CFS Weekly Rundown (2/8-2/13)

34-30 Buccaneers

Hey guys,

       Big day today! I know everyone is excited for Rundown Sunday so we’ll jump right in! Wait…no? Something else? Ahh, yes…Super Bowl Sunday! I guess that has an element of excitement as well. Either way let’s jump right into things today so you can either get to watching the big game or planning your workout strategy for the upcoming week. We have a really cool Looney Tunes theme this week and some great workouts that should keep us entertained. There’s a lot going on at the gym right now so be sure to read the announcements thoroughly so that you don’t miss out on anything we have coming up this month like our next Bring a Friend Day or the rowing cycle we have started. It’s important to continue to stay engaged and as involved as possible so that we can get in here consistently and get those results. More than any workout theme of the week we always want to stress you guys that consistency is key and is the underlying theme of achieving your goals in the gym. So let’s dive into these workouts and kick this Sunday off right!

  • Bring A Friend Day/CFS Anniversary: Next Monday, February 15th, will be the four year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity! Our next Bring a Friend Day on February 27th will be a special one to celebrate four years of this awesome community. Save the date and spread the word!
  • Rowing Cycle: Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to throw some extra rowing work into your weeks and PR your 2K row at the culmination of the cycle. Remember To get in your six minute row distance test this week and then to scroll down in Wodify every Friday for the corresponding workouts. We will post these on Sunday as well in case you miss them in the system.

Monday: We are going to kick things off with this week’s name sake, “Looney Tunes!” This one is definitely going to get silly so buckle up. You have six rounds of some double dumbbell power cleans, double dumbbell push presses, and abmat sit ups. The stimulus will be moderate to high intensity today on the dumbbell movements but just try to keep a steady pace on the sit ups to recover your breathing. Really try to use the clock as a pace setter and try to keep consistent rounds throughout. For the double dumbbell power cleans one head of each dumbbell must make contact with the floor at the bottom. The rep will finish when one head from each dumbbell comes up and contacts the top of your shoulders like the front rack position of a clean. The weight should be light enough where you’re able to go unbroken for a majority of the rounds. As a strategy I would recommend hitting all but one rep, resting the dumbbells on the ground for a bit, and then doing your last rep of the power cleans and transitioning straight into the push press. This will be the most efficient method so that you are not completing extra power clean reps to get to your push press. Make sure you stay breathing and moving throughout this work out and really see what you can do on that last round!

Tuesday: Snatches and Bugs Bunny… What a day! We are kicking things off with a nice little snatch complex to get in some technique and strength work with this lift. The complex will consist of one power snatch, one hang snatch, and one snatch. You may complete these as singles where you dropped a bar after every rep or touch-n-go. We will be working up to 75% today but if you don’t have a one rep max snatch established then just work to a comfortable moderate weight. Make sure you focus on a smooth pull, keeping your chest up, and finishing at the top with triple extensions before dropping under the bar. Notice that only one of these reps today will be caught above parallel (power), the last two reps will be caught in a full squat snatch. After this “Bugs Bunny” will be a really cool 10 minute AMRAP consisting of wallballs and toes to bar. Every round you’ll have to complete 15 wallballs, however the toes to bar will increase by five reps (starting at 5) every round until the time runs out. Wallballs should be something you can complete in 1 to 2 sets and we would suggest going for short sets early on the toes to bar so that you do not burn out. During the warm-up really focus on working that kip swing to find the correct timing so that you can string those toes to bar together. If these give you trouble we will move to a simpler variation so that we can keep things moving. We want to work hard the entirety of the 10 minutes. Easy day!

