CFS Weekly Rundown (10/28-11/2)

Hey guys,        It’s that time of the week where we put the past behind us and look forward to what’s ahead…the Weekly Rundown! We did an excellent job of getting in the gym and putting in good work last week. We saw some pretty tough workouts but you guys really killed it.

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/21-10/26)

Hey guys,      We have a great looking week ahead of us and we just finished up a great one too! Love seeing you guys all tackling these Open workouts so far. Everyone is really doing a good job and putting out a ton of effort. Remember these are great potential re-rest workouts for

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/14-10/19)

Hey guys,        New week, who dis? It’s the CFS Weekly Rundown…time to crack into the week and see what we have in store. We had our first week of the 2020 CrossFit Open and it went really well (so far…you can still hit it Monday if you need to submit a score).

CFS Weekly Rundown (10/7-10/12)

Hey guys, It’s time for another week and another Rundown! We actually have a pretty interesting week ahead of us with the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open… Part two? In case you guys aren’t familiar the CrossFit games has used the CrossFit Open as a qualifier for years now. For the elite athlete this