CFS Weekly Rundown (5/17-5/22)

Hey guys,

       It’s time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown here in beautiful Burlington North Carolina! It’s going to be a beautiful week at the gym and we have some awesome stuff in store for you guys. First let’s take a minute to congratulate all of our Elon seniors who are graduating this Friday and heading off into the world. We will miss you guys here at CrossFit Simplicity but we appreciate the time that we had and we hope you enjoyed your stay here with us. For the rest of us hanging around we are starting a new strength cycle this week! This is going to be a fun Olympic lifting cycle that’s going to have lots of complexes and variance that will keep things new and interesting. We saw so much progress and success on our last strength cycle and we are expecting even better things this time around. We will be continuing with our “Murph Prep Mondays” so make sure you get in here on those days so we are ready for Memorial Day! Lastly, the theme this week will be John Wick. Epic movie…especially if you’re a gun enthusiast. If not, still a great action flick so check it out this weekend if you have a chance. Now, let’s dive into the programming and see what we have in store!

  • New T-Shirts: we have some sick new house T-shirts showing up in time for memorial day. We will have an olive green shirt with white writing and a gray shirt with navy writing so get excited!
  • Memorial Day Murph: We Will be celebrating memorial day with our traditional hero work out, Murph! We will have a heat at 7 AM and 8:30 AM Monday the 31st!

Monday: Murph Prep Monday is going to be “John Wick.” This is going to be an awesome Murph prep workout. In reality, these are great workouts whether we are hitting Murph or not! This is going to be a big chipper style workout where each round will have descending distances/reps of running, pull ups, push-ups, and air squats. We will not quite a full Murph here but we will get a great idea of the stimulus we’ll be exposed to on Memorial Day. Pacing should be consistent and moderate throughout this workout. You want to make smart choices when breaking up the bodyweight movements and make sure to consider the total volume across the entire workout not just the round you are currently working on. Unlike having rounds of Cindy in past weeks, you will have larger chunks of each individual movement today so break things up accordingly. Have fun with this one today and don’t miss The opportunity to be prepared!

Tuesday: This will be our first day of our brand new lifting cycle so be sure to get to class today and be ready to work! We are going to hit the ground running with a little row EMOM to get the blood flowing before we begin to lift. These days will be a little tighter on time so be sure to familiarize yourself with the the workout in Wodify before you come to class and be ready to focus and transition smoothly from movement to movement. After our short row we will begin some snatch work based off of percentages. It’s important that you use and stick to these percentages based on your current one rep max and not what you would like to hit at the end of the cycle. This is very important to ensuring that we get the correct stimulus, proper work, and proper technique. After our snatches we will have some pause front squats to finish out our first day!

Wednesday: We have a big hump day planned for you guys with a great conditioning piece and a fun power clean and jerk lifting session. We will start out the day with “Excommunicado.” In this workout you’ll have six sets, one every three minutes, of calories on the assault bike, dumbbell thrusters, and burpee box jump overs! Stimulus for this workout is going to be moderate to high intensity because we want these rounds done in about a minute and a half to two minutes. You should be moving fast on the sets but have enough control over the pace to have some similar times across each round. This one is definitely going to be pretty heavy on the legs with the assault bike calories, thrusters, and burpee box jump overs. The dumbbell weight is moderate today so these should be performed unbroken. When you get to the burpee box jump overs be sure to really be deliberate and watch your feet on the box! When we are done with this don’t head out of class…There’s more! We will be grabbing our barbells and doing a fun power clean and jerk wave. This wave basically means we will be increasing in weight across our sets, then decreasing back to roughly where we started, and then increasing up through the weight again. This will be a fun and quick piece where we want to focus on crisp movement and precise form! Stay within the recommended percentages today so we can get in good working sets!

Thursday: “The Adjudicator” is going to be a quick 10 minute AMRAP to kick off the day for us this Thursday. You will have 16 alternating front rack step back lunges and 12 hang power cleans with the same bar. The weight today is light/moderate so we want you guys to stay moving. Continue to steadily breathe and be mindful of when to break. The goal here should be about one round every two minutes or less so use the clock to help you pace. After this we are jumping back into some snatch work! This will be a quick five minute EMOM where you will complete one hang squat snatch. Work up in weight but we are not looking for a max. It should be a moderate weight where you are comfortable and can stay consistent with your form. After this will have a clean complex consisting of a clean pool, a clean, and a push jerk. Same as the snatch we want to work up to a moderate/heavy weight but not a max. We want form to be smooth and consistent! This is going to be a lot to fit into class so remember to come in already familiar with what’s on the board and ready to get to work! Good stuff!

Friday: We’ll have a little break from the lifting for you guys Friday but we will have some good accessory work after we hit, “Baba Yaga.” This workout will be three rounds of a dumbbell farmer carry, GHD or abmat sit-ups, and wallballs. This workout is going to be moderate intensity but there’s going to be a lot of grit and grind involved. You’ll be tested mentally on this one with how long you’re willing to hold on during the farmer carries and how big you can go on your wallball sets so get tough today! You want to at least try to go half the distance of the farmer carry before you break And take quick short steps so that you can cover distance quickly and efficiently. Try to go big on your wallballs and make sure you pick a weight that allows you to complete at least 20 reps at a time without breaking. Have fun with this one and really push it today and after we wrap things up we will have some good push/pull accessory work! Easy day!

Saturday: It’s time for another partner Saturday at Simplicity! Today we will be hitting “Parabellum.” This will consist of multiple different AMRAPs. The first will be toes to bar and alternating dumbbell squat snatches, the second will be double unders and bar muscle ups, and the third will be calories on the bike/rower and deadlifts! This is going to be an awesome Saturday with tons of variance in different movements that’s going to really keep things interesting. You and your partner will be working somewhat at the same time during this one today so pacing may be a little different from our typical “full send” partner style pieces. Have fun and really get after it!

     That’s all we’ve got for this beautiful Sunday Rundown this week. It’s going to be an awesome week here at Simplicity as we start a new strength cycle and continue to prepare ourselves for the most epic hero workout of the year! Super proud of you guys and all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym each and every day. Continue to keep it up and stay focused on being consistent and just showing up each and every day. Your best will look different from day to day but as long as you show up and give your best effort, no matter what that means on each individual day, you will be making huge strides in the right direction! We are so grateful to have each and everyone of you here at CrossFit Simplicity and are appreciative of the part YOU play in making this wonderful community. We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and get plenty of rest, recovery, and relaxation. See you in class!