 minutes. What’s going to change about today’s workout is the pace! We’ll start out with an easy warm-up pace and then begin some intervals that vary in time and intensity! This will be a fun way to keep the workout interesting and effective! This will also be a great active recovery piece if you’re feeling beat up from earlier in the week!

Friday: Benchmark day! (Kinda) Today we have “Jackie”, a rest, then “Steroid Jackie” right after. This is going to be tough for sure. Jackie is a benchmark work out that we’ve done in the past so you may have a target time already and the board. However, do be mindful that after that 1:1 rest you’ll have to hit steroid Jackie. Traditional Jackie is a 1K Row, 50 empty barbell thrusters, and 30 pull-ups. Steroid Jackie will be completed in reverse but will have chest to bar pull-ups, 75/55lb thrusters, and finally a 1k row. Be sure to pay attention to the time goals and time caps today while preparing for this one and make sure we do our best to scale to stay within both. Today’s going to be pretty intense so buckle up! If you haven’t hit Jackie in a while I don’t think it’s far-fetched to go for a PR on part one and see what you can do!

Saturday: Bring A Friend Day! It’s that time of the month where we open the doors to all your friends and family to experience just what CrossFit Simplicity and this amazing community are all about! We have a really cool three-part workout today for you guys that’s going to be a variation of our regular programming. This one is called “Ron Swanson” and like the man himself…It’s legit! Spread the word and we hope you all can join us and DJ-LA for an awesome event!

      We have another awesome week ahead for you guys here at CFS! If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan (or just a fan of good fitness) you’ll love these workouts we have lined up. We are going to have tons of variety, benchmark workout, and we are going to wrap it all up with a Bring a Friend Day for the ages! I want to once again just take a moment to pause and ask you guys to reflect on just how great you guys have made this community. The atmosphere of motivation and encouragement in the gym has been next level lately and we want you guys to keep it up. Stay consistent and keep showing up with a positive attitude and we’ll crush another week together! See you all in class…