CFS Weekly Rundown (5/20-5/25)

Hey guys,

      It’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s been a rainy week here in Burlington, North Carolina, but we are hoping we can get some clear skies and some strong thighs as we go into this next week of awesome programming from our NBD Fitness guys! We are in our third week of “Basecamp 2.0” and you all are crushing it so far. This is a perfect time of year to work on developing the skills we will need to become more fit and competent athletes… And to feel our best! We have a great lineup of workouts, so be sure to get in here as consistently as possible so we can get the most out of the program and our time. Now check a couple announcements and let’s dive in.

  • AMRAP For Autsim: June 15th at 9am! A4A event is just around the corner! This is a partner workout and fundraising event that we do each year at CrossFit Simplicity. Be sure to grab a friend and get signed up so we can support this great cause both locally and nationally!
  • Night at the Ball Park: We are hosting you guys for a little client appreciation night at the Burlington sock puppets on June 21st so save the date for baseball, taco bar, and fireworks!
  • Murph: Monday May 27th. Heats at 8am and 9am! Be here!
Deadlift APRE 10
Back Squat 3×5 @75%+
Strict Press 6×3 EMOM
WW, GHD 1xmax
Weakness Work
DU – 7 min EMOM, 7-15 reps per min
SHSPU – DBL KB Z Press 3×6-8
PU – Box butterfly drills 3 x 5/5/3
UB/LB/Core Accessory
2×12 all
A1.) Push Press
A3.) Ab Wheel
B1.) Pendlay Row
B2.) Back Rack Reverse Lunge
B3.) DB Side Bend
C1.) Push Up
C2.) Strict Pull-ups
C3.) Dip
C4.) DB Curl


Aerobic Prep
15 min EMOM
1.) 40 DU
2.) 4 Burpee Shuttle Runs
3.) 8 Box Stepups (24/20″)
4.) 15/12 cal Row
5.) Rest
Aerobic Power
EMOM until failure
24 DU + 6 Burpees same minute
Score total rounds + reps completed before failing to complete 30 & 10 in the same minute
Goal: 4+ rounds
Machine Progression
5 rounds
4 on, 2 off. Score avg pace per round
Run Program
3 sets
200m @RPE 7. 300m @RPE 3
no rest between sets
-Rest 5 min after set 3-
3 sets
200m @RPE 7. 300m @RPE 3
no rest between sets
Snatch Grip Sotts Press 4×3
Snatch 4×3
HSW 10×5′
PU 10×5
RC 10×1
Multiple Minute EMOM
4 rounds
1+2.) 100 ft. SB Bear Hug Carry (100/50) + 16 Ab Mat Situps
3+4.) 40′ DB Walking Lunge + 8 Burpees over DB (50/35s)
5+6.) 12/10 cal Echo + 4 D-DB Box Stepovers (50/35s)
Score for rounds completed as rx
Grunt/Grip Accessory
2 rounds, rest 3 between
A1.) Barbell Front Rack Hold x 1 min
A2.) Sled Push x50′
A3.) SB over Box (48/40″) x8
A4.) Sled Drag x50′
A5.) DBL Overhand Axel Bar Hold x 1 min
Weakness Work
2 x max unbroken. Full recovery between sets
Backpack SHSPU 3×2-8
Strict Pull-ups 7-5-3×2
Aerobic Prep
12 min EMOM
1+2.) 400m Run
3+4.) 20 Burpees
5+6) Rest
Aerobic Capacity
Echo Bike
20 min for total calories
Score total calories completed
Goal: 240/190+ calories
Machine Progression
3 rounds
6 on, 3 off. Score avg pace per round
Run Program
Rep 1 – 7 min @RPE 5
Rep 2 – 2 x 1:30 @RPE 7
Rep 3 – 4 min @ RPE 5
Rep 4 – 2 x 1 min @ RPE 9
Rep 5 – 2 min @ RPE 5
rest 3 min between reps
Front Squat 3×5 @75%+
Bench Press 6×3 EMOM
HSPU Deficit 4×4-6 up to 7″ BW, then add weight
WB 10×4 heavy
BMU EMOM x 5: 1-5 reps
Weakness Work
DU – 5 min EMOM, 7-15 reps per min
5 ct. ecc. only SHSPU 4×2 SUPERSET pike pushup 4×1-5
Butterfly PU 5 min EMOM 2-10 reps
Clean Grip Sotts Press 2×6
Tall Jerk 2×6
4×1 Squat Clean + PJ + H Sq Clean + SJ
Pause at knee + in hole on cleans, in jerk catch
10 min AMRAP
10 Box Jump overs (24/20″)
15 TTB
30 DU
Score total rounds + reps completed
Goal: 4+ rounds

     Well, that’s all we’ve got for this week’s edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! Almost here and it’s more important than ever to get in the gym and feel your best for our most active time of year. We have some awesome events coming up to strengthen our CFS community and we have some really top notch programming to strengthen us all as athletes. Be sure to stay dedicated and show up with a great attitude so that we can have some fun inside and outside of the gym this summer. Now enjoy what’s left of this weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you in class!