CFS Weekly Rundown (1/24-1/29)

Hey guys,

      Having a bit of déjà vu as we crack into another chilly CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s been a bit of a snowy weekend but we hope you guys have had a good time, stayed safe, and are excited for another week here at the gym. We have some really great workouts in store for you guys and week three of our strength cycle. The theme this week will be all sorts of cool geographic wonders all over the world which should also make things a little more fun (if you’re into that Nat Geo stuff)! All in all we have a solid week ahead and great opportunities to improve and have a little fun on the way…let’s dive in!

  • CFS 5 Year Anniversary: We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity this February! We will be having a special celebration February 19th at 9 AM and some cool member appreciation stuff! We hope you all can make it!

Monday: We are starting off the week with back squats and we are bumping up the percentage a little bit from last week. We will have five sets of five at 70% of your one rep max. These will also be performed every two minutes on the minute. After this we will have the majestic “Grand Canyon!” Fortunately this work out will not be as long and as expensive as its namesake. This will be a 10 minute AMRAP of dumbbell front rack lunges, strict pull-ups, box shops, and strict handstand push-ups. Stimulus today is moderate to high intensity. We have really low reps on all these movements which means you guys can push the pace across this work out. The move it you choose should allow for consistent sets of five reps for the majority of this workout. We don’t want you having to break up you’re sets since they are so small to begin with. Keep this in mind when scaling in modify and always ask your coach if you’re unsure!

Tuesday: We’re going to swap the order today and do our conditioning first and then our lifting. We will be starting out with “Mount Everest.” Fortunately, unlike Mount Everest, no one (to our knowledge) has perished trying to tackle this workout. However, much like Everest, you will have a partner for this one! Teams of two will be starting out with a 15 minute AMRAP of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off the bike, looking for max calories. You will have a one minute rest and at the 16 minute mark you guys will have to complete 75 synchronize wallballs.  This means you will have two separate scores today. Your first score will be the number of calories you and your partner accumulate on the bike and your second score will be the time it takes you to finish your wallballs. Stimulus is pretty high intensity today. You guys will share a biking go back-and-forth every 30 seconds for 15 minutes… This is going to get spicy on the legs! After a minute rest you’ll still be feeling pretty fatigued when you go into your synchronize wallballs. Think about strategizing some smart sets here that allow you both stay moving and not this thing out. Last week we performed 15/12 calories on the minute for 10 minutes so you should aim for similar intensity and make sure you practice smooth transitions on and off the bike before the workout begins. After this we will have five sets of five strict press at 70% of your one rep max. These will also be completed every two minutes on the minute like the squats on Monday.

Wednesday: Weightlifting Wednesday is going to live up to its name today. In preparation for the open we will continue with our EMOM barbell cycling work. You will have five power clean and push jerks every minute on a minute. Remember that you want to use a weight here that is light enough to allow you to be fluent and focus on controlling the barbell and your breathing patters. We want consistent form from start to finish. When we wrap up with this we will hit “Great Barrier Reef.” This is going to be an awesome workout today with lots of pushing and pulling. You’ll have six rounds of a one minute max calorie row followed immediately by one minute of max effort push-ups and then a one minute rest. While you are going for max calories/reps on these movements you should still consider the total amount of rounds in this workout. It’s more impressive to have similar scores across rounds then wildly varying scores due to extremely high and unmaintainable effort in the early rounds and then burn out on the later rounds.

Thursday: I’m not going to lie, this workout is probably going to blow…much like the Paricutin Volcano in 1943! There will definitely be some burning legs and lungs when it’s all said and done. This one is going to be five rounds of double unders, dumbbell front squats, and burpees over the dumbbells. The stimulus today should be moderate pacing with steady effort. You guys should find a pace on all movements that can be maintained across rounds. Pushing too hard on any one movement will put you in a deficit on the other movements. It’s also important to pace the breathing with each rep on the squats and burpees to keep yourself moving. Good stuff!

Friday: We are going to start the day off with five sets of five deadlifts at 70% of your one rep max. Similar to our back squats and our strict press earlier in the week. When we clean up here we will move onto a variation of an Open workout from 2013. 13.3 will be a seven minute AMRAP of an ascending ladder of power snatches and toes to bar. Starting at 3 reps each and increasing by 3 reps every set until the time expires. If you are a CrossFit buff you will notice that we swapped out the cleaning jerks with snatches since we performed clean and jerks earlier this week. The basic goal of this workout is high intensity with a relentless attack on the barbell into smart/quick rest stops with the toes to bar. Like most ascending ladders the first few rounds will flyby and then reality hits going into the sets of 12. Stay smooth and don’t sell out too early! Easy day!

Saturday: We have a partner workout for you guys today call “Victoria Falls.” This one should be called cardio. You guys will basically be working through big sets of rowing, biking, and running. That’s about as basic as it gets. This one is definitely simple and definitely effective! Show up ready to work!

      That’s all we’ve got for this weeks edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! It’s definitely been an eventful and snowy weekend so we are excited to get in a nice full week of productive workouts. You guys remember to stay as committed as you can and you will see those results rolling in. This is also the last full week in January so make sure you get in here to get those Committed club numbers up! Now enjoy what’s left of your evening and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!