CFS Weekly Rundown (4/11-4/16)

Hey guys,

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The release of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s Easter week here at the gym and we have lots of great workouts and bunny themes to keep your week entertaining and effective. We are on the week four of our strength cycle and you guys have been doing great. Right now the percentages are fairly like so let’s remember to stay focused on building proper form and movement patterns as things begin to get heavier in the coming weeks. Now without further delay let’s dive in and see what the week holds!

  • T-Shirts: Shirts went fast…especially larges! No fear. More are on the way…mostly larges!
  • Murph Prep Monday: From now until Memorial Day we will be programming some Murph style workouts to get you guys ready. These will be lower in volume but very similar in movements. Basically Murph packaged in some different forms.

Monday: Our first Murph prep Monday is today! We will be starting off keeping things pretty simple as far as layout. This will be a half Murph. So 800m run, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 air squats all followed by another 800m run. Stimulus should be moderate across the entire workout today. You guys need to settle in and find a comfortable pace and rep scheme to work through some reps consistently. You guys are allowed to petition the pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats in any way you would like but runs must be completed unbroken at the beginning and end of the workout. Just work smooth and be smart. We finish this up we are going to have some cool accessory work when we practice Turkish get ups!

Tuesday: We’re going to kick off the day with a little bit of snatch work. We will have three sets of two snatches at 80% of your one rep max. These are squat snatches! And will be completed as singles. After this we will get in three sets of two snap strip dad lives at 95% of your one rep max snatch. Remember to focus on form and hitting your positions through the lift. After this it’s time to see what kind of motor you guys have as we hit “Energizer Bunny.” this piece is about a straight up and awful as it gets. 100 burpee box jump overs for time. This is a retest from a few years ago and it’s a grinder. Stimulus should be moderate pacing throughout and you guys should aim to start with an intensity that you can finish with. Choose a strategy of going straight through or having planned rests if that helps!

Wednesday: Power cleans are on the menu today. Similar to the snatches yesterday we are going to start off with three sets of two at 80% of your one rep max. After this we will have three sets of two front squats at 85% of your one rep clean. Next we’ll have a fun little row piece called “Easter Bunny!” This is going to be descending sets of row calories. Between each set you’ll have just a one min rest. Stimulus is definitely moderate to high pacing on the road. Effort should be steadily increasing as the calories decrease. Use that rest to stand up for a min and shake out the arms and legs.

Thursday: We have a solid little piece today called “Rabbit.” This is going to be five rounds of calories on the assault bike, kettlebell swings, and kettlebell walking lunges. Stimulus today is moderate pacer across all rounds. You guys want to establish a pace early on and stay near consistent throughout. At the beginning of each round the bike will put you in a fatigue deficit for the swings and lunges if you don’t pace it correctly. After this we will have a little bit of accessory work in the form of some strict presses and bent over rows. Good stuff!

Friday: We are going to have a little snatch complex today consistent of two snatch grip push presses and one snatch balance. This is going to be a great chance to work on some overhead strength and positioning. Next we will have a partner workout called “Good Friday.” This is going to be a chipper of 40 GHD situps, 20 rope climbs, and 20 squat clean thrusters. You will each be responsible for the GHD situps but you will split the rope climbs and the squat clean thrusters. You guys want to paste this out a little bit at the beginning and then open the floodgates with a solid push to the finish. You guys will begin with one partner working through their 40 GHD sit ups. Once finished they may advance and start chipping away at the 20 rope climbs my partner to finish as they are GHD sit ups. When cleared they can begin helping partner one with the rope climbs. This is pretty cool layout so have fun!

Saturday: Partner Saturday! “Holy Saturday” is going to be sets of calories on the bike or rower, wallwalks, double unders, and more wallwalks and calories. Think about a pyramid with double unders in the middle. You guys will have four sets of this each (you go/I go). Meaning you’ll complete a full set and then your partner will go while you rest. They should allow you to keep a pretty high intensity when it’s your time to work! Have fun with this one and encourage your partner.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. And this is the end of our CrossFit Simplicity weekly rundown. We hope you guys enjoyed reading and have had an excellent weekend. Remember to get in here and stay consistent so that we can see some results and have a little bit of fun along the way. Can’t wait to see you all in class!