CFS Weekly Rundown (11/13-11/18)

Hey guys,

       You know what time it is! If it’s Sunday in Burlington, North Carolina, then it’s definitely time for another edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown! We have got an awesome week in store for you guys as we roll into week four of our current phase. Shout out to everyone with a new gymnastic “first” last week. There were many. Also shout out to the committed club as it is growing again as we near the end of the year. Look for a drawing This week to see who our winner is! We have a lot of great work to go over, so let’s get to it!

  • Battle Cancer: We are talking about potentially hosting a little event in early December to raise money for cancer. Be on the lookout for more details soon!
  • Hoodies: There was a little delay on my end with the hoodies, but I will be getting out a pre-order sheet this week!

Phase II Week 4



Snatch Badger Ecc 3×4 and Snatch Deadlift Badger Ecc 3×5


15 min AMRAP

4 Power Snatch @115/85


12 cal Row

Men’s goal: 8+

Women’s goal: 6+


Grunt/Grip Circuit

TTB Progression

BMU Progression




Back Squat and Front Squat Badger Ecc 3×5


A.) Rope Climbs: LLRC 4×1

B.) Double Unders: 3×60

C.) Wall Balls: AMRAP in 3 min


Lower Body Bodybuilding Circuits



Aerobic Power:

3 rounds, 2:00 on, 1:00 off

2:00 AMRAP


Shuttle Runs

Box Get Overs @48/40″

*pick up AMRAP where you left off the previous round

Score = total reps completed

Aerobic Capacity:

E8MOM x 3 rounds

40/32 cal Row

30/24 cal Echo

Score = time to complete

Goal per round: sub 6 min

Cap per round: 7 min



Shoulder Press and Bench Press Badger Ecc 3×5


A1.) Dead Bugs x12 (both sides is one rep)

A2.) Wall Ball Push Press x15


A4.) Rest

-After second round of circuit A is complete, flow right into circuit B –

2 rounds, EMOM (8 total minutes)

B1.) V-Ups x15

B2.) Ring Row x12

B3.) Pull-ups @7 RPE

B4.) Rest

Upper Body Pressing Bodybuilding

Clean and Jerk Badger Ecc 3×4


200′ SB Shoulder Carry (100/50)

100 Ab-Mat Situps

50 Box Step Ups (50/35)

200′ Sled Push (men’s loading: sled + 3 45s, women’s loading: sled +2 45s)

100 V-Ups

50 Box Step overs (50/35)

Goal: sub 18 min

Cap: 22 min


Lower Body Accessory Circuit

TTB Progression
BMU Progression


Engine EMOM:

EMOM x 5 rounds

1,) 5 Burpee Box Jumpovers @24/30″

2.) Max thrusters @65/45

-Rest 2 min after 5th round-

EMOM x5 rounds

1.)12/10 Echo cal

2.) Max thrusters @95/65

-Rest 2 min after 5th round-

EMOM x5 rounds

1.) 3 Wall Walks

2.) Max Thrusters @115/85

Upper Body Pulling & Arms Bodybuilding


Machine Zone 2 Progression

      Well, that’s all we’ve got folks. I hope this was an informative installment of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown and you all enjoyed it! I’m so thrilled with how things have been going in class and the progress and improvement we have seen. It really is a testament to you guys and your dedication and commitment. Remember that consistency is the key to so many things in life, and especially here in the gym. If you want to get great results, be sure to continually show up with a positive attitude and ready to work, learn, and grow! Now enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest, relaxation, and recovery, so we can hit it hard this week. See you all in class!