CFS Weekly Rundown (8/15-8/20)

Hey guys,

      What a beautiful sunny day here in Burlington North Carolina and time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have a great week coming up with some lots of exciting stuff happening in the gym. Not only do we have week one of our next strength cycle, but we also have a really cool Top Gun workout theme for you guys. More exciting than all of this is the fact that it’s going to be our first cool week in quite a while. Now that the temperatures are down motivation should be at an all-time high. Let’s get in here and have an excellent week with some effective training and a lot of fun!

Weightlifting: This cycle is designed to help gain strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts. We will work on Snatch (squat), Clean (squat), and Push Jerk. Through the span of 8-weeks, we will be performing sets at a set time (on the minute) to allow for adequate and consistent rest. Strength will be held to just 2-days a week with two lifts performed daily. After we finish our first lifting session, we will transition right into the next with little to no time wasted. This is designed to get good quality, high-skill lifts at moderate to heavy weights and cash out with some singular movement strength building to enhance our oly lifts. Along with 2 days of strength training, we are adding 1 day of gymnastic skill work with our primary focus on the rings (Kipping, Muscle-up transition, and Ring Dips).

– On days with the strength, we will focus on keeping the workouts shorter (under 15 minutes) to allow for more coaching time. Lifting will be on Monday (snatch) and Wednesday (clean and push jerk) for the cycle duration unless stated otherwise.

Workouts: Strength begins this week, so the days with lifting will have shorter metcons. Monday, we start with a solid 10-round workout where athletes will try and keep consistent round times. Tuesday, we have my favorite combo, Bike, and burpees, so why not make it multiple sets to see if you can hold on? For Wednesday, we have a nasty little chipper with some heavier wallballs. A long, monostructural hero workout on Thursday we’ll test your grit and grind. Friday, we end the week with some barbell cycling, double unders, and sit-ups, where our grip strength will be tested.

– For the gymnastic skill, we will focus on muscle-ups and all the movements between (kip swing, transition, ring dip, press to hold). The session will be performed after the workout and will have scaling options for all skill levels.

    Well, that’s all we got for this week’s CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. We can’t wait to get into the gym in some cooler weather and really throw down hard with you guys. Remember to stay as consistent as possible so we can see those results roll in. Also remember to get in here on our lifting days so that we can start this cycle off right and get plenty of information to build on for the next eight weeks. Now enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!