CFS Weekly Rundown (9/6-9/11)

Hey guys,

       It’s Sunday here in beautiful Burlington North Carolina and time for another look into the comings and going‘s of CrossFit Simplicity through the lens of the Weekly Rundown! We have a lot going on in September and a lot to look forward to this week. We are starting week six of our strength cycle which will be our deload week. This means we will be backing off a little bit to prepare for our test week where we will be setting a new one rep max for each lift. We also have two holidays of sorts this week. We will be starting off Labor Day Monday with a memorial workout and ending the week with a memorial workout to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. We also have a pretty cool theme this week that certainly takes me back to one of my favorite bands in the day: Third Eye Blind! If you haven’t heard of them before take some time to check out a couple top songs from the Rundown and enjoy! This is going to be an exciting week and one that you do not want to miss. Now let’s take a peek at a few announcements and then dive right in!

  • Labor Day Schedule: We will have normal hours this weekend but we will only have an 8:30 AM class on Labor Day! Enjoy your holiday and be safe!
  • Fall Back Into Fitness: Our next community event will be September 25th. This will be functioning as a community event for you all and also a Bring a Friend Day! We are calling it, “Fall Back Into Fitness” and we hope you all can make it! DJ-LA will be in the house and we hope you and your friends will stick around after class for a little cookout celebration of our community here at the gym! Look for more details in the near future!
  • 9/11: we have some really cool opportunities for you guys this Saturday. As always we will be holding a 9 AM partner work out here at the gym and this will be a memorial work out for those who lost their lives in the tragic events of 9/11. We also have a group that’s going to be heading down to Greensboro for the 9/11 Memorial stair climb. For more info on this please contact Coach Holt at 336-451-7189

Monday: We will be having one class today at 8:30am. This will be a hero work out called “13 Fallen Heroes.” This is going to be a tough one and we are going to make it into a partner workout to accommodate what will likely be a large class. This one is going to be 13 rounds of a row, strict pull-ups, and shoulder to overhead at a moderate weight. Stimulus today will be moderate intensity across the entire workout. You guys have 13 rounds which is a long haul so take it round by round and remember to hold strong throughout. This workout is a memorial workout created by the Mayhem team to honor those who recently lost their lives overseas so remember the reason I let’s have a great workout today!

Tuesday: As I mentioned above we are starting a deload week to prepare our bodies for testing next week. Today will be hitting the floor press for six sets of three at a moderate weight. Make sure loading is super manageable today and just focus on good form throughout the entire lift. After this we will be hitting “Third Eye Blind.” This is going to be a little version of a CrossFit games workout that we think you guys will enjoy. You’re basically going to have a squat clean ladder where weights increase and reps decrease every round. The kicker is that you have a 200m run before every round. Stimulus today is moderate to high intensity. Make sure you check out our suggested weight percentages so that you can stay moving and hit the goal today. Squat cleans are going to get taxing so take a few extra seconds when you get in from each run to reset and make sure you have proper form and efficiency for your lifts!

Wednesday: Kicking off weightlifting Wednesday with some back squats. As with the rest of our lifts this week these will not be super heavy so just focus on good form and moving a little weight. This is a great chance to refocus and make sure you are moving the bar correctly and hitting good depth. next we have a Third Eye Blind classic, “Semi-Charmed Life.” You guys might want something else to get you through this workout but unfortunately you’re stuck with it today! (Lame reference?) Today will be three rounds of wallballs, deficit push-ups, and single dumbbell walking lunges. You guys should find a pace that you can maintain across rounds and be considerate of how potential fatigue from the wallballs will carryover to both the push-ups and lunges. Make sure you select wallball weight that will allow you to complete the reps in 1 to 2 sets each round. The deficit push-ups will be completed with a bumper plate under each hand one under both feet. Make sure your chest makes contact with the floor before pressing up. Single dumbbell walking lunges will be performed with one dumbbell and there is no grip standard so you guys can hold the dumbbell in any fashion as long as it is shoulder height or above and one hand is always in contact with a dumbbell. Have fun with this one and go for it!

Thursday: We will be starting today with the shoulder press. This will be six sets of two at 80% and should be relatively simple to complete. After this we will hit a good little three round piece called, “Jumper.” This is one of those pieces that is extremely “simple yet effective.” Basically you will have three sets of calories on the assault bike with a 1 to 1 rest between each set. Guys will have 50 cal a ladies will have 40. Target time for these sets today is between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 minutes with a four minute cap, so intensity is going to be moderate to high. The first one is a buffer/pacesetter while the next two are your chance to see if you can maintain the fight! This is a great workout for developing mental toughness and capacity on the bike!

Friday: Deadlifts today! As with everything else this week you have six sets of two at 80%. These are still moderately heavy so maintain good form and position. We have a spicy one after this today! This one is going to get your heart, lungs, and grip burning! We have a two-part workout. The first part is three rounds of light power snatches and bar facing burpees. You have a three minute rest before you go into a quick sprint round that’s just one set of bar facing burpees and one set of squat snatches at a significantly heavier weight. We basically have two different stimuluses as well. The first one will be an aggressive high intensity pace on the bar while staying on cruise control during the burpees through the three rounds. The second workout is about staying smooth and calm on the burpees off the start and then trying to be clutch on the first snatch to set the tone and attacking throughout the rest of the snatches! Really have fun with this one today and go for it. The first power snatch weight should be light, around 40% of your one rep power snatch. The heaviest weight used for the second part should be around 80% of your one rep power snatch. Easy day!

Saturday: 9/11. Check back up in the announcements to find out details about options for today. We will be holding a 9 AM partner workout with a 9/11 memorial workout here at the gym but we also encourage you guys to group up and get to Greensboro for the memorial stair climb which will be an amazing experience had a great time of reflection! Contact Holt!

        That’s all the time we’ve got today for this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We truly hope you enjoyed today’s publication and didn’t find too many typos in the process! We actually have a really exciting week ahead of us here at the gym so we hope you guys will get in here and take part in everything that’s happening in our programming and in our community. Remember that consistency is the key to results so stay motivated and focus on showing up and doing your best one day at a time. The rest will fall into place! Now enjoy what’s left of your holiday weekend and we can’t wait to see you all in class!