Wednesday: Another iconic Looney Tunes character is in the lineup today! “Porky Pig” is going to be a really awesome chipper/pyramid style workout with lots of pulling, pushing, and conditioning! Really like this one because of the variety of movements we will see today which should offer everyone with at least one movement in their wheelhouse and one movement they need to work on. We will begin and end the workout with a row but in between we will have lots of double unders, handstand push-ups, and deadlifts to keep things interesting. You want to approach this workout with a planned intensity for each movement based on your individual strengths. The high reps, high skilled movements, and heavy weight are going to make this a nasty little chipper. Try to except the fact that you are in it for the long-haul and enjoy the ride! You may want to think about breaking up the handstand push-ups a little earlier than normal since you’ll see these twice in this workout. Same thing for the double unders as they will appear in between every movement today. The deadlift weight should be something that allows you to complete five reps at a time. Think around 70% of your one rep max. It should be comfortably challenging. As a matter fact this whole workout is going to be comfortably challenging so get your mind right and let’s crush it!

Thursday: Breaking out a great clean complex today. These are a favorite of mine because they teach and encourage good technique and building solid positions working from the top down (after our initial power clean). We will start things off with a power clean from the floor which is something most of us are comfortable with and enjoy. However after this each clean in the complex will be received below parallel in a full squat. After your initial power clean from the floor you will have one hang clean from just below the knee and then one full squat clean from the floor. Establishing this hang clean first allows us to focus on our positions and make sure we are pulling back up and coming in contact with the thigh as we get a good hip opening. You may drop the bar between reps today if you need to re-grip. And speaking of grip, after this we will blow it out with a little work out called “Elmer Fudd.” This will be six rounds, each in the form of a two minute AMRAP where you will have to knock out a set number of calories and then a max distance farmer carry in the remaining time. You’re score today for each round will be the distance you carry. Every 5 foot counting as a rep. You will need to push the pace to get those calories knocked out and then quickly transition to your kettlebells or dumbbells for your farmer carry. Good stuff!

Friday: I’ll be honest…Daffy Duck was never my favorite Looney Tunes character and today I see why. “Daffy Duck” will consist of 21-15-9 overhead squats and chest to bar pull-ups. But if that’s not tough enough, after this will rest five minutes and then hit one straight chipper of 45 overhead squats and 45 chest to bar pull-ups. The exact same number of reps, just packaged differently. It’s going to be a pretty intense work out and we want to push to go unbroken on the bar bill for work out number one and then just focus on chipping away with big sets for the second workout. This is definitely a strong gymnastic type workout that’s going to test your grip on the bar and ability to string together pull-ups efficiently. Be sure to listen to your body and break things up sooner than you think. You have 90 reps total for each movement so scale the weight and the actual movements accordingly to maintain intensity and to be safe on your bodies. After this we are going to get in a little bit of fun accessory work in the form of a little pump session! Great way to kick off the weekend!

Saturday: It’s no secret that we love Saturdays and we love partner workouts! Today is going to be awesome for you guys. You and your partner will be working through a 12 minute AMRAP…Twice! Though there will be a six minute rest in between each AMRAP. The AMRAPs are identical and consist of double unders, wallballs, and rope climbs. If you finish all this in the allotted time you’ll be doing max burpee box jump overs with your partner. There’s a little catch to today’s workout though. You and your partner can switch in or out at any time but you must perform a set number of calories before you can switch back in and help your partner! This is going to definitely add an element of strategy so be sure to listen to your coach at the whiteboard! Epic day!

       We hope you guys have enjoyed this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown and as always, thanks for tuning in! I never tire of saying just how great of a week it’s going to be at CrossFit Simplicity and to this day I have yet to be let down. We really do have an awesome week with some great workouts in store for you all. Drive and motivation inside the gym have been next level lately and we want to encourage you all to keep it up and never lose focus of getting in here consistently. That’s key! Don’t forget to ask your coach about the details of the new row cycle we are running and maybe make a little extra time once a week to hit the corresponding workout and it will definitely pay off for our 2K row test in 10 weeks. As I mentioned earlier we are just one week away from celebrating our four year anniversary here at the gym and we are so excited to do that with each and everyone of you that make up this amazing community. It’s always a great time to reflect on what we have all built here together and to celebrate our fitness and our friendship. We hope you all can make our February 27th Bring A Friend Day! Now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have fun watching another episode of sports! Go Bucs!