CFS Weekly Rundown (11/29-12/4)

Hey guys,

       What a beautiful Sunday here in Burlington North Carolina. Once again we are so blessed and grateful for this community and especially all of our CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown readers! We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and we are ready to kick off a new week here at the gym as well as a new month…wait…AS WELL AS a new lifting cycle! That’s right, we are starting a new four week lifting cycle Monday that will take us through December 20th. I don’t usually like to get so personal in the rundown but this will be a special week for our very own Ben Brucato who is a major fan of the Rocky IV movie soundtrack. Basically this week is going to have some punch! So without further puns, let’s dive in!

  • T-Shirts: New CFS tees are on sale at the gym for $20. We are excited about these because we have switched up the design from our standard house logo. Be sure to grab one next time you’re in the gym!
  • Weightlifting Cycle: This New weightlifting cycle will only be four weeks long. Short and sweet because we know the holidays get hectic and many of you guys will never be absent during these times. Our focus will be on two power lifts, back squat and shoulder press, as well as some Olympic lifting thrown in. Enjoy!
  • Parking: once again please remember that there’s no parking allowed next-door at the salon. We’ve had some issues in the past and we want to make sure we are respectful of our neighboring business. You guys can park in our lot or anywhere along the street!

Monday: Kicking off the week with some hang squat snatches and snatch grip deadlifts. First we will be establishing a heavy triple hang squat snatch. The hang position is from anywhere above the knees and all three reps must be completed unbroken. Remember this is a squat snatch so you need to go below parallel when you receive the bar. After this we will hit some snacks group dead lift work to help improve the position and strength of our bar path in the snatch. When we finish up we’ll roll right into “Rocky IV”. This is going to be a four part workout consisting of different two minute AMRAPs. I each one will begin with 10 reps of a different movement we’re finished with max reps have a different movement as your score. It was hard to explain so you just have to check it out in Wodify. You basically have a buy-in movement followed by max reps of another movement. You want to focus on consistent pacing for the buy-in movement and then moderate to high intensity on the max rep movement. Have fun and send it to end each AMRAP because you’ll get a two minute rest between rounds.

Tuesday: We are going to start off Tuesday establishing a 10 rep max back squat for the day. After you establish this 10 rep max you will follow it with a drop set at 90% and then another drop set at 80% of the original 10 rep max. Your coaches will explain this if it doesn’t make sense. 10 reps can be gritty…so get gritty! Next up is “Apollo Creed.” Iconic to say the least. This work out will be three rounds of calories on the bike, GHD sit ups, more calories on the bike, and toes to bar. We are looking for moderate pacing across rounds today. You guys should try to stay steady on the bike and break the GHD‘s and toes to bar into manageable sets to avoid going to burnout. This is one of the workouts where the core will be under constant duress. Make sure you scale sooner rather than later…before it’s too late. After this we are going to have some accessory work consisting of barbell front rack step ups. This is for quality, not for a load.

Wednesday: This is going to be a wicked little Wednesday for you guys. “Coe” is 10 rounds of 10 thrusters and 10 ring push-ups. Talk about a shoulder burner! Stimulus today is moderate intensity. You guys will need to find a consistent pace and try to maintain. Upper body fatigue is going to be the most challenging aspect of this workout so be mindful of staying in a strong position during the ring push-ups due to the instability of these win compared to being on the ground. Do not, I repeat, do not go to failure early on either of these movements or you will have a bad day!

Thursday: Just like the back squats on Tuesday, we’ll be looking to establish a 10 rep max shoulder press today which will also include two drop sets at 90 and 80%. Remember these are stripped so no bending of the legs or hips. The goal is time under tension here. After this we have a cool workout called, “If He Dies, He Dies.” Some of you may have heard me say this in class before! This is going to be a two-part piece today where you will begin with a 10 minute AMRAP of box jumps, wallballs, and deadlifts. As soon as you finish you’ll take a one minute rest and then have a 1000m row for time. The movements are relatively light today and we are looking for over four rounds so stay moving. We want some pretty steady pacing on the AMRAP and then absolutely SEND the 1k row! Same distance for men and women today..sorry ladies.

Friday: “Ivan Drago” is up today and like the character, it’s brutal! We are going to have a descending rep ladder of wall walks and rope climbs (or strict pull-ups) with a farmer carry between rounds. This workout is going to be a grind! This latter is one time through and descending ribs so there is light at the end of the tunnel when you hit the third rope climb. This is definitely a lactic acid party. Expect to burn on this one. Lungs, shoulders, and grit! You guys should have a fun day with this high skilled, games type ladder workout. Be sure you listen to your coaches today so that we scale and modify this work out appropriately to keep you moving and get the desired stimulus. After this we will get in some accessory work for our toes to bar. Easy day!

Saturday: We have a killer partner piece for you today! “Everybody Can Change” is going to be filled with pull ups, squat cleans, and synchronized bar facing burpees. I stimulus today is going to be moderate intensity with some smooth barbell cycling and a bit of a hurry to pace on the gymnastics. You’ll be back-and-forth from the rig to the barbell with this work out. Remember to communicate often between partners as fatigue and grip begin to wear down. Have fun with this one!

       That’s all we’ve got for this edition of the CrossFit Simplicity Weekly Rundown. Thank you guys for tuning in and pointing out all of the typos and grammatical errors! We truly do appreciate it! We have an excellent week ahead with lots of variance in lifting and conditioning pieces to keep things interesting and effective. Remember to always try to get in here as consistently as possible so we can see the results we are looking for and maybe have a shot at that committed club board. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and get plenty of rest and relaxation so we can hit it hard on Monday. See you all in class!