CFS Weekly Rundown (1/3-1/8)

Hey guys,

      Happy New Year! This is always an exciting edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown and one of my favorites! What an awesome and exciting time to start a new week and a new year all in one. This is a great chance to reevaluate and reset your goals and your motivation inside and outside the gym. May be a little later in the Rundown we will get into this in more depth! We have a really solid week of workouts lined up for you all with lots of variety to keep things interesting and super effective. We also have a pretty cool old testament workout theme for any theologians out there in the gym. So let’s buckle up, check out a couple announcements, and then dive right in!

  • Committed Club: The CFS Committed Club is alive and well so be sure to try your best to get 20 visits this January and get your name in the running for a sweet $50 gift card of your choosing! Hard work “paying” off inside and outside the gym!
  • CFS 5 Year Anniversary: We are quickly approaching the five year anniversary of CrossFit Simplicity this February! Be on the lookout for some details of how we will celebrate you all and this community we have created together!
  • Scaling Options: Keep in mind that we offer to default scaling options every day to help you guys pick an appropriate work out that will help you maximize the stimulus and the effectiveness of your class. The Independence option is also our masters 45+ option and the Liberty option takes out all barbells and makes four and more simple high intensity workout!
  • Weightlifting Cycle: Our next lifting cycle will begin January 10th. Until then we have some accessory lifting work most days which will take place during class. Try to stick around and hit as much of this as you can because it’s some great isolation and strength work.
  • Bring A Friend Day: Our next BAFD Will be January 15th at 9am! DJ-LA Will be in the house providing the music and setting the tone for an awesome first time friendly partner workout. Be sure to spread the word and invite your friends!

Monday: We are kicking off the week with a great piece…and maybe one that’s a little fitting for us in the CrossFit community. Many people thought Noah was crazy when he started building the ark, but then the rains came. Many people think we are crazy for doing CrossFit, but then the gains came! “Noah’s Ark” is going to be a partner workout today consisting of nothing but assault bike calories. You and your partner will work through sets of assault bike calories beginning with 50 and dropping by tens all the way to a final set of 10. Each partner is responsible for each set of assault bike calories. Your rest will be the time it takes your partner to do their set of calories. This is definitely going to be a leg burner and one that will require a little bit of strategy. Certainly don’t want to hit your first big sit too aggressive so that you only have a very short time to recover. It would be smart to start off with some moderate to high intensity on the first set or two and then really try to ramp up the pace on the last three sets. Try not to bury your partner here today either if you are an assault bike god…I know we have a few! After this we will have a little bit of upper body accessory work so stick around!

Tuesday: Today’s workout may not be your bread and butter…but could it be your manna and quail? “Manna and Quail”  Will be a two-part workout today. Both are 10 minute AMRAPs. The first one consist of rowing, handstand push-ups, and power cleans. The second workout is the same except we will sub out the handstand push-ups for toes to bar and the row for a run. Stimulus today should be moderate pacing in consideration of burnout when choosing what kind of sex you were going to do on your handstand push-ups and toes to bar. You guys should keep a steady pace on the rower, the run, and the power cleans. Work fast quick sets on the bodyweight movements. This is going to be a great piece today so go for it! After this we will get in some accessory work in the form of some pull ups and curls. Easy day!

Wednesday: this one is going to burn today, and rightfully so! “Chariots of Fire” Will be a three-part work out. Part one consists of a chipper of double dumbbell front rack walking lunges, double dumbbell deadlifts, and bar muscle ups or chest to bar pull ups. You’ll have a two minute rest before you go into a set of 100 foot double dumbbell front rack walking lunges then immediately into two rounds of double dumbbell deadlifts and five bar muscle ups or 15 chest to bar pull ups. Finally you have another two minute rest before you go into another big set of 150 foot double dumbbell front rack walking lunges and then into five rounds of double dumbbell deadlifts and two bar muscle ups for six chest to bar pull ups. This one can read a little confusing but it will make sense when you see it written out on the board. Basically you have three workouts that are identical in volume but vary in layout. You guys are going to want to strategically adjust the intensity as your lunge distance increases across rounds and reps decrease on the coupled movements…Even though the total volume stays the same on both movements in each workout. After this we will have a little bit of squat accessory work to round out the day.

Thursday: “Parting the Red Sea” is the workout today and we promise it’s not as intense as it sounds but it will be a good one! You will have five rounds today, one chip around every four minutes. Rounds will consist of wall balls, ring rows, deficit push-ups, and burpee box get overs or burpee box jump overs. If you choose the burpee box get over option it will be over a tall box but you only have five reps. burpee box jump overs will be on our standard boxes but you’ll have 10 reps every set. We were intensity to be pretty high across all rounds today. Small rep numbers combined with rest time allows for solid recovery before the next rounds. You guys should aim to keep a paste it will allow you to give a consistent effort from the first round to the last! Accessory work will be in the form of some shoulders today! Good stuff!

Friday: we have an interesting one for you guys today that we are pulling from the CrossFit Games Open! This is actually 11.1 which was also a retest in 2014 and was called 14.1. Today will be a 10 minute AMRAP of 30 double unders and 15 power snatches at a light weight. This was actually the first ever CrossFit Open workout so let’s see how far we’ve come if you’ve been in the game for a while. Stimulus is moderate to high intensity today and just hang on! This one gets grippy and will sneak up on you fast. You need to focus on controlling your breathing while keeping reps smooth. The goal should be to start and end with the same pace per round. Remember to make sure that your power snatch weight is light! Should be less than 50% of your max and movable for high consistent sets. After this we will go to some toe to bar skill work!

Saturday: You might feel like you’re facing some lions in this one, but I’d like Daniel, you won’t be alone! “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” is a partner work out today consisting of a six rounds of rowing and front squats. You may split the work anyway you would like with your partner but only one person will work at a time. The row is moderate here and the front squats are light but this workout is going to be a grind. You guys will be forced with some decisions. Do you attack the row, break up the front squats, or pace the row and go for broke on the squats? Ideally we want a good mixture of both but be open to adjusting to suit your best effort depending on your strengths. This is going to be a fun piece today so get after it with your partner and remember to encourage them when you’re not working.

       That’s all we’ve got for this New Year’s edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have an awesome week ahead of us and we hope you guys will all be active in class and kicking the year off right. I know this is the time of year where motivation is high and everyone is looking to make some significant changes in their lifestyle. I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you guys that the work you will make in yourself is a process not an event. It is progress not in three or four huge moments, but in 10,000 little moments of change. Few people become slim and healthy because of one dramatic moment of commitment. The fact of the matter is that real change is more a work of a mundane process than a series of a few dramatic events. It is the little daily decisions and daily commitments that multiply and add up to a real lasting change in your life. Whether that be in the area of health and fitness or anything else you may endeavor this new year. The character that is formed in those little moments and little decisions shapes how we respond to the big moments in life and real overall and lasting change. So, as we roll into the new year it is absolutely valuable to set goals and motivations for yourself. Just understand that it’s more important to focus on the little things in each moment of the day that will make this possible. Stay committed and let’s get in here and have a great week and a great year! See you all in class.