CFS Weekly Rundown (12/10-12/15)

Hey guys,

        Great work last week! It looks like everyone is having a great time taking on these “25 Days of Christmas” workouts which is awesome! If you miss a couple of these or you are feeling really sore and need a break then don’t sweat it. But remember when you do hit them that you need to keep the intensity really high…that’s how we’ll get the desired stimulus.

  • Open Gym is ON today from 3-5pm!
  • There will be NO AM classes Monday (12/10) and likely no 12pm class so monitor your email and SMS messaging from us before you head this way!

Monday: (Right now it looks like we’ll be closed least the first half of the day…but) We are starting off the week here with a single movement workout…the DB snatch. Be mindful here to bend the knees and lower the hips in the start position of this movement to save your back. Keeping the hips high will use mostly your lower back and hamstrings to move the DB…you might not like the feeling Tuesday! Stay moving on this one and find a way to break reps up mentally.

Tuesday: The day of the overhead squat! I know for some of us this is dreaded movement because of the amount of mobility required to get into a good overhead position. However, the best way to improve this is to get under a bar and work in the position. We’ll start with some heavy OHS work then get into a metcon using the same movement…and some rope climbs!

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday! The sumo deadlift is on the menu today! We’ll be going to a heavy set of 3. After this we’ll get in some heavy Russian kettlebell swings for some good accessory work!

Thursday: RETEST! This is one we hit back on June 18th. It was tough then, it’ll be tough now. But definitely try to push yourself on this one and see how you’ve improved. This one has burpee pull-ups which can be a little tedious. The key is to set a smooth steady pace and try to stick with it. We will have moderately heavy power cleans between these! Good day!

Friday: We have a bit of a burner for you today! This one is short and fast. Hang power cleans and push jerks…but not together! The weight is on the moderate side today so most of us will be breaking things up here. Try to stay moving! It will help to keep the knuckles down on the hang power cleans and remember to use your legs and push under the bar to save your shoulders on the jerks.

Saturday: Mixing things up again this Saturday with a little Hero WOD! This will definitely be a good one and we’ll still give you the option to go partner if you’d like…that’s all we are going to say…

Another great week ahead. I know we always say that but it’s true! It’s a gift to be able to come in here and workout like we do week in and week out and enjoy each other’s company on top of that! Stay focused on your goals, stay positive, and stay committed! I know the weather is a downer but try not to sweat it if you miss a class or two..sometimes the extra rest is good! See you in class!