CFS Weekly Rundown (11/1-11/6)

Hey guys,

       It’s a bit of a chilly Sunday here in Beautiful Burlington North Carolina, but we hope we can warm your hearts with another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! I always loves these Rundowns that take us into a new month. We are kicking off November this week and moving one step closer to a new year. Moving into a new month is always a great time to renew your motivation and re-commit yourself to your goals. A great goal this month would simply be reaching 20 class visits and making it on our Committee Club board! If you’re on the board then it’s guaranteed you’re getting closer to your other goals! We have a great week, full of some really awesome workouts that will definitely get you there. So let’s check out a couple announcements and then get right to it!

  • Strength Cycle: We are in week five of our current strength cycle. This cycle will finish up the week of November 8th and we will take a two week break and prepare for the new cycle starting November 29th!
  • New Shirts: we have some new CrossFit shirts on the way but due to some inventory issues things are a little backed up. Please be patient with us but get excited!

Monday: Week five of our strength cycle is going to start off with a little complex consisting of one snatch push press and one overhead squat. This is building on some overhead work we have done the past few weeks and we want you guys to try to go heavy today while still maintaining proper form and position. Remember to keep those shoulders active and press up on the bar. We have a sports theme this week and fitting enough we are kicking off the week with a little workout called “Atlanta Braves!” This workout is possibly the definition of simple, yet effective. Literally all you have today is five minutes to establish max calories on the assault bike or echo bike. Stimulus is going to be moderate to high intensity today and we want constant pacing across the five minutes. This will be a mental test for you guys where your grit and perseverance will be pushed to the max! This is not the kind of workout where you want to come out too hot. More like a slow burning flame but the last 60 seconds or so make sure you are ramping up the pace until the fire burns out!

Tuesday: Today we’ll have a three position power clean. We will be working from the ground up today meaning your first rip will be from the floor, then from below the knee, and then from the hang above the knee. Remember that on a three position complex you will not be able to drop the bar between your power cleans. Make sure you focus on that hook grip and getting a big shrug and pull with fast elbows under the bar. Be explosive! After this we will hit “Ronald Acuna Jr.” This will be a mix of rope climbs, double kettlebell front rack walking lunges, and calories on the rower. The double kettlebell lunges will heavily taxed your core more than you are expecting and will greatly affect your ability to row and rope climb when compared to being fresh. This is a sneaky and effective work out that has a little bit of everything mixed in it so have fun!

Wednesday: We are mixing things up a little bit on Wednesday and doing some conditioning first with “Dick Butkus.” This workout will consist of four sets, one every six minutes, of a run, pull ups, handstand push-ups, and then another run. Who wants a moderate to high intensity on this work out but also be mindful that there is some potential for burn out on the pull ups and handstand push-ups. Anytime we do a workout like this you want to use your first set as a tester and then adjust to stay consistent or slightly better as the rounds go on. Total pull ups today will be 80 which is on the high side so be sure to scale this back if necessary. Same with the handstand push-ups as these movements can fade quickly and we want to keep the intensity high. After this we will have a little bit of accessory work with some single leg dumbbell Romanian deadlifts Good stuff!

Thursday: We have some great Olympic lifting work for you guys today and we want you to be mindful of the percentages that are prescribed. First we will be hitting five snatches in the form of singles. They should be between 60 and 75% of your one rep max snatch. After this we will roll directly into the same thing, with the same percentages, on your clean and jerk. Both these movements will be a squat today. If you don’t have a one rep max simply use this time as good technique work and stay light. Next we are going to hit an old CrossFit classic! This will be workout 12.1 from the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. A seven minute AMRAP of burpees to a 6in target. This workout is so simple and effective that it will always satisfy you no matter what shape you are in. In case he needs to stay moderate while giving a burst in the last minute with whatever’s left in the tank. Kind of like Monday’s workout you guys should aim for a set amount of burpees on the minute and see if you can hold that all the way through. Keep pushing!

Friday: We have a good piece today with “Randy Moss.” This is going to be two 8 minute AMRAPs with a 5 minute rest between each. The rep scheme will be the same in each: 3, 6, 9, 12….. but the movements will change a little bit. The first workout will be double dumbbell push presses with 10 box jump overs after each set of push press. Remember that the push press reps are going up by three each round. The second workout will be box jump overs with 10 double dumbbell power cleans after each set of box jump overs. Remember that the box jump overs are increasing by three reps per round. Both of these are going to be great workouts where the intensity should be moderately high. The weight is moderate and the height on the box should be doable for close to unbroken/non-stop sets. All the movements work hand-in-hand on taxing the body and making the subsequent exercise harder than it should be. That is why we must scale accordingly to keep you guys flowing through the workout! Preserving the stimulus is always the goal.

Saturday: Saturday at Simplicity means it’s time for a partner workout! We have a really cool for round work out today of double unders, overhead squats, (more) double unders, and toes to bar! You guys will be able to split reps between yourselves however you would like as long as you work through the movements in order. This workout is sort of a high skilled moderate pacing grind that will tax your shoulder stamina and grip strength! As always be sure to scale your reps and movements so that you can keep flowing through the work out without a ton of hiccups. Make sure you encourage and motivate your partner and just have fun! Easy day!

       That’s all we’ve got for this weeks Rundown! Obviously it’s looking like an excellent week with lots of variety and solid work so make sure you get in here consistently and let’s start off the month of November on the right foot! I would like to take just a minute now in closing and just share with you guys some thoughts and a few things that have been on my heart. I just really want to express my gratitude for this community and for our coaches. Just like life, this gym has been through all sorts of seasons over the past five years and I have as well. Often times it seems they coincide. There’s certainly been highs and lows, easy times and struggles, but one thing that’s been constant throughout everything is the support and understanding from you guys, and the hard work and dedication from our coaches. You guys deserve the best possible experience here at CrossFit Simplicity and I hope that in this next season that is exactly what you will get! Thank you again for always showing up, loving, and supporting one another…And me as well. I know many of you won’t make it this far down in the Rundown so for the few that have, thanks! Let’s have a great week! See you all in class…