CFS Weekly Rundown (3/18-3/23)

Hey guys,

      It’s a gorgeous Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina and we are buzzin here at CrossFit Simplicity! The CFS Weekly Rundown is LIVE today and we have lots of great things to talk about regarding the 2024 CrossFit Open! You all KILLED IT! I cannot express enough just how proud I am of each and every one of you guys. I don’t know (I actually DO know) that I have never been a part of a gym, any year, that has performed so well collectively as you all have! It has been amazing to watch and has been a huge testament to the dedication and commitment that you all have shown to the programming and to your own personal goals and fitness. As a gym we have had a huge turnout in terms of sign ups and a huge showing as far as performance.  I believe we’ll finish out this season in a higher affiliate ranking than ever before.  On top off this, we are looking at an unusually large number of you all that will be qualifying and moving on to the Quarter Finals! So congrats to you all on that achievement. Now let’s give one more CFS shout out to the NBD guys for the phenomenal programming! These guys have been thoughtfully putting out programming that has gotten us more than equipped for what the Open threw at us and it really showed. Thank you guys for all your hard work.  And thank YOU CFS Family for trusting us with this programming change. Big pats on the back all around!

  • Grill and Chill: THANK YOU Matthew Deans for smoking some absolutely amazing chicken wings!! Thank you Kelly for organizing and bringing it together all for us, and thank YOU all for coming out! We had a great time!


Squat Snatch 2:30 on for each 1:00 to change weights @88-84-80%

Deadlift 2:30 on for each 1:00 to change weights @88-84-80%

A1.) Sled Push x50′

A2.) DB Bench x10

A3.) DB Row x10/side

A4.) DBL DB RDL x10

B1.) SB Clean to Shoulder x5

B2.) DB Z-Press x10

B3.) Banded Lat Pullover x10

B4.) DB Goblet Squat x10


10 min AMRAP (moderate effort)

4 Shuttle Runs

8/6 cal Echo

12 Line Facing Burpees

2:00 on, 5:00 off x 2 rounds


75 DU

20/16 cal Row


A. EMOM x10

1.) Bar Facing Burpees x10

2.) Back Squat x2

B. 10×3 Front Squat FT @135/95 (5 min cap)

10 min AMRAP

Thruster @95/65 x6

BJO (24/20″) x6


E3M x 4 rounds

200m Run

10/8 cal Row

25 min AMRAP

30/24 cal Row

25 Crossovers

20/16 cal Echo

15 Burpees


A. 10 min for max load

High Hang + Hang + Clean

B. 1 min AMRAP Push Jerks @155/105

-Rest 3 min-

1 min AMRAP Push Jerks @115/75

DU – 5 min EMOM 1-30 reps

Pike Pushups 5 min EMOM 1-5 reps

Butterly PU 5 min EMOM 1-10 reps


A. Bench 3×8 w/ Barbell Row 3×8

B. OHP 3×8 w/ Pull-ups 3×8

EMOM for reps x3 rounds (21 min)

1.) HSPU

2.) WB (20/14)

3.) Ring Dips

4.) Hang Cleans (135/95)


6.) WB (30/20)

7.) Squat Clean (135/95)

    Well, that’s all we’ve got for this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Sorry for the lateness of the Rundown but I hope it finds everyone well this evening. We have an excellent week ahead of us here at the gym with lots of great programming to get the heart and muscles pumping so get excited! I hope everyone had an excellent weekend and got plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!