CFS Weekly Rundown (9/20-9/25)

Hey guys,

       It’s Sunday…If you know, you know! It’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! If you don’t know, now you know! I’m super excited about this Rundown just because of the amazing week we had and the culmination of our strength cycle. The amount of PR’s and growth we saw over the last eight weeks is really astonishing and is such a testament to all the hard work and consistency you guys have been displaying in the gym. We’re going to be taking about a two week break and then starting our next strength cycle October 4th so get ready! Also you DC comics fans out there will be excited to hear that this weeks theme is The Suicide Squad! Last, but certainly not least, Saturday we will be having our “Fall Back Into Fitness” community event here at the gym at 10 AM so we hope you will join us. Now let’s dig into the week!

  • Fall Back Into Fitness: We are super excited about our next community event/Bring A Friend Day! THIS SATURDAY at 10am we are having “Fall Back Into Fitness” right here at CFS! DJ-LA will be here for an awesome first-time friendly workout at 10am and then we will be cooking out for you all at 11am! Invite all of your friends and let’s have an awesome event celebrating our fitness and the return of some cooler weather!
  • Strength Cycle PRs: we just wrapped up our eight week strength cycle and the results are in! It brings me great joy and pride to announce that we had 135 PR‘s this week. 135! Stop for a minute and pat yourself on the back…Then it’s back to work! New cycle starting October 4th!
  • CFS Gear: We i’ve heard you cries for more shirts and some hoodies! We are currently working with our design team to come up with a new T-shirt and hoodie design for this fall. Stay tuned!

Monday: We are kicking off the week with our theme namesake, “The Suicide Squad!” This is going to be a five round workout of double unders, GHD‘s or sit ups, and burpee bar muscle ups. Stimulus today is going to be moderate intensity. You guys are definitely going to experience some aerobic fatigue from the double unders, core fatigue from the sit ups, and then everything from the technically challenging movement of the burpee bar muscle ups. Find a pace that can be maintained throughout rounds but won’t result in missed reps on the muscle ups. Each movement should take about 60 seconds or less to complete. If you don’t have your bar muscle up today we will have plenty of scales available to you so don’t sweat it! The aim today is to work smoothly with little stoppage on reps. Easy day!

Tuesday: We have a short little burner for you guys this Tuesday. This one is called “Bloodsport” and it’s going to consist of a 400m run, calories on the assault bike and another 400m run. Stimulus is definitely high intensity today. Pacing should be aggressive and a sheer fight till the end. We want to see a foot race! Make sure your first run is at a pace that allows you to get immediately on the bike and start working when you get back inside. The second run should be as close to a sprint pace as possible that can be maintained for the entire distance. Legs will be pumped from the bike which may very well make the second run slightly awkward while regarding the legs during the initial start of the second round. You can modify the run to a row if you’re unable to run today. After this we will get in a little bit of handstand skill work! Good stuff!

Wednesday: lots of pulling for you guys on this Wednesday workout! “Amanda Waller” is going to be a two part workout with a three minute rest between each set. (Identical sets) This one is descending reps of calories on the rower and rope climbs. Stimulus today is moderate intensity across both sets. Try to maintain a pace on the rower that will allow for consistent pacing on the rope. Going to hard on the rower will affect your grip on the rope and affect your ability to effectively pull your knees up on the climbs to maximize the distance of each pull. The goal is to maintain similar or slightly faster times across sets. Remember that your first set is sort of a buffer/pacesetter while looking to beat the previous score on the second set! Remember that “knee to elbow” motion on the rope climbs so we can get up there fast and efficiently!

Thursday: Partner Thursday! Love these! “Captain Boomerang” is going to be a really cool weightlifting partner piece. You will have five rounds (each) of a clean and jerk ladder. You and your partner will use one bar with weights sit safely on the side. The partner not lifting will adjust the weights while the partner lifting rest between reps. Once the ladder is complete department who just finished lifting should reset the way back down to the start by the next partner prepares to lift. Stimulus for today’s workout is moderate to high intensity with smart, calculated rest between lifts to minimize misses an improper form. You’ll be working with increasing weight on the barbell with a total of five weight increases. The beginning weight should be around 40% and the ending weight should be something that is a comfortable, heavy weight. Transition times from wrap to wrap will get slightly slower as the weight increases. Have fun with this one!

Friday: Another partner workout?! That’s right! “Harley Quinn” is going to be a 16 minute Amrap of synchronized toes to bar and then overhead squats. Partners will work together on the toes to bar while chipping away and splitting up the overhead squats as desired. Toes to bar reps will always stay the same, 20 each round, while overhead squat reps increase by 10 as you move through the workout. You will need to start steady and conservative on the toes to bar and try to hold onto consistent reps with the overhead squats. This one is going to get grippy and also taxing on the shoulders so be prepared for that and have a game plan with your partner going into the workout that allows you to work consistently throughout the entire 16 minutes. Don’t burn your partner out but rather work together!

Saturday: Fall Back Into Fitness community event! We are super excited for this opportunity to get together and have a little bit of fun and food with all of our CFS friends and your guests! Remember that the workout will start at 10am today and will be followed by a cookout! Can’t wait to see you all there!

        That’s all we got for this weeks edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We hope you guys enjoyed the read and are as excited about this upcoming week as we are! We have a lot in store and a lot to look forward to. Once again congratulations on all of your hard work and effort over this past strength cycle. 135 individual PR‘s is no light feat and we are super proud of you guys. Enjoy these next couple weeks where we focus a little more on conditioning because we are diving right back into a new strength cycle October 4th. This is a great opportunity to reevaluate and set some new personal goals for yourself. Remember to remain consistent and show up each and every day ready to give your best effort. Now enjoy the rest of your weekend and get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can hit it hard on Monday! See you all in class.