CFS Weekly Rundown (4/15-4/20)

Hey guys,

        It’s time for another epic week at CFS! The programming is looking really cool this week with some interesting pieces and a little something for everyone! Last week you all did amazing! The double-unders, and skill work in general, are going great and we’ve seen tons of improvement there. We also had an awesome Bring a Friend Day on Saturday! Thank you guys for coming out and having a great time with us. If you missed last Saturday then don’t sweat it… Our next one will be May 18 at 9am! So, without further ado let’s check out the announcements and see what this week holds…

  • There will be NO Open Gym hours this Sunday. (Easter Sunday)
  • We will have our usual Partner workout Saturday morning at 9am (4/20)
  • Be on the lookout for a new “core series” we’ll be running to get us ready for this Summer! (This is also a vital strength for success in CrossFit!)
  • Be sure to read the last paragraph to get a little “Simplicity” insight on “Rx’ing” a workout!

Monday: Starting off the week with a really fun five round workout! This one will be on the quicker side with fairly short rounds. Because this workout incorporates toes-to-bar and double unders it’s a great chance to work on those skills we’ve been practicing and put them to use in an actual workout situation. If you are just developing your double unders you might want to think about simply scaling back the number of reps for each round and trying to do these in the workout. This one will also incorporate a heavy “cluster.” As the name implies a cluster is a clean into a thruster. This means that the bar will come from the ground at the beginning of every rep. These will be a little on the heavier side but the number of reps is small each round. Don’t miss your chance to start the week off right and set the tone for the days to come!

Tuesday: Heavy Day! We love these lifting days for sure. Today the focus will be on the front squat. We will be working with some higher volume sets here as we go from 10 to 2 reps in decreasing increments of two. Because of this we should be increasing the loading across each set but remember that you will be pretty tired by the time you get into the lower rate ranges so make sure you adjust your weights accordingly to have successful and challenging sets! After this we will break things down and try to work on some rope climb skills so you may want to wear your long socks to class. 

Wednesday: What’s the opposite of “Heavy Day?” “Cardio Day” of course! And that’s what we have for half day this week. This will be a very long and aerobic piece today. This will be a 30min EMOM style workout alternating between your choice of rowing or running and a full round of Cindy. Remember that Cindy is five pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. Your row/run should take you about :45-:50 seconds and you will want to pace your round of Cindy. Quick pull-ups and push-ups but slow, deliberate air squats. This will allow you to get your heart rate down before the next row/run. This is a very challenging piece that we have actually done in the past but I don’t believe anyone has been able to finish Rx. The best options for scaling this will be to drop the calories on the rower by two or three reps or shorten the run, and to potentially shorten each movement in the round of Cindy by two or three reps. Let’s build a strong motor today and go for it!

Thursday: We have a very interesting workout for you guys today. This is really one that you’ll either love or hate… Depending on how you feel about kettlebell swings. It’s not very often that we do a sort of mono-structured workout with only one movement but today is one of those days. This will be a large set of heavy kettlebell swings. The key here…like always… Is pacing. I would suggest opening up with some bigger sets to get some reps in the bank and as you start to fatigue try to see if you can hold onto sets of 10. Another strategy might be to treat this as an EMOM to hold yourself accountable to staying on the kettlebell. Remember to chalk up, keep your chest up, and try to keep that kettlebell high and tight into your hips. Catch and throw with the hips!

Friday: Great one today! This one is going to put your legs to work in a big way. We’ll have three rounds of some high rep, moderate weight, back squats and then ring muscle-ups. The back squats should be something manageable for you, and even a weight you could potentially go unbroken on for a set or two if you’d like. If you can do ring muscle-ups then the first way to scale this workout would be to back off the total number of reps on each round. If you do not yet have your ring muscle-up we will be doing double the number of pull-ups. either way this is a great way to finish out the week and we will end the day with some lower body accessory work that we’ve been incorporating lately.

Saturday: We have a solid partner workout planned for Saturday! This one will be really cool with some movements we are all used to and one movement that may be new to some of us. We’ll have a mod/heavy deadlift, some bar facing burpees, and…over/unders! If you aren’t familiar with these you’ll have to come to class on Saturday to find out! This one will certainly be challenging with a good mixture of heavy weights and conditioning. Don’t miss it! 

     Overall we are looking at another excellent week! I know I’ve been saying this a lot in class but in case you haven’t heard: Don’t put too much pressure on Rx’ing a workout as it is written on the board. To us here at CrossFit Simplicity the true meaning of Rx is achieving the stimulus/goal for each workout no matter what scaling options that includes. If you work hard, give it your all, and come in close to that goal, then you have Rx’d the workout in our minds… And hopefully in yours! Remember that chasing that stimulus is what will eventually get you to those RX workouts. Work hard, be humble, preserve the stimulus! See you all in class this week!