CFS Weekly Rundown (11/27-12/2)

Hey guys,

      Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to kick the new week off with another addition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! This week we will close out November and open up a new month, December! This is always an exciting time of year around the gym. We are also going into our deload week and giving our bodies a chance to recover with some lower intensity work. Then we’ll ramp back up until Christmas! You all have been doing an amazing job with phase 2 of this program, and we have been seeing so much progress in many areas. We also had tons of lifting PRs last week which was awesome! Keep up the good work as we head into the holidays and wrap up this phase. We have lots of great work in store for this week and a few announcements, so let’s dive in!

  • Christmas Cheer: As is our tradition, we will be sponsoring a local family for Christmas Cheer again this year! Be on the lookout for our Christmas tree and name tags with gift items for this family. This is an awesome time for us to come together as a community and give back to those in our community who are less fortunate! Sponsoring a family is always a huge blessing to us here at the gym and makes Christmas possible for one local family!
  • Hoodies: Hoodie pre-orders are closed and we will get these ordered as soon as possible for you guys! Your card on file will be charged when the hoodies arrive.

Phase II Week 6



Snatch – 10×1 EMOM @70%


E4MOM x 5 rounds

15 GHD

15 Bar Facing Burpees

100’ DB Farmers Carry (70/50)

Goal per round: sub 2:00

Cap per round: 3:00


TTB Progression

BMU Progression




Back Squat – 8×1 EMOM @70%

Front Squat – 8×1 EMOM @70%


A.) Wall Balls (30/20) 3×20

B.) Rope Climbs 4×2

C.) Double Unders 3 min AMRAP


Aerobic Power:

3 rounds to find lowest /500m pace on Rower

Aerobic Capacity:

6 min Echo Bike (easy effort)

3 min Row (moderate effort)

1 min Ski (max effort)



Shoulder Press – 8×1 EMOM @70%

Bench Press – 8×1 EMOM @70%


EMOM x 5 rounds

  1. 5-10 Pull-ups

  2. 5-10 HSPU

  3. Rest

Clean and Jerk – 10×1 EMOM @70%


Complete for time, spit work as desired

200 Burpees

200/160 cal Row

Goal: sub 25 min

Cap: 30 min

TTB Progression
BMU Progression


Engine EMOM:

EMOM until 60 SB over Target complete

  1. 5 Shuttle Runs

  1. 5 Burpee Pull-ups

  1. Max SB Over Target (125/100, target @30/24”)

  1. 10/8 cal Echo


Machine Zone 2 Progression

      That’s all we’ve got for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. It’s definitely looking like another spectacular week at the gym. What makes it so spectacular is you all! We are so thankful that you guys have chosen us as your Fitness family. Each and everyone of you, make this community what it is! I know the holidays can be busy, but try to get in here as much as possible so we can stay on track with our programming and our goals. Once again, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas! Now get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!