CFS Weekly Rundown (1/15-1/20)

Hey guys,

      It’s a beautiful winter Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina and it’s time for the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! I am really excited about the Rundown this week as it marks a couple of really cool transitions. We have finished Phase 2 of our NBD programming and you guys absolutely crushed it, so give yourselves a pat on the back! This means this week we are transitioning into Phase 3. This also means we are gearing up for the 2024 CrossFit Games Open season. That’s going to be the theme for Phase 3 of our programming. We are going to get you guys fully ready and confident for the Open…no matter what your experience or fitness level! We have a bit of a different layout this week in the Rundown where I want to just highlight and focus what our strategy and goals will be for this phase and we’ll get into our typical day-to-day breakdown style Rundown next week!

  • CrossFit Open: PLEASE don’t stress this! This is not a competition in the typical sense. I’m going to send out an email and probably a video elaborating on this but I just want you guys to know that everyone at the gym should sign up for the open and take part in this community event. More than a competition. It is a community gathering where we can celebrate our fitness and our friendship. As I mentioned in the previous email this will be three weeks from February 29th to March 18th. During this time, CrossFit will release one workout each week (on Thursday) and we’ll have until Monday evening to submit scores. You can hit this Friday in class, or we will come together Saturday morning, and I’ll hit it as a group! More in-depth details to come.
  • Signing up: CrossFit HQ is working to fix our affiliate in their system. As soon as this is worked out, you will be free to sign up and select CrossFit Simplicity as your Affiliate.

Phase 3 Layout:

Goals of the next phase:

Hammer the primary movements that have occurred during the Open & focus on engine in the 8-15 minute range (typical Open time range)

Monday barbell cycling emphasis- progression 8×4 E2, 9×3 E1:30, 10×2 every 1 minute. All TNG reps. Cycling through snatches, clean & jerks and thrusters.

Wednesday squat- strength focus.

Friday- skill development of key Open movements. Rotating strength, accumulation, max on WBs, deadlifts, and DB snatch.

Emoms in the prep are skill/engine development and will progress weekly.

RMU and HSW work will be optional for athletes looking to make a push for quarterfinals and beyond or master a new skill

Monday – lift + AMRAP metcon

Tuesday – prep emom + power

Wednesday – squat + chipper metcon

Thursday – prep emom + capacity

Friday – strength, accumulation, max rotation of DL, wb, db snatch + sprint metcon

Saturday – prep emom + open retest


plan for open test is:

Friday: Primer of Open movements that get announced that Thursday night, recovery type day. We will put out notes and pacing ideas/strategy for the workout.

Saturday: Test day for those who are trying to maximize it. And make Saturday morning a sick environment!

Obviously people who don’t come can just hit it Friday if needed! (Or Sunday at Open gym.)

      Well, that’s all we’ve got for this installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. I hope you guys are as excited for the Open as I am! Remember, this is not an elite/competitive athlete competition. This is a competition for everyone! Whether you have been doing CrossFit for years or this is your first week. There are scale divisions, as well as foundational divisions so that everyone can partake in the fun! You guys should feel confident and energized for this. We have been training and doing work specifically to improve your strength, skills, and aerobic capacity that you’ll need to do your best in the Open. If it’s your first time, then I’m so excited for you! It’s a great opportunity to set a baseline and have a goal to shoot for next year. The Open is also an amazing opportunity for us to figure out what our weaknesses are, and set intentional work to improve before the next open season. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and got plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery, so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!